Why Wilshere/Ramsey pairing WILL NOT work for Arsenal

Why Wilshere and Ramsey will never work together as a central midfield pairing by KJ

After Wilshere’s impressive display against Slovenia, many are questioning once again as to why we can’t play Wilshere and Ramsey together. Wilshere is clearly doing well for England in that deep role and Ramsey is a similar (albeit far better) player to Henderson. However, I will explain why it’s almost impossible for them two to work together as a midfield partnership.

Playing for England against the likes of Estonia and Slovenia is completely different to playing for Arsenal against any Premier League or Champions League opposition. The gap in quality is absolutely huge. There is very little pressure in international football and therefore technique is always the prevailing factor. Jack is one of the most technically gifted footballers in the world and therefore can flourish against weaker teams in a deep position. He hasn’t even been tested against a good team at international level, let alone a good team at Premier League/Champions League level.

Ramsey has also adapted his game to the point where is a very attacking box to box player. But it’s becoming detrimental to his game now and he has lost a lot of what made him special last season. He’s far too ahead of the play and isn’t involved in build-up which is severely affecting his performance overall for both club and country.

Jack and Aaron are very bold characters now who are very attack minded players. One wants to dribble past the entire opposition whilst the other wants to score goals. There is a mental battle for both to develop an actual identity to their game and this means that they’d have no real chance at developing a defensive understanding amongst the two of them. They need a defensive midfielder to “hold the fort” whilst they play their game (even if it’s not how you’d want them to play it). They just don’t seem mentally responsible at the moment and we can’t really tell if they’re the type of players to develop that later on in their career. Football is very unpredictable, this time next season, one of them may not even be an Arsenal player anymore.

Overall, I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of a Wilshere – Ramsey central midfield but in reality, it will be impossible to implement at this moment as the team around them is completely fragile and they just don’t have the correct mentality or skill set to become good in those roles at the highest level.

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  1. I really don’t get why Wenger can’t direct these players to do what is required!
    He constantly highlights issues with players but doesn’t appear to do his job by coaching them to fix what isn’t working.
    He appears to want to let players do whatever they please.

    A coach who can’t coach, just what we need.

    1. @SaveArsenal, I do think the players don’t take him seriously anymore, simply because he’s been unserious with himself too.

      If you put players on the pitch and they are not playing according to instruction, you stand up walk a little bit close to the line and shout out orders. But not Wenger!!! He would sit back, fold his arms, stick out his neck, and his eyes will be swinging from side to side like a pendulum, while just does a very fat nothing.

      1. LMAO we got a thumb down each.
        em thinks there be an AKB in the house…

        @kickass you are right, Imagine Fergie if a player wasn’t doing EXACTLY whay he told them.
        He would have torn their head off!

  2. Football is still a simple game confused by tactics. Why can’t Ramsey and Wiltshire play together?Both players have had long term injuries and have only just began to have runs together.Both players require a HM to allow their natural attacking game to flourish. The world and his uncle know this but the mad professor doesn’t. Persevering with the 2 HM we’ve got is a mistake.Sort that out and you might see a much improved Ramsey and Wiltshire.

  3. I disagree with you on this… Both can play together. What they need his a coach to give them orders. Do you think this two players wont excel under Ferguson when Cleverly excels?
    Since Ramsey is better in tackling, am sure he will win the box to box role and since Wilshere is better in pass and one two pass, so he sure wins the no 10 roles. Only problem is that Wenger has lost his mojo of developing players. Give this two players to Simeone or Klopp and tell me, both coaches wont start them… They just need instructions to follow.
    Take Ronaldo as example, he was known for his dribbling and not his scoring skills, but now he was know for his scoring ability.

    With a good coach, Ramsey can be half Xavi and Wilshere the half Inesta.

  4. i don’t get it!……. AKBs would say KLopp is a german version of wenger!….. Ah! Okay!….. So if wenger has a german version whom they claim is similar to wenger…. Why are they so afraid to Let wenger go????? …. Tell u what!….AKBs are just enemies of change and they barely even see beyond their nose…..always Lurking in the shadow …. giving Thumbsdown to every sensible wenger related subjects …. Hate it or Love it, “CHANGE IS CONSTANT”

  5. If we want to move forward then we just need to sell one of them. I dont see anything special about them. We need world class players for Christ’s sake

    1. Why do need to sell one of them ? A better manager would know how to accommodate and get the best out of them. But yeah as long ass Wenger there, these two in the same team will destroy both of them.

