Why would Raheem Sterling even think about joining Arsenal?

Sterling again? by Dan Smith

Every International break, the press have nothing to write about so they come up with rumours linking Raheem Sterling to Arsenal.

That forces me every international break to try and educate younger gooners, so they don’t end up disappointed.

Quite simply, why would Sterling walk away from Man City to play for the worst Gunners squad in the Prem era?

It’s irresponsible to report that a 26-year-old nearing his peak powers, having won major trophies at the Etihad and working with one of the greatest managers of all time, would prefer to play at the Emirates, with zero European Football and looking as far away from being Champions than since they last were.

Even if he feels he’s not playing enough in Manchester, you would rather fight for your place at one of the best teams in the world, compared to starting every week for a team who finished in their lowest position in a quarter of a century.

Yes, the midfielder credits Arteta for tactically getting the best out of him when our coach was Pep Guardiola’s assistant. Arsenal also have the resources to match his current salary but there needs to be more than that to tempt the winger. It takes a certain mentality to tolerate the pressure that would be on him to be a big fish in a small pond.

If our owner had any ambition, Josh Kroenke would fly over from America and personally ensure this deal gets done. It would be that big a signing for us, a capture that would encourage others to move to North London.

Business-wise, bringing in a high-profile England player would also guarantee lucrative sponsorship endorsements.

Stan Kroenke would have to sell to Sterling saying that he could be the face of a new Arsenal. Living in the Capital, world class training facilities, a 60,000 stadium, the history, great youngsters ……it’s not impossible to sell the Gunners as a viable project.

Unfortunately, very few believe the Kroenke Family have that desire to take us to the next step. Hence why we are regressing under their watch.

Most Gooners would laugh if an Everton or Spurs fan predicted Sterling would jump ship from the Champions for them.

A scenario where he joins us is the same, just some in our fanbase don’t want to admit that’s where we are at.

Gone are the days where some of our fanbase verbally abused Arsene Wenger for ‘only’ finishing in the top 4. You could no longer guarantee our place in the top 6.

Reading comments after the Brighton game, we have supporters who now think 6th would be a success?

Which one is it?

A 0-0 draw at the Amex is a good result – or we are a big enough club to attract Raheem Sterling?

It can’t be both?

It’s lazy journalism to even come up with this speculation when in 2017 the man himself said he wouldn’t want to return to London as being near his friends would be a distraction. In that same interview he said he had a desire to one day play abroad.

Having won every domestic trophy available to him, now would be the time to try his chances outside the UK.

PSG could be looking for someone to replace Mbappe in the summer. That ticks off the boxes in terms of he would get a pay rise, win more medals and remain with realistic chances of winning the Champions League.

Why Sterling will be so converted is at a time when so many clubs don’t want to overspend due to Covid (outside of England anyway) his contract status means there is a chance to pick up a talent for a reduced fee.

This time next year City will be forced to either sell or lose an asset for nothing in 2023.

While City are one of the few clubs who can afford to let a player run down his deal, they are still run by businessmen who won’t want a resource to lose value.

In other words, if in 12 months’ time the asking price is 40-60 million, a Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus or Inter Milan will find the money because the opportunity is too good to turn down

Only those who think he will come to Arsenal are those in denial of how far we have fallen and how far we have to go to get back to our previous levels.

I don’t know what’s more deluded.

Gooners saying Sterling wants to join us or even suggesting we have players who, maybe, Pep would like in exchange?

Only when we admit we have a problem will we find a solution


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  1. Would much rather continue the project and continue developing Martinelli, if he’s fit enough to play.

    Unless we could swap Pepe for Sterling, I’d rather be patient and groom Martinelli. It’s not like we are challenging for a title anytime soon.

    1. The same Martinelli that Arteta hardly uses.

      Arteta has a problem with squad management.

      There is no law that states that Saka ans ESR have to start all games.

      ESR has to be properly managed bearing in mind his injury records
      Also for Saka, the guy should be rotated to prevent fatigue and long term injury like what happened to Wilshere.
      Martinelli can even play as a CF while Aubameyang plays on the left side of attack.

      If we loose Martinelli because of lack of games, Arteta should be held responsible.

      1. Let him go, too much hype. He is 20 years old now. In 2020/21, 23 appearances, 2 goals, 2 assists.800+ minutes on the pitch. Very Very poor! Just take the cash and run away how we did for Iwobi. Do not blame Mikel for not playing him in the EPL, for the reason that he is useless and everyone knows that but just looking for another reason to bash our boss. What next?

  2. Should we be desperate to get him? Should our owners suddenly be the ones, who on their own inititive buys players?
    Not in my book, and thank good if they have enough sense not to act like that
    But it can also be looked upon from another angle.
    Why wouldn’t a player, who feels he is overlooked not want to join a big club, thinking he can show the world how good he is and how he “alone” get that club back to former glory?
    What a great challenge.

  3. If Sterling signed we would find out if it is Arteta who brings players down a level here at the Emirates. I don’t think Arteta will bid for Sterling for fear of getting found out.

