Why would Arsenal be interested in Vidal???

The one complaint every Arsenal supporter had with Arsene Wenger over the years is that there are no superstar signings. Of course, the lack of trophies that dried up over the recent past also frustrates the supporters. We’ll come to that later.
Back to the ‘lack of super stars’; whenever there is a chance to sign a proven star, Wenger gives it a pass. The North London side was so focused on nurturing young talent that they put the trophy ambitions on the back burner.

It is not that the company did not have money to invest; on the contrary, Arsenal has enough in the bank to give a run for the Chelseas of the world. It is only as a matter of principle that Wenger puts his hands in the pockets so long as he thinks it’s unreasonable.

However, things looked to change for the good as Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez were brought to the club shelling out some real good transfer money. The club also received a boost on and off the pitch and are challenging for honors again.
And reports state that Arsenal is on the verge of signing the Chilean superstar Arturo Vidal. The question is not what the price is but if he is a real fit. Vidal will be contending with Santi Cazorla, Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere. Based on last season form, Cazorla established at the heart of Arsenal’s defensive midfield duo.

Francis Coquelin looks like he’s established his future and would be difficult to displace. That leaves us with a choice to replace Ramsey or Wilshere with Vidal. Is that something the supporters would be looking forward to? Probably yes…probably not! The competition for places in Arsenal’s midfield is too fierce that leaving out any of these playmakers will be a waste of talent. No offense to Vidal – he’s one of the best defensive midfielders in the continental football.

To be very frank, Arsenal must be looking for more suitable cover for Coquelin. This may sound insane for some of the supporters, who will be excited by investment; who will be excited by big name signings.

Investment is actually needed in other positions in the squad. There is room for a defender and more than that there is a need for a world class striker. The idea of another classy midfielder joining the ranks may not be really encouraging.
Big name signings are the order of the day but the investment should be at required positions and not on those that are already strong. So, what do you think of Vidal becoming a Gunner?


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  1. Hey when a top top top top(I’m sorry if I missed any ) player becomes available you buy him right?!

    1. This transfer window is like this: Dont sell Kosielny at any cost otherwise we are nowehere.
      Back line is good, enough to win league.
      Middlefield: Sell Flamini, sell artreta, diaby is gone. Thats good. Buy good defensive middlefielder who can also play all positions across middlefield.
      Atack sell welbeck, Buy beter one!

      So we need another HQ middlefielder, and another striker beter then welbeck.
      And then we can conquer some things.

      1. 1) Arteta just renewed his contract so no
        2) A good pre-season could really help welbz
        3) I’m not even sure if we’re looking to buy a DM anymore. We didn’t even try to exercise schneiderlin’s release clause of 25mil.

    2. Vidal would improve on what we have currently, I don’t see this deal ever happening. Its rubbish news. But if in our dreams we sign Vidal it would be the biggest deal we have made so far, even bigger than ozil and Sanchez. Let’s keep on dreaming

  2. look. We aren’t getting Vidal ok.
    But if we were (hypothetically speaking) he could play the Coq role just fine as he has
    Before in the Bundelisga.

    I don’t know if it is just wishful thinking but I suspect we could see Danny Wellbeck moving on this window to help lubricate a deal for a top quality striker(goal scorer).

    Anyone ceched Arsenal.com?


        An Argentine man who was kidnapped last week in Kontagora, northern Nigeria, has spoken about how chanting the name of his famous compatriot Lionel Messi helped him during the travail.
        Santiago Lopez Menendez, 28, an agronomist and staff of Flour Mills of Nigeria, worked on two farms in the Kontagora area but was kidnapped on June 24 by men riding on motorcycles as he traveled on a lonely road in the town of Machagu between Mokwa and Kontagora.
        As police swung into action to rescue him, the man also found common ground with his
        abductors who thought he was North American but could not communicate with him in the local Hausa language.
        The mention of ‘Messi, Messi, Messi’ was able to
        establish him as an Argentine and it gave his frustrated kidnappers clue before a ransom was finally paid and he was released three days later. “Tell them to thank Messi, his name is what saved me,” Menendez told his brother according to Clarin. He is now in the Argentine Embassy in Abuja with his girlfriend Alejandra Perkins and his brother Jorge and will return to his country.
        During the Nigerian Civil War between 1967-1970, combattants called for a ceasefire when famous
        Brazilian footballer Pele and his club Santos played an exhibition match in the country.

        1. You spent an apparently large amount of time telling us this???
          hmmm humour certainly is an individual thing.