  6. Meanwhile Wenger has said recently :

    1. “Best is yet to come from Ozil.” Woww!! Of course when you play a player out of position day in day out, then the best would always be in the pending state. And Ozil’s second season in and you are still saying the best it yet to come? Time for some serious thinking about the player management Wenger.

    2. “Diaby is NOT injury prone. He is just the victim of reckless challenges in the past.” I have no words Wenger. No words.

  7. Keeping to the topic, I can’t wait for Rambo to get his confidence back, I think he is a very under-rated player! Again, when everyone is fully fit, I think we will dominate the back end of the season, and get us a top 4 spot… I am not saying that this is acceptable, but it wont be a complete disaster!

    On Wenger, I think he will stay as manager until the day we don’t qualify for Champs League… This is not what I want, just what I think will happen…

  8. arsene has done what we call as “STRUCTURAL DEMOLISHMENT” no better word to describe the situation and Ramsey-wilshere combo for it to work we need a BACK 5,a good contributing back 5 who will defend with intent and hope the opposition don’t break the team.Arsenal’s front line should be well co-ordinated.
    As we look at the next match man united have at-least a proper squad with CDM and 2CBS 2 WINGERS AND A WORLD CLASS STRIKER. If arsenal can score the first goal anxiety will be removed if man united will score frustration and downfall is evident, here Ramsey-wilshere duo should be very intelligent in-order to work

  9. We have been having the same discussion since the beginning of the season.
    Wilshere is, obviously, Wenger favourite… Why? I think we can still wonder and still wonder how can it be possible or imaginable.
    He might be one of the worse midfielder we have in the club right now.

    What i don’t understand is the manager insistence… He might see something we don’t…!!

    Ramsey has been under performing since he got back from injury and it is costing us.

    Wilshere place is on the bench… Simple.
    I will go as far as saying that we don’t need him, but we do since WE DON’T HAVE HAVE MUCH ANYWAY.

    Wenger said (and I am just quoting the lazy t*at) ” Nobody can catch Chelsea, the have too much right now”…!! This is from a guy who has the highest wage in the BPL after Mourinho and amongst the big earners in world football… This is a f*cking joke!!

    What is he still doing at the club is beyond belief and a farce!

  10. OK then, i was watching Norway yesterday when i was reminded that we had a defensive player once by the name of Havard Nordtveit, good height 6’2′, has good technical skills, loves to tackle and has good pace.

    He plays DM for Borussia Mönchengladbach, the same club of Christoph Kramer, it would be interesting if arsenal puts in a bid for him. If i recall he can play anywhere along the back four, the young man is quite versatile and we can offer him game time in his preferred position as DM and i doubt he would mind playing for arsenal again

  11. @ruelando
    You are right, but i think you should consider Arsenal fan before you choose a player.
    Arsenal fan are too fond of buy this player, buy that player and if the player dont perform, they start criticizing the manager for buying him. Fan will say, sell this player, sell that player and if the player turn to be a worldclass player, they start criticizing.

    My point is: Fan saying Wilshere or Ramsey should be sold are funny. In my own view, i see a world class player in this two considering the fact that Xavi start to be Xavi @ 27, Inesta @ 25, even Lampard @ 26. Wilshere and Ramsey are both 22 and 23(though both will be 23 and 24 in 2months time).
    Sell both to Athletico madrid or Dortmund under simeone and klopp and see how they will fare.

    Take Gotze as example, tell me what Gotze would have become had he been in Dortmund? I rest my case.

  12. Those idiots on here who kept sayi we dont win matches with wilshere have all eaten humble pie. they are looking for the next dog poo to vomit here.

  13. @Tope
    Thanks for your comment…

    They complained we win beautifully without him in our team, forgetting that, we only win beautifully against Aston Villa(A team that didnt win 6 straight matches then), Galatasary(The worst team in our group), Burnley(A team that never win a single game in the EPL then).
    They forgot Wilshere play in against bigger opponent and performs well e.g against Man City twice.

    I wonder why they didnt say that about Sanchez when we are losing 2:0 in the first half with Sanchez on field and we went to win our first beautiful game this season against Aston Villa without Sanchez on field.

    We just have to get off our players back and support them instead of ruinning there confidence.

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