Why would Arsenal bring Alexis Sanchez back? Ridiculous idea…

Why on Earth do the media keep feeding us this rubbish? We have this headline in the Express this morning: Alexis Sanchez ‘will push for move back’ to Gunners as if this is a statement of fact, and to back it up they use the exact same line four times during the article.

Why are they so assertive that this is going to happen? Well it’s because one pundit, the ex-United star Andrei Kanchelskis says that Alexis would rather be back at the Emirates. The Ukrainian said: “Sanchez was the main man at Arsenal, but he’s just another player at United and he hasn’t been able to adapt to that.

“He was loved by the Arsenal fans and got to be their idol, which pumped him with confidence every week.

“But with other major stars around him at United, he is failing to meet expectations.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sanchez look for a move back to Arsenal in the summer transfer window.”

He wouldn’t be surprised? Well I would! (First of all I want to know how “wouldn’t be surprised” got turned into “will push for a move back” Does that mean the same thing?)

Let us be honest here. There is absolutely no way that Arsenal would bring back that mercenary, self-absorbed prima-donna after he sulked for six months until he got his wish to leave, and they certainly wouldn’t pay his ridiculous wage demands either. Gooners are already up in arms about Ozil’s new deal, can you imagine if we did even worse with Sanchez?

And of course Kanchelskis knows that this is unlikely to happen, as tucked in right at the end of the article, he added: “The only issue is, will he be able to demand the same wage if he leaves Man Utd.

“He’ll want to secure Champions League football, which Arsenal look more likely to gain as it stands.”

The fact is that he is unlikely to be playing in the Champions League next season with either Man United or Arsenal, as Jose Mourinho will never find anyone to take Alexis off his hands and pay his wages. His performances hardly warrant 50,000 a week at the moment!

Darren N


  1. Goona says:

    will you stop talking about Sanchez,jesus

  2. Nwaneri says:

    No way! He should remain there.

  3. jon fox says:

    NON story. Move on and stop trying to fool us that what even you describe as a non starter is worth an article . It is NOT! Next topic, Mr Admin and while I am at it, this naked ambition by this article writer to try and make an article out of nothing-as even he himself admits – is surely worth a slap on his wrist!

  4. Eliaser Shaanika says:

    I think it’s a good idea for Sanchez to com bank to Arsenal we still need him in our squad!!

  5. ken1945 says:

    If there is ANY truth in this rumour, it’s the part that says sanchez will push for a move back.
    Of course he would, just like other players who thought they could better The Arsenal.
    The grass is always greener as they say and, if only he had waited for Unai Emery, his style of play (up to the six months before he left of course) would have been perfect, in my opinion anyway.

    1. kev says:

      Most of the big players who moved from Arsenal during the Wenger period moved for money.Sanchez cannot see into the future to know if things would’ve been better had he stayed under Emery.Look at the careers of the top players who moved most of those who moved for success in terms of trophies made the right choice.Its better to take the chance than to regret not taking it.Even Henry left Arsenal.

      1. ken1945 says:

        kev, and your point is what exactly.
        All the players who left Arsenal had won trophies at our club under AW, from Henry to Hleb.
        Some of the players were not offered new contracts (Vieria) whilst others were offered the kind of salaries that fans on here a bitching about Ozil earning today to entice them away.

        I commented that if only Sanchez had stayed; that doesn’t imply that he should have known the future does it? Just a personal wish of mine.
        I’m saying that, in my opinion, he would have fitted in perfectly to the Emery style of player.
        Leaving The Arsenal doesn’t mean necessarily mean success, unless you are talking ££££’s, just ask the man who is the topic of this post!!!!!!

        1. kev says:

          Please where did I say they win nothing under Wenger??My point is when the going got tough they left.I also didn’t imply or say leaving Arsenal means success but I clearly said that most of those who left for success in terms trophies actually achieved their aim.They key term is “those who left for success in terms of trophies”.No one is saying they won nothing under Wenger.Since 2005 Arsenal won nothing of note for several years causing lots of players to leave.That was my point.Had we been relatively successful lots of the players wouldnt have left which is a fact.

          1. ken1945 says:

            kev, we WERE “relatively” successful since 2005, don’t you remember what was achieved? Ten years of CL, cup wins and top four finishes is not relatively successful?
            Ask the likes of the four clubs above us presently if they would have liked that kind of continued success!!
            We have also won more trophies than pool and spuds since 2005, along with the successful facts mentioned above.
            So who “relatively” are you talking about and what/who are you comparing with?

