Why would Arsenal get rid of Xhaka to buy Gundogan?

Transfer window opens and Arsenal fans can prepare for the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly!

Well, my fellow Gooners the worst part of the football season is upon us finally  – the transfer window has opened!

Some see it as a good thing and some not so much.

Me, I am stuck in the middle with how I feel and you will ask why, well here is my answer – I absolutely hate the “this may happen” and “this player could come or leave.” rumours.

I hate the not knowing and the false rumours and lies, especially when it is about players you like and who you have grown fond of, who could either leave the club or join up with the club.

And why do I hate it sometimes? Well because, more often than not, where Arsenal are concerned, you get so used to players and you begin to like them, then they leave and you are left disappointed.

Or when players are linked to the club and you can really begin to see that player in an Arsenal shirt, and you can really see that they would make a huge, positive impact and difference to the team, yet they join another rival team or just another team in general because Arsenal were either “never really in for them” or offered a stupid price to buy them that is just not realistic enough!

Yes, transfer windows are good for getting rid of huge salaries and deadwood and for bringing in supposed talent, experience and new blood. But what I am becoming frustrated with, especially in this current transfer window that has just opened, and what I am struggling to understand right now, is the talk of the transfer of Granit Xhaka and the possible brining in of Ilkay Gundogan.

My question to Edu and the Arsenal board is WHY?

Why would we get rid of Xhaka to buy Gundogan? Granit is 30 years old and Gundogan is 32.

Yes, Gundogan has trophies to his name and can score goals in key moments, but can’t Xhaka? He may not be a Premier League winner but he is central to our midfield, he is a leader, he is vocal and he is a key part of the team both on and off the pitch where he has finally put his difficult few years behind him and he has had the best season in an Arsenal shirt so why cash in on him when others can be sold instead? We saw how much he was missed when he did not play against Southampton, so that should give an inclination on to how he has grown in to a key part of our team no?

As an Arsenal fan I don’t want to see Xhaka leave this season, no matter who comes in, whether it be Declan Rice, Moises Caicedo, both or someome else. We need Xhaka as experience and as a leader. He merged well with captain Odegaard this season and if we want to go on to win the league or compete for it at least, we need strength in depth, and Xhaka can offer that even if he doesn’t make it to the first team as much as he did this season.

To me it just does not make any sense to let Xhaka go to then get Gundogan in, but I guess we have to trust the process even if we don’t believe in some decisions that are made all of the time, hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


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  1. This is a massive question and my answer is, Xhaka should only be allow to leave if he wants to.

    Ilkay Gundogan joining Arsenal would be massive, he’s the perfect engineer for the final third.

  2. First of all Gundogan will sign an extension at City,secondly i thought that every Arsenal fan knew that Xhaka had asked to leave because his wife wants to move back to Germany.i guess i was wrong.

  3. If it were purely a matter of choice between Xhaka and Gundogan, I would take Xhaka all day long. He’s one of the players that have held the Arsenal team together this past season. I wouldn’t want us to disorganize the fabric of the team too much by introducing too many new players.
    But the impression I’m having is that Xhaka’s potential exit is being initiated from his camp for reasons we may not know. It was claimed at a time that his wife was pushing for a change, a claim which the player himself had denied.
    So, unless he’s pushing for exit, I’d think we should keep him for another season or two

  4. I guess Arteta needs someone who’s been playing with Man City’s system for years. Maybe Arteta only has next season to give Kroenke a major trophy and signing Man City players would be the fastest way to do it

    I don’t think Gundogan can work harder than Xhaka, but Rice or Havertz can surely do it

    1. What did you mean GAI by suggesting that Arteta has only one season left to win a major trophy?

      1. Arteta will spend 4.5 years in the end of next season

        I think Kroenke would want EPL, UCL or EL trophy after spending hundreds of millions and waiting for several years. Levy also gave Pochettino five years

  5. We are not getting rid of Xhaka, he has expressed a wish to leave and if we get a suitable replacement, he will be allowed to leave, for the right price.

  6. Why would Arsenal get rid of Xhaka to buy Ilkay Gundogan.

    Said it was a massive question, because I think it is a very good question.
    Secondly I think its also a provoking question, that’s bound to cause a rant or two.

    First I thought Barcelona was the favorite to sign Ilkay Gundogan.
    The fact the Germans has not already sign on the dotted lines already at the Citizens, tells me he’s weighing his options.
    Could a new challenge appeals to him ?, he’s only human and some of us do like challenges in life.

    Have read nowhere in any article that he has a gentleman agreement to renew his contract.

    So maybe we are just speculating or expressing our opinions as we rightfully likes to do, but our opinions are not necessarily facts, does it ?

  7. Wrong question being asked! We plainly WONT be getting Gundogan at all, irrespective of whether or not Xhaka stays. City want to keep him but so far have not agreed as long a term new contract as he wants.

    And why not? BECAUSE HE SOON TURNS 33.

    And that being so, do you seriously imagine we are going to offer him a longer term contract to come to us? If you do, then I feel sorry for. you!

  8. Shenel, Arsenal is not “getting rid of Xhaka”, but allowing him to return to Germany as his wife is homesick, and it would also be an ideal time as his eldest daughter approaching school age.
    If Gundogan does join it would be a shortish contract and he wouldn’t be a direct replacement.

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