    1. Oh Sean! The man himself credits Mikel for his improvement, now that Mikel is with us is it a coincidence that Stering is on the fringes of the MC team? And where do we play him upfront? And do we repeat paying his astronomical wages? When Willian was on a high at CFC, we hired him, now when Sterling is on a low at CFC, do we need to hire him?Or just another reason to bash Mikel for either hiring him on high wages or not hiring him for clear footballing reasons? Can the fan base stop demotivating our manager and get behing him? I do not wish to have Sterling here for footballing reasons and his high wages. After all we do not buy stars, we make them. And Mikel is commited to our motto.

      1. Loose Cannon

        This is a forum for opinions. Your blame onto the fan base for demotivating Arteta is strange. Thankfully we are free to see the truth and speak it. You are in ‘diddly doo’ land because the fan base say what they think is important and truthful, and RIGHTLY so. A forum like JA is what it is because it can accommodate many points of view. Arteta is very unlikely to be reading JA, and he is old enough to take responsibility on how Arsenal does on his watch. It’s the real world and not fantasy football.

  4. I hope the people in charge of Arsenal are not thinking / romanticising about Sterling like some of our fans.
    Don’t waste our money on him.

    Thank you very much.

  5. It would be a good signing. I cant see sterling going anywhere else to be fair.

    Let’s be objective here and rate sterling as top 10 – 15 wingers in the world. Imho he has that quality.

    1. Barca -doing worse than us and are bankrupt – no from me

    2. Madrid doing poorly also – but have deep pockets and let’s be honest la liga is easier – yes

    3. Byern – just as much competition

    4. Utd – completion again

    5. Liverpool – he left them when they needed him most don’t see him going back

    6. PSG – could replace mbappe if mbappe leaves but would be a step backwards.

    7. Arsenal – struggling but with money – if he comes and does well it shows he is the best in the world. If he does poorly the team is already struggling.

    1. PSG
    2. Madrid
    3. Arsenal is the order I see sterling’s options

    1. Question is, even if we can afford the fee to buy him, can we afford increasing our wage bill by £15m p.a.? Personally, I think he’s a good player but a bit overrated and definitely not world class, Mbappe is.

    2. how are Barca doing worse then us ?
      They won a trophy last season , we didn’t
      they play in the CL , we are not in Europe
      They are 9th we are 11th

  6. Nothing to disagree with in this article, EXCEPT, since Sterling is not coming, never was, never will be, why bother penning an article about nothing happening, at all??!! Pointless what ifs that never actually are, always bore me !

    1. lol. Anything can happen in football.

      Every player has a price. I was not expecting CR7 to join Man United at the end of the season.

      I would prefer we buy Sterling

      He is top quality. He will improve our attack further.

      Lacazette and Aubameyang aint getting younger.

      Sterling is 26. He is a consistent performer.

      Arteta should look at the possibility of playing Martinelli down the middle





      First 11 of


      Tomiyasu White Gabriel Tierney

      Partey Bissouma

      Saka ESR Sterling


      1. Why do people rate this bissouma fella? Personally I don’t see him better than any of Partey lokonga or odegaard. So what are we saying spend £30m to replace Elneny? Sorry would rather give patino or Azeez a chance

        1. @ Atid,

          Arsenal will still go for Bissouma in January.

          I have watched Bissouma play. I must say he is top quality.

          Odegaard is a 10. he is not a CM. So, there is no comparison whatsoever with Bissouma.

          Lokonga is quality also. but strength and stamina is key in the EPL.

          Elneny has been in Arsenal for ages. there is nothing new about him. he should be replaced.

          5 Players for 2 positions in a 4231 is not too much to ask for.

          1. Partey
          2. Lokonga
          4. Bissouma
          5. Xhaka

    2. Maybe Just Arsenal could have an Article free week just to stop jonny boy moaning about everything that is posted on here.

  7. At 350,000 pounds a week he would be too expensive for Arsenal. Also a gamble. He could fit in beautifully with Saka and ESR, or he could be left isolated by lack of quality service and Arteta’s tactics.

    1. Sterling will be worth every penny. Considering he is only 26, and was considered one of the best not too long ago. His drop of form is due to lack of game time. Maybe we can try trading Sterling for Pepe 😛

  8. A very true reflection of Arsenal. As long as we don’t admit that we’ve got a problem, it’s not easy to find a solution. Forget about Sterling because we can’t afford his wages. Is it Arteta who got the best out of Sterling? How many of Arsenal players did he do the same magic? As I can remember, since the arrival of Arteta, most players have lost their competitive edge. Players like Lacazette, Auba, Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, and Nelson. Only ESR has done better umder the leadership of Arteta. Saka rose during Emery’s time

  9. Agree with you. We should not ignore the fact that with Arteta, the team is struggling offensively.. so actually whoever comes in the striking department might struggle too.

    The only manager with the privilege to be judged only after he can field 11 players he bought… Can we please just sack him? We will always struggle offensively with Arteta in charge. Some of us might argue that the striker spearheading the attack is not MA’s buy and we needed to give him 1 more season until he bought his striker, but come on… Im running out of patience. I wanna watch good football. :/

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