Why Wilshere is DYING to stay at Arsenal

There has been a lot of talk about the situation with Arsenal and our England international star Jack Wilshere this season. Actually it has been going on for longer than a year and the pressure has been growing on the player that burst so spectacularly onto the scene as a teenager a few years ago.

Once again though, Wilshere has not really had a fair chance to show what he can do when fully fit, this time thanks to a bad challenge by Man United´s Paddy McNair. But for those of us with memories a little better than the average goldfish, it has been probably just as hard as for the player himself as we know just how good Jack can be.

There has been talk of Arsenal getting rid of the talented but troubled midfielder this summer, but only Arsene Wenger knows how likely that is to happen. Wilshere certainly seems desperate to remain a Gunner though, and not just because he is a fan but because he firmly believes that good times, glory and lots of trophies are just around the corner, as a report by The Mirror shows.

Jack, like the rest of us, has been very impressed with Wenger´s tactics and the team´s performances which have seen Arsenal shrug off those questions about us in big games, and he feels that this is a major step to us getting back where we belong.

The England star said, “This year we’ve started to analyse the teams a little bit more.

“We’re going there with a plan and as a team we know what we’re doing, which is important.

“Look at the last few years and we’ve had a few injuries going there and people playing out of positions, but this year we’ve looked a real unit going to tough places and a real team.

“We want to be difficult to beat when we haven’t got the ball because we know what we can do when we do have the ball, but when we don’t we want to be difficult to beat. We’re starting to do that.

“That came at the start of the year. I remember in past years going to Manchester and we’ve dominated the game but we’ve never seemed to win. Even when we played Manchester City at home we went 1-0 down and thought, ‘we know we can win this’. We probably should’ve won it.

“There’s this confidence or belief that we can do it and that’s something different this season.”

So if the boss is considering the sale of Wilshere this summer, it looks like he will have a big job persuading the 22-year old to go. And is that not what we want from our players?

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  1. butters says:

    Wilshere will come good one day. Hes got it all to be a gunner. People forget his been injured every season, we have players like Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla ahead of him.

    Id rather have Wilshere than any other CM at the premier league right now, well except for Cesc of course.

  2. optimisticgooner says:

    Hazard and Sanchez are probably d most fouled players in d league yet Dey don’t get injured ! Wilshere must learn how to go into challenges and how to protect urself from tackles and thus from injuries. I think wilshere plays too much wid heart and dats y he often ends up injured. Shad forsythe must work his magic on wilshere.

  3. Ferdy says:

    Wilshere should be sold if he doesn’t stay injury free

  4. chumaltp15 says:

    wack wheelchair is a “WORD CRASS PRAYER”. I don’t know why English fans prefer to market a wacky player to d detriment of d club.
    There where times Wenger played wacky and Carzola on d bench. also same for Rosicky sacrificed to d so called development of Wheelchair. but d English fans see nothing wrong with it.
    now Ramsey has turned world class and some stubbornly think it must apply to WSH TOO.
    the games wheelchair played in last season and this season are what caused Arsenal d league titles. let’s stop thinking it was injuries. it was Wenger’s favouritism to play Wheelchair and kept forcing us to believe he would be a new Fabregas.
    once I see Arsenal line up with WC I new we would struggle. against good teams it would be draws or losses.
    he simply doesn’t fit into Arsenal set up and even when Carzola leaves, we need another player who understands football to play his position and not wheelchair.
    time for his promoters to get it, he is not d future of Arsenal. check his statistics and results when he plays. he won’t mk d team in d Top 6 clubs in England.
    his best position is to play as number 10. let him complete with Ozil.
    his indiscipline and pride has hindered him.
    let us stop d marketing of Wheelchair.
    look at players like Reus, Ramsey, James Rodriguez, Toni Cruz, Pogba, Hazard, Neymar, Oxalade Chambaline, Fabregas, Harry Kane, etc.
    they don’t rely on favouritism to play like Wheelchair.
    truth be told he can’t even compete with Ramsey in Arsenal. Ramsey can play any position in d midfield, supporting striker, false 9 and winger. that is class.
    wheelchair said “Ox is a good player but Walcott offers us much more”. Ox worked for his position and to displace Walcott is not favouritism.
    his pride saw himself as a first team and a key decision maker that can judge d quality of his fellow players. now look at him.
    well let me reply in place of Ox.
    Wheelchair is wacky and Ramsey offers us so much more

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:


    2. bayjerkoff says:

      Fan actually always overstate his impact in his breakthrough season….he was good but nothing special….I mean he had song, fabregas and nasri around him to mop up his mistakes. Nasri was d star of the season and maybe van persie @ d lata part….his stat in his so called best season speaks a lot.

