Why would Arsenal sell Monreal to pay for Paulista?

There is a very strange Arsenal transfer rumour going around today that the Gunners are preparing to sell Nacho Monreal back to a Spanish club to balance the books after buying Gabriel Paulista from Villarreal.

The Express reckons that Monreal, who has been very helpful at times this season during our defensive crises is NOT considered to be “a long-term defensive solution at the Emirates”, due to him only being 5ft 10in.

Okay that may be a bit small for a centre-back, but Monreal is actually a natural left-back and was only used in the centre during emergencies, so why the problem with his height? It is also reported that Monreal only has 18 months left on his contract, by which time he will be 30, so why on Earth they think we would get £15m for him is totally beyond me, especially as that is miraculously the same price as the much younger Paulista.

I guess it is fair enough to say that Monreal will not be an automatic starter for the Gunners when (IF?) we had everyone of our defenders fit, but he is a more than adequate backup to have around and could easily be an important part of the squad for the next few years if Wenger decides to extend his contract.

Another reason I doubt that there is ANY truth in this rumour s the fact that Arsenal (and Arsene himself) has made move to bring Paulista in this January because we are desperately short of defenders, so the possibility that he would even consider selling ANY one of them seems to be nothing short of a crazy fantasy……

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    1. The New WENGER…I’ve been critical of Wenger in recent seasons but give credit where it’s due. He’s respecting the fans more these days were normally in the dark
      About transfers but if u notice he’s been confirming targets and letting us know who specifically I think this is a big deal personally and with the tactics change I think this is a new Wenger

    2. Yeah, what complete b***cks. Don’t know who they are quoting but to paraphrase; “Nacho’s career at Arsenal is under threat because he is only 5’10” tall” doesn’t have an official Wenger-esque feel to it to put it mildly.

    1. and starter to be honest. He’s been excellent lately. Gibbs can unfortunately never stay fit, so he’ll never be able to 100% own LB position.

  1. Monreal has been solid and is a better left back than Gibbs his game at City was very professional and has to be now first choice with Gibbs a good back up What is very interesting is how the team play next premier game to see if it was just one of those games that everything went to plan I hope it can be repeated as they all now are hitting form CB

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha. Just laugh!!!

    Though I with we had a good upcoming youngster at LB as we have at RB with Bellarine/ Jenko/ and Chambers. Wenger should look into this. Gibbs and Monreal are okay though it would be good if they had an intresting understudy too.

    Next article.

  3. OT: I think there is an imposter among us!!! Wenger openly speaking about the ongoing transfer deal.. that’s something very rare!

    The real Wenger may be kidnapped or something. 1st we see new tactics against city and now this.

    Not to worry, 007 is on the case.

    1. tbf the tactics weren’t all that new if you look at the champions league away games against bayern. But oddly we never seemed to use them in away games against perm rivals…

  4. Curious case of Asier Illarramendi,

    – Age – 24
    – Current team – Real Madrid
    – Position – Defensive midfielder
    – Estimated price – 17 to 24mil

    Rumors out of Spain are emerging that RM might be tempted to sale as he cant get into the current team and is growing frustrated.

    I don’t watch too many RM games for obvious reasons, but do you guys think Wenger should have a look in for our DM position?

    1. Wenger tried buying him the summer he left for Real Madrid, hopefully we will try to get him again 😀

  5. That would be silly especially as we are thin at LB.

    LB: Gibbs, Monreal (sometimes Flamini)
    RB: Debuchy, Chambers, Bellerin
    CB: Mertsacker, Koscielny, Chambers
    (Sometimes use Debuchy and Monreal)

    This season Wenger has used Monreal at CB too and Flamini at LB. Getting rid of Monreal doesn’t make sense.

    We should be increasing our defense not reducing or keeping it the same. Especially after loaning off Jenkison and not replacing Vermaelen.

    It would make more sense to sell Jenkison than Monreal as we have one more defender for RB than LB. (I don’t think we should though)

    Sign Paulista and keep Monreal. Monreal is a good quality LB.

