Why would the players back Ozil over Arteta? (Opinion)

Recent reports seem to claim that Arsenal’s players are in support of Mesut Ozil, but it is only Mikel Arteta’s decisions which matter.

Since Ozil was no longer declared important enough to be part of the Arsenal squad this season, there have been a number of fans, legends and pundits backing him and declaring that the decisions from the club and Arteta was the wrong one.

Arteta doesn’t seem to be fazed by all of the negativity towards him and his decision, and has repeatedly stated: “That’s just a football decision that my conscious is really calm. I’ve been really fair with him, my level of communication with him has been really high. I am sad that I have to leave three players out of this list which is never pleasant. I have to say that I try to look everybody in the eye and be comfortable with it. With Mesut I have this feeling because I was being very straightforward since I arrived at this club.”

In contrast to Arteta’s decision though the Daily Star has reported that Mesut Ozil has the full backing of the Arsenal dressing room!

Speaking ahead of last week’s Europa League game in Austria, Ainsley Maitland-Niles said that the whole of the dressing room backs Ozil after he was snubbed from both the Premier League and the Europa League teams, stating:

“The club’s behind Mesut, we’re a team, that’s always going to be the case until Mesut decides to make his decision and what he wants to do. When we get back to the training ground we can talk about if he wants to go by as a team and when we do finish the game and the three points are secured, then we can focus on going back to the training ground and solving the situation as a team.”

As nice as it is to see the dressing room behind Ozil as it shows togetherness and it shows how strong the boys are as a team and as a family. Ultimately, the support from the dressing room won’t be bringing Ozil back into the line-up will it…

Shenel Osman


  1. MA claims that he failed not being able to help Ozil. Apparently he failed for not helping Willian, Ceballos, Lacazette, Auba, Peppe and qall those that are not starting beginning with EMA because they are not producing. He needs to admit his failure so we can believe him.

    1. I really don’t know what some of you are going to do with yourselves once your cult hero Ozil is finally let go at the end of the season.

      You lot are in so much self denial when it comes to Ozil. Self delusion too.

      The guy has had more than enough time, chance after chance for 7 seasons and he has been average, underwhelming or poor the majority of the time.

      Average for the majority of Wengers time.

      Absolutely poor under Emery.

      Absolutely poor under Ljumberg.

      Very poor under Arteta.

      I have never seen an average player that has been given so much time and chances for 7 years. Can’t blame anyone but himself.
      Wenger cuddled him but under any other manager in that time Ozil would have been gotten rid of long before 2017.

      Time to accept that ozil has been found wanting and exposed as an overrated and overhyped player at Arsenal. Self denials ain’t gonna help.

      Time to let it go and accept reality.

      1. So you can bash Ozil or worship MA all you want but your blind support for a coach who is underperforming or players who are not producing shows hypocrisy if not disingenuousness at its peak. In other words, you are contradicting your own argument.

        1. I had a feeling you posted under different name. If you had a valid answer why don’t you come up with it? Explain why you are always bashing Ozil as a person(not a player) and not voicing your displeasure of the rest of the team who is under performing. You are not after the truth if you are not defending Arsenal true and true.

        2. Hahaha.
          Just love the Ozilites. With them you either worship / kiss Özil’s ring, swallow his social media propaganda and VICTIMHOOD mentality or else they will cry foul.

          Just because I am supportive of Arteta on the Ozil issue does not mean I am supportive of him in other aspects.

          No one is worshipping Arteta. People are giving a chance as a new manager but at the same time we have been critical of him.

          And to let you know, I was not one of those calling for him to be appointed. But I was willing to give him a chance.
          So definitely I am not a worshipper.
          Stop ptojecting. Lol

          1. What has Lacazette done for the club for the years he’s been at club, what did Mustafi do for the club? Kolasinac, Chambers,….? Hate Ozil all you can but the whole Arsenal has been shitty all these years and to just point out one player is absurd and disrespectful.

      2. Your and other fans point of view about ozil does not matter. Do you think if you say he is over rated then he become over rated ?? He has had a glittering career, won most of the trophies that can be won on the biggest stage, has played for prestigious clubs and his career stats show that all Ozil haters are delusional as hell. Your so called talented youngsters won’t even make it to quarter of his stats in their career. This is the difference inajve been pointing out between bug club / pure football loving fans then small club mentality and rugby playing style fans, when ozil was at Madrid he was loved by fans and they did not want him to go bec they understood what sort of talented player he is and how he can contribute to their beautiful football but some of Arsenal fans don’t like him bec they like work horses, if it was up to these fans they will play 11 James milner in team and play negative Tony pulis type football.

