‘Why would you go to Arsenal?’ – Biased Pundit claims Spurs more attractive to targets

Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Jamie O’Hara has claims that targets would easily choose his former side over Arsenal if given the option.

The 35 year-old actually came through the Gunners academy, but eventually left to join Spurs academy at the age of 16 after failing to prove his worth amongst our youngsters, and he eventually enjoyed loan spells with Chesterfield and Millwall before getting his chance in the first-team.

After a rather tame career which somewhat proved our coaches right in letting him go, you see why he would side with the white side of north London (instead of those who deemed him not good enough), but you can decide for yourself whether there is any reality to any of his comments.

Speaking live on TalkSPORT to Jason Cundy, O’Hara said: “If it’s Tottenham or Arsenal you’re going Tottenham.

“Over Arsenal because one: Tottenham have got an incredible stadium, better stadium, best stadium in the world. Best training ground in the world, one of.

“One of the best managers in the world. Best striker in the world [Harry Kane]. One of the best left wingers in the world [Heung-min Son].”

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think I’ve heard more bias from a pundit in some time. Arsenal are fourth, have the most exciting set of young players in the division at present, and have the youngest manager, yet we are showing much more consistency and making more impressions than Antonio Conte is at present.

I struggle to believe that any serious player would choose Tottenham over us if given the choice, but our scouting team is well ahead of some of our rivals and have shown that they can find exactly what the team needs irrespective of how highly they are rated in their current roles. Time and time again we have been wowed by just how well the scouting department has done, none moreso than Ramsdale’s immediate impact this term, and for this reason I don’t believe we are likely to be in the market for the same players, but if we was, it would be a no-brainer.

Tottenham will forever be in our shadows. They must just struggle to see in the dark…


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  1. Spurs vs Arsenal match has been moved to the Last week of the season 😳
    Now that could be a cracker
    Fingers crossed

    1. They’ve done it to keep the top 4 race alive longer. As it is we have 2 free hits against Chelsea/United as long as we out perform Spurs results in the other games (Spurs also have to win their game against Norwich on top of beating our points total in the remaining games.)

      Those remaining games are actually harder for Spurs once you take our Chelsea/United games out and their Norwich one. Which is why we are such heavy favourites, currently 1/2 in most places putting the estimate at 75%. We both play each other, Brighton and Newcastle. Then it’s Liverpool 2nd for Spurs against West Ham 5th for us. Villa 9th for Spurs against Southampton 11th for us. Leicester 10th for Spurs against Palace 12th for us. Brentford 15th for Spurs against Leeds 16th for us. Burnley 19th for Spurs against Everton 17th for us. As I said they have to score more points than us in those games if we lose to both Chelsea/United and they beat bottom Norwich.

      If the NLD was held earlier and Arsenal won we’d gain another 2 free hits in the remaining games and it would basically be over.

  2. Has a whole ,Arsenal with their rich history and fantastic football, fans and players have enjoyed for the last quarter of a century we should be way more attractive ,unfortunately the spuds have caught up in the last 4-5 years while we have regressed ,adding their new stadium as made them all the more as a competitor to players signatures .
    Much depends also if players want to play for a top manager or one who is learning on the job and I suppose much will hang on who out of the two will grab that forth place .
    As of now Arsenal should be way higher up on players minds than that of spurs .

  3. Kane is likely to leave as he won’t win any trophies with the Spuds. Son would likely leave also, for the same reason before age robs him of his productivity.

    Granted those 2 are better than what we have in those positions, but our back 4 has them beat in every position, and Partey and Odegaard are better than what they have, in my opinion.

    Spuds have the more proven manager with a CV to back it up, but how likely is Conte to remain? Either lack of investment he wants, or the typical fallout he has with management and ownership is ever-present.

    Frankly all the talk from both sides, (even by myself) could likely be settled by who makes the CL, period. That competition is such a draw that it can be a deciding factor in a player’s decision making.

  4. These pundits aren’t just happy to see us where we are but there’s a time for everything. This campaign is the awakening point for the gunners and there’s no looking back.
    Let’s wait and see where the players want to go.

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