Why would Premier League teams need 5 subs?

So, the Premier League are discussing the possibility of clubs being allowed to use 5 substitutions in games.

Every year the game changes a rule for the sake of it, such as let’s have one man kicking off instead of two. If that’s what this was, I wouldn’t have an opinion either way. Extra 2 subs aren’t what I think football needs, but I wouldn’t be against it either.

Yet there is talk this idea might be for the short term to help squads get through till the end of the season.

If the campaign is finished (a big if), the plan would be to squeeze as many fixtures into as many days as possible, with some believing a month would be enough if teams agreed to play every three days.

Being allowed to make more than 3 changes off your bench is a measure to pacify fears that EPL squads can’t cope with a hectic schedule. The counter argument is the bigger clubs have the better squads so would therefore have an advantage.

Anyone who’s read my articles will know that I’m not a fan who believes in players needing a rest. While the likes of Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have brought great things to England their worst habit is to make out players can’t play every 3 days. Of course, because the top names preach it, everyone copies. Suddenly there’s issues with the Christmas calendar and Cup ties, etc.

When I was growing up, the best talents played the most games. There’s never been proof that winning the FA Cup cost you the title, etc. That’s why so many have won Doubles and Trebles.

So, if this is a rule the whole game wants to implement long term then fine, but if it’s to just protect players who technically are getting a rest now? Then no.  Managers never preach about rest when they are flying around the world on tour.

If it’s true that clubs are complaining their squads can’t handle 9 games in 31 days then shame on them.

It’s a disgrace to the live’s lost or otherwise affected because of this virus, that clubs would not be able to adapt.

Unless we wait until we are back in our own stadiums in front of thousands of people (improbable this year) everyone has to accept there is no way it can be fair on everyone.

You would rather play Man City at a neutral venue with no crowd while your rivals might have already gone to the Etihad? Bournemouth right have been relying on their final 4 home fixtures keeping them up. Whereas Harry Kane was injured for Tottenham, he might be now fit to impact on the season?

There are talks about whether a season resuming will coincide with contracts being expired.

If clubs want to get this season finished (which they only want to do for their own financial gain) then everyone will have to adapt and compromise.

If the rest of the world can do it so can they…

Dan Smith


  1. The fans are always considered as the 12th man so home teams will have a disadvantage as they may have played the opposition earlier on the away ground.

    I cant wait to watch NLD…😂 if football resumes

  2. The amount of games played per season can never be compared to the amount of games played say twenty years ago, also the way the game is played has also changed, as an example just check the average distance a player covers per 90 minutes compared to the past, add the amount of trips for games domestically and abroad if you find yourself in the champions league or europa, then the term fatigue is not so far fetched at all, besides football need to come up with new ideas to keep the game moving forward besides playing more games, I believe increasing the number of substitutes from 3 to 5 is a good start also if a player is injured and are replaced, it should not count as a substitution, similar to what happens in rugby.

  3. The matter of increasing the number of substitutes should only be considered in conjunction with the introduction of a time clock as used effectively in Rugby Union and Rugby League.The ” time wasting” tactics employed by virtually all teams with regard to substitutes is disgraceful and a source of real frustration to fans. By stopping the clock whenever a substitute is used the time wasting element would be removed and the likes of Sergio Aguero ‘s antics would become an irrelevance.The clock would of course be stopped whenever a player is injured.Surely it is not beyond the intelligence of the Football authorities to introduce such a simple procedure for the benefit of the game.

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