Why would Arsenal need Jonathon David?

Arsenal does not need Jonathan David by Lagos Gooner

Congrats on another step towards lifting the Europa league title. No matter what we play or no matter the results we record in Europa league games, I am so certain that we will still go ahead to lift the trophy at the end of the competition.

Let us talk about the transfer rumour that has just refused to die; let us talk about Jonathan David, who the Mirror are reporting that we are chasing. Jonathan David is an attacking midfielder with Belgian club, Genk. He is an American by birth (he was born in New York), although he plays for the Canadian national team. He has been lighting up the Belgian league with goals upon goals. He already has 19 goals and 10 assists in 35 league appearances for the Belgian team. He has an impressive record no doubt, but I don’t think we need a player like him for now.

We have a lot of attacking inclined players in Arsenal at the moment; we have a rich midfield and attack even though we have not really been pulling our weight recently. We still have Ozil and Ceballos in the team for now, although by the end of this season they may be allowed to leave the club. But even if they are released after this season, we still have players of Jonathan’s level who can do a job in the midfield for Arsenal. Right now, what we need is an extremely talented attacking midfielder who can pull strings from the middle of the field and not a player who is just starting to build his career. We need an impact player and from what I have read or seen by Jonathan, he does not look like the player who will come to Arsenal and hit the ground running.

It is a good thing that Jonathan is playing in the Belgian league, but playing in Belgium is a different ball game to playing in the Premiership. Can he cope with the toughness associated with the English Premier league? Would he find it easy being tackled roughly? With barely two years spent in the Belgian top flight, I don’t think he is fully ready to play in the Premiership.

Now, I don’t know why Arsenal is being linked with Jonathan David in the first place, but right now at Arsenal, what we need are defenders and defensive midfielders. Even if we need an attacking midfielder to probably replace Mesut Ozil at the end of the season, it should not be Jonathan. I will prefer we go for Madison of Leicester City.

We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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  1. Ceballos on a loan and Ozil being Ozil ( of the last 2 years)
    Olso that Xhaka Goundouzi And Torreira are all Deffensive / Deeplying Midfields
    We definately need an Attacking Midfielder more….. Not sure about this Jonathan David ( his goal/ assist stats sounds Good) but its a risk that might come good …… but i agree we need a more established Player

    I will take a Glealish over Madison

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