    1. Paper talk!! Daily Excess.
      AW has a lot of time for Monreal, who has now started performing well, and we need that strength in depth in defence.
      Paulista if we get him is solid back up/rotation for Kos.
      An additional DM would be ideal, tho’ Le Coq should get extended run.
      If Welbeck is nearing return, we should avoid buying any budget price striker. Start negotiating now for Dybala/Lacazette etc for summer

      1. That’s true. We need a top striker
        Its probably paper talk too but I read about United battling Arsenal for Cavani (if true United will win especially with the £750 million Nike deal). Chelski after Cuadrado, City after Reus, Liverpool after Benzema

        We better try to start negotiating now. Hopefully we are but doubtful, for a Top striker

        Actually, I wanted Wenger to get Costa last year.

        I woldn’t mind any of Dyabala,Destro, Cavani, Falcao, Reus for next season.

        I respect Giroud and Welbck. They are good strikers. But I want them to super subs/backups
        We need our own Costa, Aguero, RVP.

  6. Man u making late attempt to hijack deal for paulista hope we dont mess about trying to negotiate lower price just pay the money if u think he is good enough if mancs are serious they will offer straight away what they want and could steel him from under our noses need to move fast and get deal completed!

    1. Wenger named Gabriel specifically. He never does this unless the transfer is already close to complete. From what the Villareal manager has been saying, it sounds like fees and personal terms have already been agreed, and its down to the work permit situation. I can’t remember AW naming a players name like this unless the deal is already close to complete.

  7. No way we’re selling Monreal, he’s been great this season honestly. Whats probably going to happen is this window we buy Gabriel, and then in the summer Podolski, and Joel Campbell get sold. I can’t see AW holding onto Campbell much longer, as it seems he still has no intention of using him. In other news, finally we hear something about Gnabry! I thought he vanished off the face of the Earth or something. It’ll be good to have him back in probably a month or so.

    1. how @Hafiz, maybe a player from house of Rahman probably..? i mention it yesterday, these days your comment/ contributions on just arsenal is out of turn.

  8. on the team news…

    “We have some uncertainties about Oxlade-Chamberlain and Bellerin but they will have tests today and Bellerin should be available. Oxlade-Chamblerlain, I’m not sure.

    on Oxlade-Chamberlain and Bellerin…
    Oxlade-Chamberlain has an inflammation of his groin problems and Bellerin is an ankle problem.”

    Damn, just when these lads starting forming a good partnership on the right. I pray these knocks are not that serous.

  9. on Abou Diaby…

    “He is still injured. At the moment he is not in a position where he will be able to play soon because he is not on the field at all.”


    Surprise surprise. cant wait for the summer so we all say goodbye to Abou and Wenger to bring in an abled replacement. Good player but its time to say goodbye.

    Good luck been doctor Abou and you are welcome for all the training the club has sponsored for you.

  10. Ryo is unlikely to sign a new contract next year in Arsenal , He will move back to Japan Despite Sociedad reps being in London Villarreal are leading the line for Joel Campbell

  11. Guilem ballaque is tweeting worrying updates re paulista, (we wont get near the asking price, they want joel campbell etc). I cant help thinking we have no intention of buying paulista. Is this wenger playing the game? The work permit issue seems to risky for wenger, we got caught out with joel c before. I can’t help thinking this is another smokescreen for another target, it’s so unlike wenger to openly discuss his plans especially if its still 50-50. This sends a message to wh re reid, it let’s us fans know we are trying to get a cb, it appeases the press etc. Saying all this I really like the look of paulista, strong, quick, athletic etc a massive upgrade on Per which would surely make him a starter next to kos. Wenger pay the clause please!!!

  12. If United are really after Paulista and United just pay the £15.6 mil, it will be shameful if we demand less because of our situation

    I support Wenger’s financial policy over past decade, but sometimes you need to Pau à bit m ore than you have to.

    1. It’s very hard to get a bargain in January. Heck, it’s hard to get signings in January
    2. We are low on quality defenders. When Wenger admitts that you know we are in trouble
    3. Only days before transfer window closes. Dont want to wait .until last day and get poor quality or no defender.
    4. Fourth spot in real jeopardy without another decent CB.

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