Why would Arsenal hijack Man United move for Boateng?

Emery ready to hijack Man United move for Boateng? Iomie

So there has been some rumours emerge that we are going to make a summer move for Manchester United bound Jerome Boateng.

The German International not only endured a poor World Cup, he also put in a number of poor performances for Bayern last season and showed his frailties at the back, which have only been covered up by the fact he plays in such an easy League.

But that has not stopped Jose Mourinho from showing an interest in trying to get a deal done, after he missed out on top targets Harry Maguire, Toby Alderweireld and Yerry Mina, he has been left with no alternative.

However, Kicker report Unai Emery is now ready to swoop in and offer Bayern £44 million to bring him to the Emirates, as he is still in the market for a new centre-back, with Laurent Koscielny injured until the new year, Per Mertesacker having retired and Calum Chambers set to join Fulham.

It would be a strange decision to make a move for Boateng considering he is nowhere near the level he was three or four years ago, especially since his pace has gone.

But then again how can we be surprised? Emery has already thrown up a few shocks this summer and allowing a talented young defender like Chambers to go out on-loan after claiming he was going to be part of the squad this season.

Remember when he said this? “I’m delighted Calum has extended his stay with us. He played an important role last season and will be part of my plans this season,” Emery said on the Arsenal website.

What was the point in handing Chambers a four year deal and then letting him leave on loan, to then spend £44 million on a has been?

If Emery wants to do a smart summer deal then he needs to offer £44 million for Spurs defender Toby Alderweireld, a guy in his prime that is as solid as they come in the Premier League.

If Emery DOES indeed make a move to land Boateng and hijack United’s move, then it would undo all his great summer business as the German would be a passenger rather than a player that could add something to the back-line.


  1. Things are changing says:

    I don’t believe this or most rumors. Would make no sense.

  2. Chiza says:

    With the clear outs…it is obvious two players are coming in… A winger surely is coming in… But with Kolasinac injury and monreal unavailability…..i see arsenal going for a left back that is also versatile or just a normal left back…Emery will not be foolish enough to trust monreal fitness at that age.. I don’t see us getting a cb unless Mustafi is going…even with chambers exit I don’t see us getting a cb….we have mavrapanos and holding to challenge both centre backs position…kolasinac injury spoilt the plans… So I have a feeling it could be a winger and a left back coming in before the transfer window…so let’s see how it goes

    1. KAY BOSS says:

      Chiza,Chiza, where did all your certainty about Dembele coming all go. A left back ain’t coming.
      A winger might. please, try not to show up on what u don’t know.

      1. Chiza says:

        Dembele wage demands are huge..i don’t know if arsenal will agree to it.. But we are waiting to see.. Alot will happen from now till deadline day..but arsenal still very much on dembele case…….bailey and zaha are the alternatives they are looking at if dembele doesn’t reduce his demands

  3. Sue says:

    They can have him!! I thought he was terrible in Russia

    1. Sparkles says:

      The German team was terrible. Selection, tactics, etc. For God’s sake they had unfit Neuer in the post. That guy hardly played any game last season. He was injured nearly through out the season. I don’t want to talk about the political issues that affected the team, we all know about it.

  4. ruelando says:

    I can not see this transfer happening

  5. Howard says:

    You needn’t call Per Matersacker, he was a mediocre CB. He represented Arsenal failures in later years and why he was rewarded as youth coach shows the cronism Arsene Wenger put in place before he left.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Your comment shows how little you know about football.
      Per may not have been the worlds best CB, he was a top WC CB though and at times Arsenals def was one of the best in the EPL! Shame we couldn’t gain any consistency and it was a shame that those two was let down by no DM or any CM who thought about defending…

      But hey, forget all that, slate a player who gave his all for us in ignorance.

      Pers reading of the game and partnership with kos was top notch.
      Any top team doesn’t leave defending to the defenders only, the whole team defends, we didn’t and the CBs was made to look worse for it.

      Anyone who watched more than MotD knows this.