          1. Ozil has a lazy style of play….he makes things look easy….he is class….Ozil would fit in the invincible team or most teams….But he isn’t a defensive player….the game has changed….every midfielder needs to play his part in defending….Ozil is not a defensive minded player……

        1. James Milner’s trophy cabinet is just as respectful as Ozil’s funny enough. He’s won everything domestically in England and has a UCL so that may actually put him over.

      3. Bull! You have no appreciation of what class is! I have been watching Ozil for Germany since an U20 international when he single-handedly destroyed an England U20 in a final. Please appreciate what the man has done and can still do., Arteta, the lackey, has done Ozil and football a great disservice.

        1. You lot Can keep telling yourself that. Self denial is a natural aspect to life.
          You keep going on about what Ozil has won in his life like it matter to me as an Arsenal fan.
          What matters to me is what he has done for my club for 8 seasons. Been exposed as an overrated, overhyped piggyback player, a player that mostly piggybacks on others hard work for him to look good.

          But ask him to stand up, be counted or the the main man then you will see how overly hyped he is.

          He has won this and that but Madrid got rid of him in his prime (24 years old). Not a single massive club came in for him apart from my lowly 4th place strugglers Arsenal.

          With all these accolades that he has on his CV he has struggled to attract any big club for the 8 seasons he has been here. Ran down his contract to a few months in 2016 but not a single massive club showed in interest. That glittering CV does not seem to attract any serious club apart from dead Middles Eastern club, Chinese clubs, Turkish clubs or MLS clubs.

          He has been offered to whoever would touch him since 2018/19 season, rumours that we are prepared to subsidise part of his £350,000 a week wage if any club would do us a favour and take him off our hands. But not one club in England, not one club in London, not one big club in Europe has ever shown any interest.

          What does that say about him an individual player? Overhyped from his delusional cult following or we are all just HATERS?

          Again. Wake up. Your boy has been exposed as just a typical overrated, overhyped so called social media influencer. He is a talented footballer but overly rates and hyped by his cult following. He is not more naturally talented than the likes of Santi, Rosicky, Cesc, Nasri etc but has more overhype.

          Guys, it Time to accept reality. Self denial and delusion won’t save your blushes.

      4. Average?

        i wonder are you really watching the games?

        he did quite well in his first three season

        top assist in one and scoring heaps of goals in another…..

        injuries, personal issues, contract woes sum up his fourth and fifth season…….

        Under Emery he was simply lack of motivation and confidence…..unsure whats the real reason….

        Under Arteta last season he did fine

        Overall, I would say hes inconsistent and lazy to run sometimes……..

      5. Am sorry to say this out, that many of Arsenal fans are still blind and do not see what went wrong even after Orzil was given ample time to show his talent but he failed and they still think if we don’t score its because of Orzil not being in the team yet since he came we haven’t won the EPL. So GOONSTER congs for your comment have a good day.

      6. Since Carzola got injured, Ozil magic disappeared.like you rightly said, very average. Arteta should try Partey and Niles on MF, Holding and Gabriel in CD, front line should have Auba, Saka, Nelson and Nketiah. Then anyone can fill in the gap.

  2. Well I am sure we all want Arteta to do well and are hoping he will up his managerial game. He is directing how they play and is responsible for the style. I do have a problem with how he get’s rid of players though…..like cutting them out with the Sword of Damocles. He just cut’s them out and discards them. Watching Guendouzi, Torreira, Socratis, Ozil and worst of all William Saliba being severed from the squad is a bit alarming because they are better than 50% of our squad. I want Arteta to be Arsenal’s redeemer but he has done some quite off piste things.

    1. While Ozil’s decision is highly questionable, how about AMN? How can he explain that?
      I said it many times. MA has too much confidence in his coaching. The best thing that can happen to him are few unexpected losses to bring him down to earth.



        1. Agree Jon pretty abhorrent stuff. The only articles that get any attention now are ozil articles and during matches (which has drastically more comments if we lose) people just want to come on here and one up each other / argue / slag the team. Half of them I really dont think are actual fans just armchair critics who love a spat.

          1. Rory, sometimes I think some people only come on here looking for an argument! Harmony, once in a while would be nice!! 🙂

            1. Yep sue!! Its evident to be honest, and yes harmony is the perfect word for what we need now, honestly cant see it happening anytime soon though, unless we start playing out of our skin!