          2. kev says:

            Well what is success for you might be failure to someone.I don’t consider years of going trophies,CL qualifications and top four finishes successful.Also I said we had not been successful for several which implies the trophyless seasons and not the FA Cup which we once again started winning from 2014.Ypu should know that was what I intended.Also who said Pool and Spurs have been more successful than us since then?They too have failed massively. Some played don’t even consider that success.When I say “relatively” I compare us to the successful EPL clubs during the years from 2005-2013.If you do not agree with me I understand you but it is a fact that some top Arsenal players left for trophies.They just used other things as excuses.

    2. jon fox says:

      Ken, But as WE ALL KNOW, there is zero possibility of this nonsensical rumour happening. I prefer reality to fantasy! I only answered this as it was from you, whom I much respect.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Jon, I agree with you 100%.
        My only reason for participating was my view that Sanchez would jump at the chance of returning to our club and the thought that I had regarding his style of play and Unai’s demands.
        I just love it when players have found out that leaving our club was the worst decision they ever made.

        1. jon fox says:

          I am sure we all get satisfaction from your last point and certainly I do as much as most. But thanks to both of us and kev, we have done this article writers job for him and got him undeserved comments on a puerile non article that deserved total ignoring by all. But then, I suppose even you and I are not completely perfect in every way. Close to it obviously, but I do remember that one mistake I made, with my maths exam back in 1966. I hope irony is well understood, outside Britain!

          1. snowden says:

            jon fox
            December 14, 2018 at 5:40 pm
            ‘But thanks to both of us and kev, we have done this article writers job for him and got him undeserved comments on a puerile non article that deserved total ignoring by all.’

            I agree with you about this ‘non article’ and I am only posting because it affords me an oppotunity to agree with you.

  6. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think Sanchez would want his salary to be decreased and Arsenal would not want another underperforming old star, because they already have some

    Arsenal would most likely chase a young player in January, because the old players might go next season and the underperformers might be sold

  7. Mobella says:

    Mr Nitwit Mersin is at again……Speaking to Sky Sports, the former Arsenal star said: of Torreira….”Liverpool wouldn’t buy him tomorrow morning, I wouldn’t have though any of the top four would……Merson thinks he is so highly spoken of because Arsenal needed a midfielder like him for quire a while, he said: “He could be playing at Southampton and wouldn’t get a mention, or Burnley. No-one would mention it. It’s just that Arsenal needed it so badly. How do will shut this guy up forever.

    1. jon fox says:

      Easy! Don’t listen to him. That effectively silences him!

      1. Break-on-through says:

        What makes it even more stupid, is he was playing well for “Sampdoria” – Uruguay then noticed him, and Suarez following his progress after being impressed. Then, Arsenal, Juventus, Napoli, all noticed him and took a keen interest. The rest is history.

    2. Martin says:

      Merson just says these things because he thinks he has to live up to his image of a clown. The way he messes up pronouncing names is all put on. Can’t stand listening to him. As for people saying he was an Arsenal legend, he wasn’t, good player yes, but legend no way.

  8. Innit says:

    Perfect timing when he left.
    He no doubt played well for us including a 30goal season
    But his Greed made him go elsewhere. £300,000 per week wasn’t good enough for him and he hasn’t come close to performing like he did with us.
    Actually Mikhitarian has improved more than Alexis

    He deserves what he gets and Mourniho deserves him and his huge salary
    Kind of funny actually ?

  9. Sal says:

    the article would have been more beleivable if you went for pogba instead, of course it’s never gonna happen but say 50 mil plus ramsey would united give him to us?

    that i would be interested, as for sanchez he can always compose a way out of there if he wanted to like PSG or china or Italy, as it’s all about the notes when it comes to him, hope he enjoys the bench as his United career is so nat a hit 🙂

    1. Sue says:

      There’s always his piano ?

      1. Sal says:

        hehe was happy with that Sue lol, love the banter 😉

          1. ken1945 says:

            Sue and Sal, this is not banter!!
            This is life, but not as we know it!!
            £500,000 a week is the reported wage Sanchez gets, and poor old Ozil only gets a reported £350,000 a week!!
            My heart bleeds for these poor professionals who only have a “short career”!!