      1. ozziegunner says:


      2. Sal says:

        i see why you like chambers now midkemma, very similar to per with his reading of the game but doesn’t have the height 🙂

        old debate Mid but the verdict still on chambers no? you remember when i said he’ll finish at a bottom ten club and you gave me his stats from a defensive team playing long ball not his stats at arsenal, let’s see what happens at the end of his loan at fulham will he stay there? time will tell but i told you so in advance!!

        i know elephant memory 😉

    2. jon fox says:

      I too never rated MERTS, at least not in our frantic paced Prem, where speed all over the pitch is vital. Some said his top positional sense compensated for his slowness and now and again against lesser clubs it did so. But overall, his extreme slowness, not just in running but in turning too, WAS often a real liability and made us look always like conceding whenever he was faced directly with a pacy opponent. Having no special pace can to some extent be hidden BUT being freakishly SLOW , as he WAS is always a huge liability and that is my take, anyway. In other leagues – Germany actually – where frantic pace,( which makes our Prem so popular worklld wide) is not so common , then Merts clearly did better. Our Prem is still getting faster and more exciting still, so pace is always vital.

      1. Go ask Alice... says:

        That’s just not true, Per in a duel was one of our very best, players rarely took him on they’d choose to pass instead because he’s just in the way and no going round it. On the other hand if a ball got played behind and a player got the run he’d usually have a great chance at outstripping him. The thing is though, that’s why Per played high and Koscielny was deeper, Kos was supposed to see it and step up, he’d be responsible our offside line for those type instances, but Kos is poor with controlling the line his concentration is bad at that stuff. Our fullbacks were also very poor they often played players on then Mert often looking the weak link even though it wasn’t about pace at all. Mert was a highly competent defender, massively underrated, in a strong system he’d look world class much of the time. He’d err himself of course but most of the accusations thrown at him are from people looking for easy answers and people to blame.

        1. jon fox says:

          You state with assurance ” that’s just not true. Specifically and exactly , WHAT was not true in your opinion? And your opinion is what it is, just as mine is also my opinion. Or do you disagree with that comment?” I actually made several points, the main one being that MERTS WAS FREAKISHLY SLOW AND ALL MY OTHER COMMENTS CAME BECAUSE OF HIS WIDELY ACCEPTED LACK OF ANY BASIC SPEED. So, then what can you possible think about my statement that is wrong? In your opinion! It is true, as I indicated, that when playing in and for Germany, where he had better teammates and the game was , crucially, far slower than in the Prem, he was far more effective. He would be far from the only player who had problems fitting in to the Prem which is very different in vital ways from most other leagues. Or do you disagree with THAT opinion too? NATURALLY I JUDGE HIM ON HOW EFFECTIVE HE WAS WHEN PLAYING FOR ARSENAL, AS THAT IS ALL THAT WAS RELEVANT WHILE PLAYING HERE. Care to provide a complete answer please?

          1. ozziegunner says:

            jon, Per Mertesacher was fast “between the ears” and it’s hard to deny that he and Koscielny weren’t a good solid combination together. Go ask Alice is correct in that Arsene Wenger’s complete distain for the role of a specialized DM didn’t help.
            Mertesacher wouldn’t have played the number of games he did for Germany, if he was a mug. I will never forget his game against Chelsea in the FA Cup final, after sitting on the bench for most of the season.

          2. sal says:

            that game alone without his off- field contributions should be enough reason for true arsenal fans to never say a bad word about Per, Class Act and great Leader!

      2. Malch95 says:

        I have to agree, I’ll never forget those times Michu made him look like a donkey ?

  6. Midkemma says:

    I doubt what I am about to say is the case but this thought makes me chuckle..

    We do not want him, we just want UTD to pay more… If UTD are going to pay say… £40 million then offer £44 million and try and force UTD to pay more.

    We can have zero intention of buying the player and can pull out at any time… Would me me lol if we forced UTD to waste funds 😛

    1. ozziegunner says:


  7. I agree Boateng’s days as a top player are gone. Prem League is too fast for him. Who is ithat person that values him more than Ramsey? Is Emery “star struck” or what? Let Man United Waste their Money. 44 mil: Bullshit.

    1. waal2waal says:

      he’s 29yrs in age – how can his days as a top player be gone when he is more decorated and has far more to bring us than mustafi. i think he’d be tasked (merely) to stir us to 4th place and help us into a europa league final. Perhaps our CBs could do with a peer to inspire them and better him in the fold than elsewhere. Vincent Kompany is 32yrs and has a darn good chance of another epl title in his team, plus he was able to win our domestic title as well as a world cup third placing…

      if kept fit – Boateng comes as an inspiration for our current CBs rather than a hindrance.