    1. I would think there are a number of players are ahead of welbeck in the departure queue, in no particular order, podolski, campbell, sanogo, flamini, arteta, rosicky, jenkinson, ospina are currently making our squad a 27 man squad. 2 will have to leave just to get the number down to 25, then obviously ospina looks like he will be sold to make way for cech.

  3. Vidal’s stats would suggest Arsenal would benefit from his signature. He’s made the most succesful tackles in Serie A for four successive seasons. He’s reading of the game is superb, and his experience is second to none.
    He can play infront of the back four, and his attacking awareness is also something to be admired.
    He will be a great addition to our team. And I tell you what, he’ll certainly ruffle a few feathers in the big games!!!

    90% complete apparently!
    Get the deal done, and move for a striker.

  4. Vidal is exactly the type of player that we need to beat those chelshit and stoke c*nts. We have missed this type of player since vieira, and the simple thing is that if a WC player is available u do everything possible to sign him. With Vidal arsenal will be the joint favorites for the premier league.

    Having said that the chances of arsenal signing vidal are slim, sadly :/

    1. i wonder how many gooner suffer from sickness this summer transfer. if u are hypertensive, stay away from justarsenal .com

      1. oh oh I got 3 important examinations coming up next month and November. dunno how to cope with this summer transfers

  5. How bizarre. This season including the cup competitions, Emirates Cup, etc we may have around 65 games to play. Do we expect Coquelin to play all of those games? The answer is obviously no. That would be physically impossible and somehow morally wrong too. Also in the past our successful Premier League willing teams have had double destroyers. Viera/Petit, Gilberto/Viera. Arturo Vidal is a Viera, Roy Keane style of player and a man who does not accept losing. He is probably the best buy we could make make at the moment . He is world class. Along with a better striker than Giroud he would take us to the Premier League title or even Champions League final. The players we do not need are Flamini and Arteta. We need Arturo Vidal.

  6. Regardless of how many outlets claim Italian
    newspaper La Stampa said a deal to take Arturo
    Vidal to Arsenal was done, it doesn’t change the
    fact that they never claimed that. When the
    claims started on Saturday, we got the actual
    newspaper rather than relying on the online teaser
    version, and explained:
    ‘A claim from Italian newspaper La Stampa has
    caused a bit of fuss on Saturday. The Italian
    newspaper say that Arsenal will offer €30m for
    Arturo Vidal and teasingly don’t say anything else
    about it, except for subscribers. We’ve got the
    actual newspaper and, as would be expected, it’s
    not quite as exciting. La Stampa do say that
    Arsenal have a €30m offer ready for Vidal, which
    works out to be a bit over £20m or so, but they
    go on to say that’s based on ‘rumours, nothing
    concrete’ which makes it sound like they got it
    from the British press.’
    To be absolutely clear, La Stampa said ‘Voci, ma
    nulla di concreto.’
    A couple of media outlets (you can guess which
    ones) twisted the situation and soon others were
    reading, and then copying, their reports and not
    bothering to check the original. So it became
    accepted La Stampa had said something they
    never said. Crazy, right?
    Then there was Marca. There were reports that
    the Spanish newspaper said from their own
    information, so they claimed, that a deal to take
    Vidal somewhere had already been agreed.
    However, Marca started that article off with ‘Es
    vox populi’ as in according to rumour, or the
    word on the street.
    The misunderstanding, and purposely misleading
    reporting, of those two created a tinder box for
    Arsenal fans who were understandably quite
    excited about the situation. That all inspired
    someone to make a Twitter account on Saturday
    night and claim Argentine journalist Hernan Feler
    had been on radio/TV in the country and said a
    deal would be announced after the Copa America.
    It was a wind-up, the person later admitted they
    made it all up but it had already made
    newspapers and was news.
    And what of Feler? Well, it’s correct to say that in
    May he did say a deal was agreed and would be
    announced after the Copa America and that’s
    where this all kicked off. That’s why Arsenal fans
    are now being banged over the head with Vidal
    stories just like Manchester United fans were last
    summer. That Vidal’s agent Fernando Felicevich
    followed Feler on Twitter was intriguing, we
    thought so too, but then it was pointed out he
    also followed other journalists such as Tancredi
    Those who want to believe Feler have claimed he
    was the first to announce Alexis Sanchez to
    Arsenal but then that hasn’t been backed up, and
    from our memory it was the Chilean media
    leading the way on that one.
    On Sunday evening Spanish radio station Cadena
    Cope said a deal to take Vidal to Arsenal was
    ‘90%’ on and headlined their piece ‘Vidal, one step
    away from Arsenal’. Given they used the La
    Stampa figure of €30m and it came right off the
    back of all the fervour, we’d be sceptical again.
    They claimed things had intensified in recent days
    (they’re not wrong there, given the above) and
    Arsene Wenger had given his blessing.
    We’d maintain, like we said last summer with
    Manchester United interest, that a deal is
    certainly possible if Arsenal want the player and
    that may be for cheaper than angry Juventus fans
    would suggest. Even the Turin media have quoted
    prices this summer around the €30m mark and
    after last summer’s constant banging of the
    €40m figure, it’s clear that Vidal’s perceived
    value has dropped. Recently turned 28 years of
    age, Vidal has a contract with Juventus until June
    2017, his value would be under question next
    summer with only a year left.
    Off the pitch problems are something which won’t
    go away for Vidal and his drink driving shame,
    too quickly brushed under the carpet in Chile,
    follows the alleged 5am nightclub brawl last
    October which saw him late and in a state for
    training and subsequently dropped. We say
    alleged, but there were photographs of the
    The Turin media love a rumour as much as
    anyone, perhaps more than anyone, and last
    summer Tuttosport had Vidal on their cover
    repeatedly, with talk of a move. Today we’re
    struggling to find a mention in their newspaper,
    but they do say Arsenal have shown interest in
    another Juventus midfielder, Kwadwo Asamoah.
    We haven’t read every word of Monday’s
    Gazzetta dello Sport yet, but there’s certainly no
    big report on it in there either.
    Our advice would be to completely disregard
    everything said over the weekend. That would
    then leave the choice to believe Feler’s earlier
    claim of an announcement after the Copa
    America, or not. To reiterate, Vidal is probably
    Arsenal’s if they want him for a reasonable fee,
    so we’ll all have to wait to find out if Wenger
    really does fancy the deal. In the meantime,
    people will use the situation to further their own