          2. Sal says:

            that was a highly composed joke!! cmon ken appreciate the humour there no need for a wages requiem, or to be a metronome and regulate the fun, Sue gets it!!

            to be honest in 1945 i couldn’t have orchestrated a better pun at the expense of sanchez, so laugh a little or is piano not Forte 😉

  10. Grandad says:

    What is interesting about the Shanchez situation is that it highlights the fact that Man Utd failed to do their homework before they took him on.Had they done so they would have found that he literally played well only twice in his last season with Arsenal..A similar situation is now happening with Ozil who’s wages and form make him virtually unmarketable.Could Man Utd make the same mistake twice? I doubt it.

    1. Durand says:

      My take on Sanchez is this: while at Arsenal he was the main scoring outlet, driving force in attack, and well loved by most Gooners. He set personal best statistics at our club and was “the man.” However, he obviously valued CL and personal wages above all else, and got his wish; MONEY.

      I don’t feel sorry for him because he got his wish, what he wanted. Perhaps he would have thrived also under Emery, and our current system fits perfectly with him. However none of us will ever know for sure, and he has burned too many bridges with both fans and the club for any realistic return.

      I thank him for his service, thank him for leaving, and thank him to never return. Actions have consequences, and he seemingly doesn’t want to lie in the bed he made.

      1. Ingleby says:

        Nicely put.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Agreed, unfortunately Sanchez became self obsessed and is not a team player. Arsenal got the best out of him and he can now spend the test of his career at Man U working out how to spend his money.

      2. Sue says:

        Spot on Durand ?

  11. achakirya says:

    Alexis has made the worst decision by leaving arsenal.. Sanchez loves playing and right now he is experiencing his worst nightmare at Manchester united

  12. Abbas says:

    I’d have him back in a heart beat. World class player who played his heart out for us. We were on a downward spiral when he left so don’t blame him for taking the money.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Abbas, and the team he joined has been in a downward spiral ever since he joined them, while we have been on an upward spiral ever since he left us!!!!
      Can you see any kind of link appearing?
      He played his heart out so much, he hasn’t been able to show any for the club paying him a reported £500,000 a week, brilliant isn’t it??
      Love it that the player and the club he joined are both being shafted by the other.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ?and Sanchez can’t earn a start!

  13. Jeremy says:

    I’m sure we ain’t looking at another incredible Sulk.

    Coupled with his high salary and poor form.

    Those tale spinner are probably dreaming. Ignore them.

  14. Aubamezzette says:

    As regards Alexis i think the main reason why he wanted out was because Wenger wasnt leading Arsenal anywhere and majority of his teammates showed no drive or desire to be more in their games…
    He wanted a move to City but by the time he was to leave City didnt want him anymore.Alexis couldnt settle back to his “vomit” and had to move which was why he joined Utd.
    ….Im pretty sure if Alexis that was Wenger’s final 5months at Arsenal he would have stayed with the hope of getting a younger manager that can demand more from his teammates and move the club forward. ALEXIS would have been gold under Emery.
    Is it a case of lack of patience? Maybe, but then again No one knew Wenger was leaving that season as at January or even February.
    Is it a case of more money? NO it isnt, fine Alexis is now the highest paid in EPL but chances are he would av rather joined City if they offered less than the 450k Utd were willing to pay…
    But they (City) were simply no more interested in Alexis.
    Will I take Alexis back at Arsenal? Well there are some rumours linking DiMaria to Arsenal n i know majority of Arsenal fans ll rather Dimaria in January than Mkhitaryan in that RightWing.
    Even though DiMaria didnt do too well at Utd. So is there really a difference between not minding having ADM at Arsenal n having Alexis back at Arsenal, especially if Emery n his team can bring back the Alexis of 2014 – early 2017.
    ….and i believe Alexis (as well as Martial,ADM,Rashford,Isco,Pogba,Bailly,Fabregas,Rabiot) under the right manager n in the right atmosphere can still do very well again like we saw from Iwobi,Xhaka,Bellerin,Cech,Welbz this season.

    1. Aubamezzette says:

      I also believe Alexis fits Emery’s klopp-esque pressing style more than Ozil .

      1. Sue says:

        I have to admit I loved Sanchez… and was devastated when he jumped ship, especially going to O.T of all places urgh!
        He thought Maureen was a better manager, that the team were better, they were going to win everything, but it hasn’t turned out that way! I’ve enjoyed watching it for sure!! The grass isn’t always greener as he’s found out! Poor old 3 goal Sanchez ?
        I like Di Maria…yet another talent wasted at United!

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