Why wouldn’t Arteta keep Balogun at Arsenal next season?

According to the ex-USA international Alexi Lalas and David Mosse on the State of the Union Podcast, Mikel Arteta should bring back Folarin Balogun and use his goal-scoring ability next season. With the youngster’s outstanding season on loan in France and the uncertainty surrounding his future, everybody in America is very keen on following him now that he has sworn allegiance to the USA.

What have the two got to say about the Arsenal forward?

Lalas believes the USMNT striker can be an ideal striking option for Arteta, with the Gunners competing in a number of categories next season. Lallas says, “This is an incredible team that is still very young and is only going to get better.

“But if you’re Arsenal and you’re going to be fighting on multiple fronts over there, why wouldn’t you bring him [Folarin Balogun] back?

“Why wouldn’t you have him as part of Arsenal going forward in the next season?”

In response to Lalas’ claims, Mosse says that for him, he feels the forward should stay as he is better than Nketiah, and although Jesus is quality leading the attack, Balogun is a better goalscorer than the Arsenal No. 9.

He insists that Brazilian will continue as the first pick in attack and that Balogun will be given a chance whenever the Brazilian is out of form (is he insinuating Nketiah should be the one leaving?).

Mosse says, “I agree; I think he’s clearly better than [Eddie] Nketiah, and even while I think Gabriel Jesus with his all-round talents should be the starter, Balogun has displayed the potential to be a better goal scorer than Gabriel Jesus.

“He’d be a great option to have when Jesus goes on one of his goalscoring droughts; he’s a guy you can throw in.”

In 36 games for Stade de Reims, Balogun had 20 goals and 2 assists. If he were to stay at Arsenal next season, do you see him as a reliable source for Arteta in the Premier League?

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  1. To answer the last line question; NO I do not!

    RIGHTLY, IMO. His transfer fee will be put towards buying a proper, established striker of proven pedigree.

    1. So which established good player do you think will come to us and be second or third choice??
      We should keep him. There will be enough games to use all three of them next season. We clearly need another striker as the other two were simply not good enough to last a season where all we had was the league to fight for.
      We have created enough Gnabries already. Keep him.

      1. Agreed. Give him a chance I say. But knowing Arteta he will stick with Nketiah. Even though he still didn’t make the most of the chance he was given last season..

  2. Arsenal play a quick passing possesion game with 3 attackers. Balogan’s style of play is more loan striker Drogba type of player. He would fit in most teams and score lots of goals, but he would have to adapt his style of play to fit at Arsenal. I think at 21 years old,, had he scored 20 goals being a Barcelona or LET player they would value him at £90 million, but because he is an Arsenal player the media values him at only £30 million. All Arsenal players are under valued by the media because Arsenal always under sell their players. When you think about it, how can Rice who is 24 years old and scored only 5 goals be valued by Westham and the media at £100 million, and then Balogun who is a younger 21 years old and scored 20 goals be worth only £30 million by the media. It doesn’t make sence. Arsenal should not sell their players so cheaply. Bargains Roll-up Roll-up, get your half price at Arsenal.

    1. The value of a player is not determined by how many goals he has scored but what his overall value is to the team and I just point out, Rice is not a striker.

    2. Are you really comparing goal contributions from a striker vs a DM and saying you can’t understand why their value is different? I hope this post is a joke?

    3. Well said, he is sharp as a striker in general but just like Eddie, he will blunt in the arsenal system. His stats (2 assists) tells something.

  3. Truth is we cant win the league with Jesus, Nketiah and Balogun. Not because they aren’t good but because they aren’t different enough. We need a different striker and i think Balogun will help fund that. If we are clever, we will insert a buy back option.

  4. I think Nketia should leave for Balogun as a backup when the Brazilian isn’t in the form while we have Gundogun to part with party instead of Caisedo as we put in Saliba and add the double footed Mendy as Zinchenko backup Tierney being sold for a good money to bring Assensio a good winger

  5. The real issue here is not whether Arteta wants to keep the player; it’s whether Balogun himself wants to stay and play second or third fiddle after enjoying the privilege of unlimited playing time out in France.
    I’m not sure he would be thinking of staying without the guarantee of regular playing time. He may be thinking that would not bode well for his career development.
    So, if what we read that there is a queue of clubs clamouring for his services is true, then this may be the right time to cash in

  6. daveg you are right, the media set the prices on players.
    The owning clubs then begins to get all sorts of ideas

    But all that sorts of stuffs is right up the agents street, who most often than not launch cynical campaigns how much clubs are in contact for said player service.

    Sometimes the clubs mention are not of the least of interests, similar to the amount of players now link to Arsenal.

  7. If Mudrykh is worth 90m from Ukraine league I really wonder how much should we value our own Balogun.

  8. I also think balogun should stay sell Eddie who is not good enough…balogun reminds me of a certain Ian write… he knows we’re the goal is.. which is a very precious commodity to have .. keep him

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