      And dat game against barca..pep was right, barca had many player as such in there academy as u can all c wot thiago is doin in bayern…and he’s also injury prone.

    3. GoonerLad says:

      Didn’t read. Wilshere is getting over an injury phase like RVP Ramsey and what Ozil is currently doing, just wait for him to prove you guys wrong.

  5. SoOpa AeoN says:

    So the Theo waLcott exit rumours have died down……. Now it’s wiLshere’s………dammit!….all these worthless rumours be making us Look so stupid

  6. davidnz says:

    13 inconsistent part timers.
    Diaby Sanogo injury wrecks
    Wilshere next years Diaby.
    Ryo token Jap, Campbell a mystery
    Podolski is paid 90,000k p/w to watch Inter play.
    Flamini Arteta Rosicky are past it.
    Walcott Chamberlain Gibbs + Gnabry are injury prone.
    Wenger is too soft and will probably keep at least 10 of them.

    1. vince says:

      go be a chelsea fan

    2. GoonerLad says:

      Hafiz is that you ?

  7. Demwan Jones says:

    For now jack should stick to d bench, he has been costing us games and stats show we win less when he plays. We should have hammered man utd 6-0 if not 4 his childish plays. Next season he should be sent out on loan

  8. chumaltp15 says:

    Against Manchester United at the emirates this season, immediately i saw WAck on the team line up, i knew we would lose.
    against manchester city and manchester united both away matches i knew we would win.
    why? there was no wack wheelchair on the line up.
    against liverpool we also won.
    against Chelsea at stamford brigde, i looked at the line up i saw wack wheelchair, i knew we would lose.
    this guy has almost caused Arsene Wenger his job.
    go and check his statistics when he starts and when we are without him.
    yet some english fans prefer to keep marketing and forcing him to be our enforcer.
    bunch of knuckleheads.

  9. GoonerG1 says:

    Give him one more year. But he has to fight for his place. No more starting him ahead of better players. He starts only if he earns it. He should start next season as a backup. When injuries inevitably come, he will get a chance to see prove himself.

  10. sollygunner says:

    Shut up you muppet
    Your a totaly blinkerd fool
    And why are people coming on here slating English fans all the time
    How do you know what we think
    Arsenal is an English club in an English league so we should be allowed an opinion without being categorised
    The games we lost the whole team played badly
    The games we won we were having our best run of form for a long time
    All because jack is injured ha ,, you haven’t got it all figured out

  11. sollygunner says:

    Shut up you muppet
    Your a totaly blinkerd fool
    And why are people coming on here slating English fans all the time
    How do you know what we think
    Arsenal is an English club in an English league so we should be allowed an opinion without being categorised
    The games we lost the whole team played badly
    The games we won we were having our best run of form for a long time
    All because jack is injured ha ,, you haven’t got it all figured out ,,,

  12. hossyAfc says:

    Jack makes Özil look like a poor player, he holds on to the ball for too long and slows down our passing game, besides I don’t see him going anywhere near the starting eleven except we have an injury crisis, lastly, you don’t win the league by having bad players on the bench, jack is an amazing talent and will be good to have him as backup when all hell break loose. #COYG

  13. fred cowardly says:

    I think next season will be a very important season for Wilshere. He needs to show a huge improvement. He is approaching the age when he should be the finished article. If he plays the same next season that he played this season (when not injured) then summer 2016 may be time to say goodbye. Otherwise, if he shows improvement and top quality like Ramsey then everyone will be happy and he should stay.

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