    1. that one was so long @Lol but want gooners to read that before getting their hopes so so high

      1. Thanks for the sanity cech:)
        Make it

              1. reports linking Arturo Vidal to Arsenal are wide
                of the mark, according to Sky sources .
                The Juventus midfielder was “90% certain” to
                make a move to north London, according to
                reports in Spain.

    2. Do you even grammar bro? What the hell did you just do to this freakin comment section…

    1. The strength in our spine must begin with our will and commitment to truly compete.
      That starts with the board and Arsene.

  7. “Why Arsenal should NOT sign Cech…”

    “Why would Arsenal be interested in Vidal??”

    There’s the last two fan contributed articles. I literally cannot grasp the ignorance and bias some of our lot show season after season. We haven’t won the league in over a decade, we finished a dozen points behind Chelsea last season, got brushed aside by Monaco in the CL last 16, got knocked out the Capital One cup at home by Southampton, amassed a ridiculously low number of points vs the top 6 teams in the league, and somehow the idea of signing 2 proven world class players has some people confused?

    Let me provide some cold hard truths to the delusional/blinkered fans among us, Ospina is an OK goalkeeper, Coquelin is a GOOD DM, Giroud is a GOOD ST…..but ALL of them can be upgraded by players on the market. I for one am thrilled with the Cech signing, I’m encouraged by the Vidal talk, and I’m hopeful about the prospect of a new attacker. What I’m not however, is stupid enough to question how Petr Cech and Arturo Vidal could improve this team. It’s getting beyond a joke with some of these comments now.

    1. I don’t see a ST coming in and I’m fine with that (I know most disagree). I feel like GK and DM will make us far stronger on their own and I want to see if Walcott can actually adapt to full on ST (he hasn’t had a proper chance yet). I don’t think a team needs a 20 goal striker to win as long as they have goals coming from the midfield and I think Giroud has improved all three seasons and would have been close to if not at 20 goals without his broken foot this season.

      1. I don’t go along with the idea we need a ’20 goal’ ST. What I do believe is that we need the best ST at the club to be able to provide match winning moments and pieces of individual quality that earn us points from nothing…..along with the ability to score X amount.

        Giroud simply doesn’t provide this, so we need an upgrade IMO.

          1. if we can win the league without a top striker,then tell me a team thats done it recently?lets go one better 4get ever1 else,tell me the last time Arsenal won the leagu without a 25+ goalscorer?if you can’t tell me a time then why do you believe its possible now?the goals from midfield reasoning is flawed,every tip team needs a go to man,we don’t have that

            1. The PL has been won 5 times out of 23 with a player in the winning team scoring 25+ league goals. Take out the penalties then the PL has only been won once with a 25+ league goal tally (Ronaldo 2008).