              And even then people will find things to disagree on 😑

        2. Yah like I misquotge anybody ed the bible or Mein Kamph. The days of Lenin, Mussolini or Stalin when you couldn’t say what you think are long gone. I am neither fanatic or dogmatic so if you don’t agree with what I say you have the option of telling me why or don’t read my post. BTW shouting does not change any body’s opinion unless you do it to scare eight year old kids, if any, that post on this site.

      2. lcw
        Arteta’s lack of experience is showing. But for me there is something else too. I don’t like a certain disregard he has for players he does’t like. The players must be thinking how easily Arteta discards some. They looked clueless against Leicester as well. Arteta vs Rogers……. a learner driver vs an advanced driver.

      3. Mesut Ozil is being discriminated against by Arsenal. MA is playing the cards that the club dealt him to make MO lose in Arsenal’s casino.
        Pre covid check the stats…when AUBAMAYENG! scored and ran to celebrate with the player who assisted…the camera never planned on Ozil who made the killer pass to the player with the assist.
        MO also covers the pitch and makes more ground than a number of the other players towing the line…imo

  3. There is nothing wrong whatsoever in AMN sticking up for his team mate. It would be a bit rum if he didn’t

    1. It should be noted also that Ozil’s best stats came about when he had players who produced in the final 3rd…in other words the goals and assists came about because Sanchez assisted Ozil to score in addition to scoring most of the goals when he Sanchez was assisted by MO…Giroud also scored probably not enough to have MO break the all time record for assists at Arsenal.
      Ozil shines when he has technically gifted players around him who produced…if you look at footage you will see how much he appreciated connecting with players like Saka and Pepe.

  4. Maybe the players realise it’s not for footballing reasons and their chances of winning are being hurt
    If I’m Auba and I’m not getting service and I look on the bench and what lack of options we have
    I would ask why is Ozil at home ?

  5. Of course they have to show a bit of support.
    At the moment I couldn’t care what our Pampered primadonna players cry about. All we want is for them to start earning their wages. We have players that have been here for more than 5 seasons and have been underperforming.

    I don’t want to hear their constant moaning and whining but instead they should top embarrasing us in the league seasom after season.

    They think they are so important and should be treated like kings but then fail to perform.

    The world does not revolve around you.
    Smh 🤦‍♂️

  6. The world does not revolve around the coach either. When all the players are underperforming, one should look at the coach. Wanting him to succeed and giving him carte blanche for making bonehead decisions is not healthy.

      1. @H.Hero …hahaha😂🤣😂…you invented a new excuse today. I have been saying Fri some time MA fan boys are very creative, everytime they come out with a new excuse. He was incharge of the team for half a season then started this new campaign as well which is well into 2 months now?? Had his own transfer window and brought his own players (not cheap ones but we’ll established ones), club managed to keep hold of our top goal scorer as well and still you think he is missing his formula? While others teams around us in who were in same termoil or worse situation keep racking up the performances…by your theory poor UE was not blame as well because he like all the other sacked managers never found their formula.

        1. I like Unay and it is my opinion he is miles better coach than Mikel. He was fired not because he is a bad coach but because he lost the dressing room. Couldn’t handle the pressure and made one bad decision after another. Had the board stood firm with Unay against players power like they do now with Mikel I believe Unay would’ve to taken us to the very top.

          I have my opinions and pick a side like everyone else when these individuals are discussed but I am neither a fan of Mikel nor Mesut, I am Arsenal fan and Mikel is the manager. The least I can do is give him my full support because when Mikel lose Arsenal lose and when Mikel win Arsenal win. I want Arsenal to win.

          There is no harm in giving him time to prove himself. He deserve that 1 hour before being excommunicado.

            1. When you think about it we all want the same thing though our opinion differs. It’s when we try to force our opinions into others or expecting everyone to understand accept our point of view that the war of words start.

              Some comments here made me realize my thinking about Mikel was wrong and I understood their point of view to be the correct one.

