Why would Chelsea want Petr Cech back?

Arsenal were given a free run to buy Chelsea’s Petr Cech three years ago, when Jose Mourinho brought Thibault Courtois back from his loan at Atletico Madrid. Now it seems that the Blues are going to do the same thing in reverse now the Gunners have brought in Bernd Leno!

This is how the Mirror reported the rumour this morning….

Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech could make a sensational return to Chelsea should Thibaut Courtois depart the club.

The Czech international left Stamford Bridge for the Emirates Stadium in 2015, a year after Courtois was recalled from his loan at Atletico Madrid.

But with the Belgian now set for a move to Atletico’s city rivals Real Madrid, Sky Sports report that Cech has been lined up for a sensational and emotional comeback.

The 36-year-old won four Premier League titles in west London after signing for the Blues in 2004.

But after letting Cech go because he wasn’t as good as the much younger Belgian, why would they now want to bring him back as a 36 year-old, whose stats have deteriorated badly in the last couple of years?

It makes no sense to me…



  1. It’s too late for petr to return to stanford bridge now, for me

  2. Drew says:

    Hahahaha what an article

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    If he needs to go then he should be sold please with all due respect. Czech with all his experience and previous records, I expected him to be a commanding tone from the back,expected him to be a leader and always try to put the boys right. But it’s the opposite, he’s too quiet, doesn’t direct his defenders, doesn’t yell at em when they need it, he’s been okay with however our defenders play that’s why he also conceded a lot of goals. With his experience and maturity, you’d b be disappointed with the fact that he’s too quiet.
    I’m talking being vocal and being commanding inside your own box, I’m talking Casilas commanding spirit!! I’m talking Oliver Khan and Jens Lehman commanding spirits inside their box, I’m talking Neuer’s commanding spirit in his own box, hell even Victor Valdez was always commanding and vocal despite he had one of the best center backs in Carles Puyol then.
    Czech is too quiet, old and just looking to have the rest of his time being decent. I say let him go, It’s not a bad thing if we have leaders from the back line to the attack. I’ll gladly let him go, but hey, I’m just a fanz I ain’t the coach

  4. snowden says:

    This line about Czech is a rumor. As rumors are not news. Then should the newspapers that constantly publish rumors in place news be called “rumor papers” ?

    That is what they have become. ” The Daily rumors”.

  5. Break-on-through says:

    I never really like the GK debate too much, not compared to ones I do like. I think its because I hated when it was my turn to play goali. If they lose Courtois then this becomes a bit more plausible. I’ve seen many keepers Cechs age doing a better job than allot of younger keepers. They don’t rattle and there’s less fumbling. Some people see a mistake as a mistake, but fumbling is much worse. It worries the defenders and it rattles the back line, esp if you have young players. I don’t think some people get that. Give me one of Cechs mistakes over Ospina’s and Szcz’s any day. Also it obliterates the GK’s confidence and fans go very quite. Ospina has to go, he’s not worth three mil if you ask me, not unless he’s playing at a lower level where mistakes don’t do as much damage to a season as they do a top club. I like Martinez, he looks assured, his handling is good, and he’s a good sized GK. He reminds me of the mold of Cech and Courtois, I imagine they looked similar when young. He can learn from Cech and for that reason alone I’d tell Che to piss off. The young German keeper too, so its good to have two young keepers listening to someone like Cech.

  6. LENOhappy says:

    Yoi think cech is very bad?wait till he gets back to Chelsea

  7. jon fox says:

    In the one in a million chance and – that is being generous – that Chelsea will be crazy enough to want Cech back at 36 and well over the hill, I would love to see the Chelsea fans site for a good laugh!

  8. Nicholas says:

    Who cares why they want back call him an uber before they change their minds

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