              Since you ask, Arsenal have only once had a 25+ league goalscorer in their last 6 league titles. Ray Kennedy (19 in 1971), Alan Smith (22 and 23 in 1989 and 1991 respectively), Dennis Bergkamp (16 in 1998) and Thierry Henry (24 in 2002). TH14 scored 30 in 2004 but 7 of those were penalties so 23 goals from open play.

              1. i didnt say 25+ in the league is said 25 overall,and i didn’t mention anything about open play so stop trying to take goals away due to penalties,you’ve clearly manipulated the stats to suit your arguement pretty pathetic really

    2. Yeah, I don’t get the fans sometimes. When Ozil signed, some fans were like, where will he play? Do we need him? That year before he got injured we were seven points clear on top and ended the draught. Then next year Sanchez signed and again do we need him? We need a striker. We ended the season with another FA Cup and his contribution I wouldn’t bother mentioning it.

      Now this year, Cech and a strong Vidal rumor. And again those fans with the same question.


    3. @Charlie… i just had to tap the cancel button…you got it nailed…..yes nailed on the HEAD.

  8. 5 weeks 5 days
    till Westham.
    4 weeks 6 days
    till Chelsea (Com shield)
    3 weeks 5 days till Lyon-Emirates cup.
    2 weeks 2 days till the Singapore select X1.
    2 days before Cech becomes the first signing?
    Time moves on.

  9. I dnt tink arsenal do ned any midflder ths summer, incase they do, shndrlin is prefer option! We’ve got gud midfld combination in coq cazorla ozil, thats nt to evn mention ramsey ,wilshr, ateta, rosicky…i dnt see any premier league sides with such a vry gud midfld trio as our’s, u cn verify my wrdz by comparision…nd ovcrs vidal is truely world class, bt does he rily suits our style of play?? Compare him 2 cazorla wich one do u actualy tink wil be mre efctiv in arsenal team??? Without any doubt cazorla is betr! Nd we hav ramsey or wilshre who cn evn betr him in d next few mnths or years! Why man city insist on wilshr after al vidal is available?? Why ramsey linke with barca in such a hepty price tag that as doubl as vidal link to us???..bt i do rily undrstnd som fans opinion, bt the fact that a certain player is wrld clas does’t mean evry wrld clas team mst luks 4 him irrespctiv of wethr he suits thr style of play or nt…shndrlin wil suits us betr nd wil rily maks our midfld nd stronger!

  10. Chelsea Preseason.

    New York Red Bulls
    Paris Saint-Germain

    Norwich City Preseason

    Hitchin Town
    Cambridge United
    West Ham United
    Lol 🙂

  11. You guys are so pessimistic and negative minded group of fans…arsenal is on the rise again and all u can do is write off any chance of arsenal signing a top class player like Vidal…the transfer window is not even open yet but I can bet my wife on it…Wenger is signing vidal this summer.

    1. God bless u my brother, u said it all, I hate all dis negative minded and extremely pessimistic Arsenal fans. sometimes I wonder what they truly wish for our dear club.

  12. I was agreeing with this writer up-to where he/she says there is room for another defender. Really Gabriel, Chambers are always warming the bench not to mention Monreal, Debuchy and Hayden who can cover those areas too!

  13. If somebody of quality becomes available that doesn’t mean that we have to go for it…Yes Vidal would be an upgrade on pretty much every player we have in the middle that plays further down the pitch closer to the back line (and I wouldn’t disagree on a transfer for him)…but is it a necessity, I don’t believe! The principal reason is Le Coq has been tremendous for us and I believe could get better given trust and room to grow something that would not happen if Vidal is to arrive as he would be a starter. Obviously having Le Coq as your back up and Vidal as your starter would be awesome and make this position one of our strongest on the field and give us an issurance policy as far as quality goes. But Vidal is not a classic DM and thought he arguably provides better coverage than what we currently have (Flamini & Arteta) he is a genuine box-to-box something we already have in Ramsey. What I believe is needed is a real classic defensive DM more in the Carvalho or the now not on the market Kondogbia mould (A type of physical player we’re missing). Somebody young who wouldn’t mind starting the season as number 2 but who has the obvious quality/talent to step in and play at any given time either because of fatigue/injury to the starter & proviide good enough competition and value for money (Vidal is 28 and suffered injuries in the past 2-3 years).

  14. Finally some sense. We don’t need Vidal. One beef with the article. Vidal is not a defensive midfielder. He could play in that role if needed but why would he want to change clubs to become a CDM when he likes playing as an attacking mid?

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