          1. Agree to some extent with you H.Hero, but I point is football like any other profession is result driven. No matter how hard you work but if you fail to produce resutl no one would keep you in real world. I don’t want the club to sack MA tomorrow but I want the club and fans out him under some pressure instead of giving him get out of jail card everytime. I always say if you wan to compare then always look at clubs above you if you wan to reach their level. Zizu won so many trophies with Madrid but when he started to lose some games this year not a lot 2 game in a row he started to feel the pressure from club and fans. I am not saying we should behave exactly in same manner but we need to have ambition. Not the low level of expectation we have at the moment. Where I have seen fans content with defeats to bigger clubs and poor football displays. We want to be bigger club again we need to keep pushing and setting the bar high not lower.

            1. I agree with your points Mohsan what you are saying is true and I have no doubt you are a true gunner and you want what’s best for the club. It seems our club has many problems both in and out of the pitch. It’s not bad in my opinion to have belief that in time they will be sorted out and we will enjoy good days again.

      2. Let’s hope. Meanwhile as Arsenal’s supporters we have the right to speak in case he doesn’t. He is not above criticism

        1. You are absolutely correct that he is not above criticism. Criticism is good for development but it’s better if we don’t go overboard with it. People say a lot of things because of passion. Everyone here want what’s best for the team and like I said to Mohsan, personally I have no doubt you too are a true gunner and want what’s best for the team.

  7. I strongly believe given a run of games Saka and Smith-Rowe, either of them can perform better than Ozil in his AM position.
    If I were Arteta I will try this selection tomorrow.

    Willian, Lacazette, Niles,


    Xhaka, Elneny,

    Kolasinac, Gabriel, Mustafi, Cedric,


    1. I like that line up, SJ – ESR 😊.However, I’m hoping to see Nelson, as he seems to have fallen off the radar!

  8. It is unbelievable the lengths our media will go to cause conflict and division within our fans.

    As SueP correctly says, offering support to another player is both commendable and unsurprising – wouldn’t we all do the same?
    That doesn’t mean the players are backing MO against MA – has everyone already forgotten what AMN said about Mikel and how he persuaded him to stay at the club?

    The problem is, we always fall for the media’s stirring, don’t we???

    1. Once we start winning and return to the football we love, we will be too busy cheering instead of complaining. As for now, we don’t even recognize this club.

  9. Oh give it a rest, will people please stop taking the bait over these Ozil “articles” he is not an Arsenal player anymore (just not good enough)lets all move on.

    1. I don’t think they will move on until he moves on, either in January or at the end of the season and even then the articles will carry on ad infinitum.

  10. And of course your statement that he is not an Arsenal player anymore is really constructive eh Reggie?

    1. Ken well technically, he cannot be a “player” unless he plays and he no longer does, nor even can now, as he is out of the squad. That makes Reggie right and you wrong, I’d say! Fair to call him an ex-player, who still trains with us though!

      1. Jon, for a person who prides himself on being a “realist who always seeks the truth, as you put it, that is one of the most” unrealistic ” and untruthful statements you have ever made.
        Tiresome as it is, I will have to ask you the following questions, as you cannot see the obvious regarding Ozil.

        Who holds his PLAYER registration documents?
        Who pays him his weekly salary as a PLAYER?
        Who continues to ensure he stays fit as a PLAYER, 1by ensuring he trains with the first team squad?

        Now Jon, as a seeker of truth and justice, I’m certain you will answer all those questions as follows : The Arsenal.

        No need to get technical or even bother your brain cells here Jon and, as I said, Reggie’s post was as pointless as your reply – if this is realism, god help sanity.

    2. Technically and practically Ozil isnt an Arsenal player in the FA Cup, League Cup, EL and Premier League. So he isnt an Arsenal “player”.

      1. And for the record Ken, i thought your reply was pointless and not relevant to the issue. We all know he get “paid” by Arsenal and he was signed as a player but he isnt registered to “play” anywhere as a professional. So as Jon correctly pointed out, he isnt a “player” per se.

        1. Absolute BS waffle and being confrontational, which is exactly what the media, your post and this article wanted.
          End of silly game for me.

  11. I dont expect any current Arsenal player to come out and say he doesnt back Ozil and that is why they are called professional

  12. Is Ozil still an Arsenal player? On contract binding to the club, Yes he is. But football playing-wise, No, he isn’t anymore at least for the time being as he has been told by the club he can leave them and find another club for himself last summer.

    But for the huge financial advantage gain reason that favours Ozil at the club even if he doesn’t play for Arsenal, he refused to leave the club last summer to stay put and be collecting wages from Arsenal by training regularly at the club’s training facility.