  8. shane says:

    Does arsenal even have money wuh

  9. Sparkles says:

    Firstly, I’m taking this rumours with a pinch of salt. Secondly, assuming this rumour was by any chance true, then I think this article is spurned from the sentiments of not wanting to lose Chambers. To say Boateng will be a passenger in the defense line is ridiculous and ludicrous. That guy is better than all our defenders. Signing him will be a statement to our rivals. The sentiments we accused Wenger of, is what a lot of guys here are guilty of. If I have to ship our Chambers to make room for Boateng, I will do that with the speed of light and that is what Unai is doing (going by the rumours). But again, this while Boateng rumour looks unrealistic to me.

  10. Sean Williams says:

    I think the addition of 30-year-old Sokratis and now possibly Boateng or Vida is because Unai Emery only sees himself a couple of years at Arsenal. Vida and Sokratis are 30, not very tall and not very mobile. Boateng is tall but has no future at nearly 30. If we are honest Chambers and Holding are not good enough or fierce enough. So we have to be content with shortie Mustafi and Mr X. Who could Mr X be? At 6’4″ and athletic, and good with the ball I would go for Yerry Mina. At 23 he has room to improve and could eventualy end up making a pairing with Mavropanos, who is 6’4″. That could be our future pairing. Until we get that pairing right we cannot challenge for the Premier League. So let United have Boateng but get Yerry Mina and he will be a good addition.

  11. RSH says:

    Arsenal’s defensive situation continues to just be a big messy unknown. Think Chambers loan is 100% the wrong decision, and Sokratis’ quality is still a question mark when he wasn’t that good last season and hasn’t looked the best in preseason games. Does Emery know who our starting CB’s are going to be?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        What’s happened to Caglar Soyuncu the Turkish International at SC Freiburg – young 22yo, tall 6’2″ (1.87m) and fast?
        I would rather Arsenal went after him because he has expressed desire to play for the Arsenal.

  12. Chiza says:

    Emery and the three musketeers are really taking their time in getting a fabulous winger…they know arsenal fans badly want a winger…they know it would be a huge signing for them.. So they want someone who would fit that class. You can see players are making way for that bumper winger signing… Arsenal want to announce the deal in style.. Typical arsenal…so please arsenal fans be patient…your winger is coming…….Emery wants to succeed..he is telling them what he wants and a winger is a priority…the three musketeers are working it because they want to see Emery succeed this season…..be patient ARSENAL FANs..be patient!

    1. ger burke. says:

      CHIZA, do you really think any of us on her take your ramblings seriously , dude !.you spout loud , and you spout nowt !.i think you are of the opinion if you shout loudest then you will be heard and maybe your untruths might be believed by some children on here. give it a rest, you are fooling nobody , with the exception of yourself, perhaps.

      1. GunnerJack says:

        Chiza and Kev – the new Chuckle Brothers!

  13. Cliff says:

    We needed to fix our defence so badly this season. Unfortunately we have failed miserably because Sokratis simply doesn’t cut it.I am so nervous that the expectations I had for this season may not be realized. Why can’t we pull a Sol Campbell and sign Alderweireld??

  14. McLovin says:

    Vida is garbage.

    Tick tock Emery, tick tock.

  15. Malch95 says:

    Kimbempe, Lucas Hernandez or even pavard shouldn’t cost too much and can definitely develop into classy centrebacks. This Boateng rumour is rubbish arsenal would never cough that up for a man who has already failed in the EPL once. One thing I do agree with, we definitely need another centreback especially if we’re shipping chambers out

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ?Another old player to sell at a loss.

  16. Russell says:

    Do You Remember What Messi Did To Boateng Epic The Man Was Taken Out

  17. Wengergone says:

    @Russel,are you talking about Messi who is arguably the best player in history,name one defender who can handle Messi easily.

  18. Ian wrights bruva says:

    The shine is coming off The new boss a bit quick. The defenders he has brought in to sure up the defence look past there best before date and then he lets one of our young back up defenders go out on lone after being quoted he was in his plans for this season .I am not sure the answer would be to bring in another defender approaching 30 for 44 million.
    Let’s hope he has a cunning plan up he sleeve.

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