“Why would he move to a Premier League side who is not even in Europe?” Arsenal tipped to miss out on transfer target

Kevin Campbell isn’t convinced that Rangers’ left-back, Borna Barisic will move to the Emirates this summer.

The Croatian has been linked with a transfer to Arsenal after his fine form for the Scottish champions last season.

He helped them win their league unbeaten and has caught the attention of some teams across the border.

The Gunners want to sign a new left-back to deputise for Kieran Tierney and they see Barisic as a fine option.

However, Mikel Arteta’s club didn’t finish in the European places last season, while Rangers will play Champions League football in the next campaign.

Campbell believes strongly that Barisic would rather remain with Steven Gerrard’s side than make a move to an EPL club that isn’t playing in Europe.

Campbell said to Football Insider: “I’ll be honest with you, I’m not too sure if he will come down to the Premier League this summer.

“When you consider he is playing in the Champions League at Rangers, why would he move to a Premier League side who is not even in Europe? The Champions League is a big draw. He will be looking forward to that campaign.

“I think if he is going to move on it will be in a year’s time.

“Barisic will not want to come to Arsenal if he is going to sit on the bench behind Tierney. I think they are going to have to look elsewhere.”

Arsenal has to rebuild their squad this summer and a lack of European football would make it hard.

However, they could convince Barisic to make the move by significantly increasing his current wages.

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  1. Atangana says:

    Very weak argument. the wages will attract him and Arsenal is a heavy weight. he will still play in Europe the following year sir

  2. Kev82 says:

    Firstly Rangers are not in the champions League they are in a qualifier, secondly they will be knocked out in the group stage if they qualify which is a big if… Thirdly the SPL is a farmer’s League I don’t think I could name one player outside Celtic and Rangers. So players are motivated by European football? They are motivated by one thing and that’s money for example a player getting 25k a week playing in the champions League and is offered 50 or 60k to play without European football what is he going to choose ? Money of course.

    1. Jako says:

      MY AR+E!….Boracic wont go near Arsenal , and the writer is 100% correct ……………just being in the EPL means diddly . The guy already makes good money and like it or not he apparently loves Rangers ( as quoted in a Croatian paper ) . The player may go to a top team , because he is good enough but he will not go to Arsenal .

    2. SueP says:

      You said it – first class comments Kev82

  3. hasse andersson says:

    Why this Europe fixation? Brits dont’t like Europe. Or do they? The Arsenal Brexit make sence and is logical. And is a sign of the times.

    1. Angus says:

      I’d humbly suggest you watch your own countries league for entertainment instead. Your profusely negative on Arsenal in general (on multiple sites too) and now are invoking Brexit. People are allowed to not want governance from Brussels and still interact with Europe in general it’s not remotely mutually exclusive and the little Englander is a tired trope that your trying to invoke. There is a reason people risk their lives to cross the channel when already in mainland Europe and it’s not because we’re little Englander’s and Europe is enlightened, quite the opposite.

  4. Declan says:

    Saka and Grealish start tonight.

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