Why would Aaron Ramsey accept a move to Tottenham?

This is surely one of the most unlikely rumours that I have heard for a while, but according to the Sun, Juventus have offered Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham the chance to bring Aaron Ramsey back to the Premier League.

Apparently Sarri left Ramsey out of the crunch Coppa Italia Semi final on Friday night, and as he doesn’t think Aaron is an important member of his squad the Italian giants are are looking to offload the ex-Arsenal star to cut their wage bill after the losses made during the pandemic.

Juventus just managed to get through to the Final on away goals after Ronaldo missed a penalty against AC Milan, but Ramsey was not even one of the 12 players on the subs bench, adding more fuel to the rumours of his departure, but to go to Tottenham? Seriously?

After arriving at Arsenal as a very expensive teenager, he has a long history of unfriendly North London Derbies and has said before that he would never join Arsenal’s biggest rivals.

Ramsey said that he moved to the Italian giants to win trophies, so there is also the fact that Spurs have not won anything at all for many many decades.

Can anyone really see Ramsey going anywhere near Tottenham at any time in his career?


  1. Urgh, what a horrible thought!
    I can’t see this happening. If Juve do end up moving him on, then yes I expect to see him back on our shores, but not for the spuds, for a team with ambition 🤣 FOYS

    1. Arsenal should rather sign him back. Since he left, we have stopped scoring goals from midfield. He is better than Guendouzi amd Willock. Nothing bad in a former player returning. Emery was naive and arrogant to let him go. If he works on his fitness, he could be useful for us. Guendouzi is just overhyped. He should be loaned out. Thomas partey, Ramsey and Nabil Fekir would be good business.

      1. It was crazy of us to let him leave for nowt, but I think it would be just as crazy to pay a substantial fee to bring him back!!
        You’re correct though about our midfield… as far as goals scored goes, it’s pants and needs sorting!!
        With some luck, Mikel can work his magic on them all….. failing that Fekir would do nicely 😜

  2. If the money is right then of course he could sign for Tottenham, don’t want it to happen but we all know that money talks in football, more so now.

  3. Ramsey will stay at Juve. He has 3 years left on a £400k a week contract and no team in the world can pay these wages, especially as he’d had another season mainly injured.

  4. would take him back at the snap of a finger but his wages and fees coupled with his age and injuries does make it economical. He would make the midfield tick and made Ozil look world class. Big match player for us sadly did not work well at Juve. Nevertheless I wish him all the very best

  5. Goals dried up when he was here. Why would Tottenham want him. 37 Premier League goals in 250 games for us is hardly prolific Ha Ha

    1. Tell them Kenny, tell them. Even “useless” Ozil has more goals and assists and somehow somebody thinks we are too dumb to remember.

  6. How’s he had us over with his extortionate wage demands, saw out his contract and will now see out his Juve contract, Is that right, £400, 000 a week, huh, he ain’t going nowhere, greedy bastard. What a touch he’s had for a player with very limited skill.

  7. Juve cant believe what they’ve done giving Ramsey £400,000 a week, should have done their homework or better still sure have come and ask me.

    1. He was a free signing so 400 000/week is not that much considering what other players earn,like with every signing there is a risk,between injuries,having to adapt, lack of playing time.he wasn’t given a fair chance to prove himself,if he were available on loan I’d take back providing juventus subsidie his wages,no teams in the top leagues would pay 400 000/week for him

      1. Cor, £400,000 a week, not that much, ha ha , I’m laughing because I can still remember when the maximum wage for a footballer was £25 a week, seems like yesterday, rule broken by the likes of Alan Hardaker and Jimmy Hill which led to us signing the great George Eastham from Newcastle United

      2. Free transfer or not Ramsey is not in a caliber of players that should earn even 250k a week. It is a bad business for Juve as he’s no antecedent or history and stats to earn him that much

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