    For, if he refused to train regularly which he is doing but for himself and not for the club as they’ve told him they don’t want him anymore, the club will stop paying him any wages if he doesn’t train. And this is the reason why Ozil continues to train regularly at the club so that he can be getting his salary that the club is still contracted to him to be paying.

  13. Right or wrong, this Ozil nonsense interfered with Emery’s tenure and it was threatening and somewhat continues to do so to Arteta’s. I think we can all agree Ozil was more of a distraction than an asset to this club. Good riddance to him, I hope to never see him again in an Arsenal shirt. May he take his obsessive followers with him!

    1. I failed to understand why arsenal fans are to blind.This Ozil thing is not anything to do with football.Its all about pay cut which Ozil refused.The club expected Ozil to be the first to accept that because of his wage bracket of which he failed to do so.He was performing very well before covid how comes he is not playing again. who is fooling who.Only those who knows football are the ones who love Ozil.When the team loses all eyes are on the coach not a player,that is how Emery realised his fate.It wasn’t Ozil losing but the coach and Arteta should be more worried than Ozil

  14. I strongly believe Mikel Arteta will quell any players dressing room uprising against him at Arsenal from festering. Which may arise as a result of the Ozil’s stubbornness to adherence saga at the club. And any those act of disobedience to align with the gaffer emanating from any other players at the club in the dressing room I believe will also be crushed to nip in the bud by Arteta.

    The Gunners should be reminded by Arteta if he hasn’t already done so that they are been well paid their wages to play for Arsenal and be 100% loyal to the club. But not paid to be supporting any of their colleagues at the club who may be having a serious problem with the their gaffer in his or their deeds.

    Any Gunner or Gunners who may have a problem with the club’s gaffer however serious it maybe, let him or them solve his or their problems with their senior team head coach. If he or they can, good for him or them. But if he or they failed to resolve his or their problem with their gaffer, that’s his or their problem.

    For, every Gunner came to Arsenal on his own as individual player signed by the club. But wasn’t signed as group of players.

    It is after the club has signed the players one after the other that the gaffer makes them a group playing for the club.

    But no individual or group of players at Arsenal football club should be allowed to hold the club to ransom by ganging up to force the coach to succumb to his or their demands. For, if the club’s management allow that to happen to the club, it will eventually kills the advancement of club.

    Main while, I think if Ozil and his comrades in arm supporters continue to synically sabotage the club’s gaffer in his and their outburst utterances, I will personally advice Mikel Arteta to tell these Arsenal sabotage players to be training alone at a far distance from the rest of the team and should be told in black and white to stop coming to the general dressing room. The club should provide for Ozil and his comrades their own dressing room that should be far from that of the general team dressing room.

  15. @SAA
    This is the most naive post I have ever read. It shows a lack of understanding what “player power” as Ferguson put it means in our days. Players have all the power today pal.
    Just because they get paid tons of $$ to play it does not mean they will perform if they are not happy.
    Unless a manager has the backing of his players he is doomed to fail and maybe Arsenal making Ozil a scapegoat was the wrong thing to do.
    In addition a recent article highlighted Ozil’s increased charity work after he did not agree to a salary cut. His humanitarian work also was noted and if you can’t support a player that works hard for his cause , then as a club we can’t complain when people or players see the injustice in that
    treatment. As this also affects other players performance on the field since one of the best mids of his generation is excluded for “other reasons” it will only get worse to create a schism in the club as it has with the fans.
    This will be a turbulent season and more to come.
    If results don’t improve lots can go wrong.
    Buckle up!!!!!

  16. Ozil is a good player in a wrong league.
    In PL you have to work both ways defend and attack and Ozil is a player that needs people to work for him so when we are away from home and everyone has to put is a shift he disappears as well as in big matches where the teams individual battles are important to the result at the end of the game. He will be great in Europe where he could have 3 Midfielders work for him and do his running and have him in a free role to do what he likes to do. In PL you cannot get away with it, so although a very talented player in PL he is a luxury the team cannot afford. Wages he got were an additional pressure on him and he struggled to justify it. We’ll see how Auba does it as since he signed the contract he has not been as prolific as before. Ozil should have gone on loan somewhere in Europe and got games under the belt, as it is he is not match fit or confident due to lack of game time. Agent to blame for not getting him somewhere on loan to play.

  17. I think this defending thing is affecting even our forwards instead of scoring they find themselves defending and when the team loses they are to be blamed for not scoring.Players have different abilities that’s why there are strikers not defenders,midfielders not keepers.Ozil will always be my best

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