Why would Arsenal want Kai Havertz when we have Balogun coming back?

Arsenal has a history of acquiring players from Chelsea, most recently Jorginho. Might Kai Havertz be the next buy from Stamford Bridge, and might he come to Arsenal and replace Gabriel Jesus as the club’s main man in attack?

It has been reported by Fabrizio Romano that Havertz is very likely to be leaving, but I have no idea where the links with Arsenal have come from. In fact, right now, he could be easily linked with any club in the world….

Though we have yet to receive a clear idea of who Arteta wants for his attack, there has always been speculation that Arteta would entertain a move for another goal source. Havertz has emerged as this alternative goal source, but it’s unclear what drew Arsenal to him in the first place.

The German has struggled to make an impact in the Premier League, scoring only 19 goals in 91 games. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think Havertz will help Arsenal; instead, the Gunners should let him go to Real Madrid, who have also been linked with his swoop.

Chelsea may want to take £50 million or more from his sale, so why should Arsenal spend that to get another technical player when they already have Jesus performing what Havertz would do if he joined? If Arteta is going to recruit a striker, he needs a sharp goalscorer, and there aren’t many out there right now, which is why I think the Arsenal attack would be better off with Balogun, who has proven his credentials in front of goal, than with Kai Havertz.

Allow Balogun to stay, then cash in on him in 2024 and make buying a top striker a must.

Daniel O

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  1. There’s no difference between Harvaz and Nketiah. It’s about six and a half dozen. A player that only replicates what we already have is not progress to a higher level! Let the Harvex-Arsenal link end only as a gossip!

  2. Havertz played false-nine well under Tuchel’s guidance, but he seemed to have lost his mojo after Tuchel left Chelsea

    I don’t know whether he can play with his back to goal or not, but he is a tall left-footed AM. If he can’t compete with Jesus and Balogun for the CF role, he can surely be Xhaka’s successor

    If Romano’s statement about Havertz’s £60m + add-ons is correct, it would be a decent price for a 23-year-old international European midfielder with good aerial ability. I think Bayern Munich would try to bring him back to Germany

  3. Based on current evidence, Havertz isn’t ideal (As he’s had the opportunity and hasn’t done that well in the Premier league) but Balogun (Albeit with fewer chances) has done absolutely nothing in the Premier League, so for that’s a bad option + an even worse option. Sure, both COULD turn out well, but neither are good Bets to support a title challenge next season at the moment.

  4. My thoughts are that we should leave it up to MA this summer transfer window.
    That way, we can all assess, praise, or moan about what has occurred.
    All this speculation is just that, let’s wait and see.

    1. On point. I stopped commenting about these transfers, it’s waiting, learning and hoping for good out of everything.

  5. I feel there is a real player in Kai Havertz just waiting to get out. Remember van Persie did reach his full potential until his late 20s. Until then he was just technically gifted. Now, I’m not saying Havertz is going to be another RvP but I don’t think it would be the worst thing in the world were he to join. His arrival might actually allow Odegaard to move into the Xhaka position and the Kai could take up that role behind Jesus effectively giving us a front 4. I think his problem at Chelsea is being seen as the main source of goals. He might have the Joelinton conundrum and a change of position could bring the best out of him.

  6. I am not actually sure what Kai Havertz best position is
    I do know he is not a cf
    And if he is.not a cf then the talk you.hear about him potentially moving to us is totally fabricated
    And just a story to fill gaps
    And apologises for sounding rude which it certainly it is not.meant too but a bit like this article

  7. Why not give balogun a chance. He is our player and just had a wonderful season in league 1. League 1 mat not be up to premier league standard but I don’t think it is that bad. Try him out for at least a season or loan him to a premier league based club to get experience. Imagine how it would feel if he later gets better at another club without us even giving him a chance

    1. I am very sure if balogun wasn’t originally our player and he just had a wonderful season like he did last season, we would have been linked to him.

  8. Che could be about to do another De Bruyne and Salah masterclass due to the money they. ve spent on that team and none of them nailed down a place. I don’t know if Havartz is that guy but there is a possibility as he was tagged as being a technically sound performer before joining the moody Blue ship

    1. He’s had some great moments for them, winning the champions league – I thought their playing him up front was just a stop gap, but they weren’t able to find someone better, and his form has gradually declined. He’s not a cf, he’s an attacking midfielder.
      I can’t say he’s a name that would have interested me, but i bet he’d do really well here if we used him wide or behind a striker. He’s also not a bad emergency striker, you just have to recognise it’s not his main position.

  9. Havertz and Balogun are fine players that could make a contribution to our team.

    But what Arsenal needs is an attack bully in the mold of Vlohovic , Oshien.

  10. Havertz has been played out of position for most of his Chelsea career. He’s a number 10 trying to be a centre forward, which he isn’t. Of course Chelsea don’t have a centre forward, I’d argue Arsenal don’t either though Jesus plays the position better than Havertz. Really Kai needs to be at a club where he can play as a 10 off the centre forward, then you’d see what he can really do. To my mind what Arsenal need is a proper centre forward.

  11. I like Havertz, but I don’t think Chelsea will let him go to their rivals. Regarding Balogun, we must learn from Saliba’s experience; he came back mature and gave our defence the confidence we sought. So, it’s time to give Balogun a chance.

  12. Arsenal should bid 100m pounds for Osimhen. Balogun does not have the height or physique like Osimhen. We should sell Balogun and put a buy back clause in it.

  13. Kai Havertz would be an excellent addition. For me, his potential ceiling is higher than any of our forwards including Jesus. Quick, strong, good aerial ability with excellent technical abilities. If truly Arteta wants him, maybe he can do something no other coaches can. He does fit a profile that currently we don’t have.

  14. Truth or lies, at the right cost, Arsenal should consider opportunities like this. A little surprised at the people on here not seeing potential. Havertz may be like Odegaard and just come to life at Arsenal as a CAM. He could pivot with Jesus coming short, he has a ton of speed. Still a very young guy. Who cares he comes from Chelsea.

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