Why wouldn’t Aubameyang choose Man Utd over Arsenal?

The consensus seems to be that Arsenal will be crazy to sell Aubameyang to Man United, but how much control do we have in the situation? The player’s contract expires in the summer of 2021 so if our new negotiating team are true to their word, they require the striker to fairly soon commit to a new deal. This time next year he will be entering the final year of his agreement, at that point we will get nowhere near the 70 million that United are willing to hand over.

The question is why would any of our stars want to stay? If us as fans can recognise the lack of ambition, so surely must it be a discussion in our dressing room? While we have the structure to pay huge salaries, some are equally motivated by winning silverware. As much as 45 million isn’t going to make gooners rush out and buy a new shirt, why is anyone going to be in a rush to commit their future to us?

For all of their flaws at Old Trafford, you would see any offer matched and a larger transfer kitty. The Gunners have rightly been criticised over the years for allowing deals to run down to the point we lost all power. But we should also remember it at times was a PR exercise to keep fans happy. It’s easy to forget that many fans preferred Sanchez being forced to stay when it meant he didn’t go to City. Not many were complaining when Ozil got a raise, more relieved we hadn’t lost another star.

There was huge pressure at the time not to cash in on Vanpersie so soon after the loss of Nasri and Fabregas in one fell swoop. Long term, most got the moves they desired, while we were left wishing we had cashed in earlier.
Yet here we are again scared we will lose another high-profile name to Manchester. We care too much that it will make us look like we are no longer a big club. Yet in reality, it’s not acting like a big club in terms of recruitment which is why I can see Auba tempted to go. It pains me to say this but why would he pick us over United?

And if he doesn’t sign an extension, it’s a case of sell now or another contract being intentionally run down.

Dan Smith


  1. 70 million + Rashford (not Martial – another sulking mess waiting to happen) makes sense, anything less than that should not be entertained.Or let him leave to China or Europe as per his preference.With him we won nothing! Not even the League cup forget Europa.At 30 he wont improve further , yes he won the golden boot but how may sitters did he miss? And the one penalty which could have taken us to the UCL. His work rate has reduced over the second half, Laca seems to be the more all round player. Transfer him for a good deal, not to an EPL rival (unless we get Rashford)

  2. He could stay if Arsenal can match Man United’s offer and he might want to stay in London

    I agree that some decisions must be made ASAP towards the players that only have two years left on their contracts

    Not just Aubameyang, but also Mustafi, Ozil and Mkhitaryan. Offer them to our rivals, if necessary

    1. Absolutely right gotanidea, life style is very important to all these multi millionaire footballers and “rainy Manchester” versus the “capital of the world London” is no contest.


  3. He has equal chance of winning a trophy with either team. It’s just that does he want to move to Manchester and who’ll offer a better deal wage-wise. If he truly wants to win something, he’ll stay at Arsenal and wait for a better suitor.

    Anyway, I’d keep him. He can deliver even more next season. Especially with Cech, Lichsteiner, Welbeck, and Ramsey all leaving. They had solid wages. Just put half of what each player earned into his contract and you’ve got 157.5 k of extra weekly wages. That way, he’d earn as much as 350zil and I see no reason for him to leave AND I’m sure his contribution will be even greater next season, should he stay.

  4. Interesting trend in our transfer rumours:

    Claude-Maurice 20y £15m
    Saliba 18y £25m
    Dominik Szoboszlai 18y £10m
    Reinier 17y ???
    Martinelli 17y £6m
    Tierney 22y £20m
    Schubert 20y FREE

    We are linked with very young players and none of them cost too much over £20m (except Saliba).

    1. Yes to Saliba,Dominik and Tierney, that will be replacements for Kos/Nacho/Ramsey. I really do not think Ozil,Kolas, Xhaka, Mustafi will ever move. Mkhi can be retained for his presence against physical teams.No to Claude,Reiner,Martinelli, we have better players in the reserves. I think Schubert is not joining us, we have Emiliano.

  5. I heard. Utd has offered Lukaku £500,000 per week

    With Lukaku, Martial, Rashford they don’t need another striker

    Again, I hate the idea of selling our best players to our rivals unless they give us one of their best in return and money

    Anyway, I hope Aubameyang STAYS. He’s my favourite player

  6. But what about is bromance with Laca!?
    I suppose they could keep in contact on social media giving hearts and smiley faces to each other..oh the tragedy if it..

    Sell him if its £70 mil but not to man utd one of our fiercest rivals in the same league.

    Now, anyone wanna buy a silky German midfielder (who is occasionally prone to vanishing during matches) for £35 mil!?

      1. No;) was referring to The Magician that is Ozil with his amazing ability to vanish into thin air!

  7. What are we discussing here? It’s bad enough when others make up nonsense about us. When a site like Just Arsenal precipitate imaginary issues it becomes a waste of good space. Please will you not just make up stuff in your imagination of no value to anybody. Nonsense.

  8. Please help us with ozil, mustafi,jenkinson,mikhitaryan definitely they add 50m to our budget

    Hearing that juventus is closing on Rabiot makes me weak
    They sure know how to get quality for free and wish we took advantage

    Also sacrificing Aubamayang and Xhaka to fund better place at the right prices is not too bad cause Liverpool went that paths and look at how the rebuilt has turned out

    My preferred target:
    Tah and Kimpempe cause of experience

    Wishes but we all know this is not going to happen

  9. What I do peeps is give my opinion about what I read
    I didn’t make up story about Auba, it’s in the media so I write my opinion ( why admin has poll up)
    I’m not going to write we are fantastic , our transfer busy is great , we are going to win the Prem just to be popular
    There is a lot wrong with our club , doesn’t make me less of a fan saying that
    For example I wrote I’m worried about final with Chelsea due to reliance on front 3, no plan B on bench
    I’m called negative ….was spot on but negative
    Yet should I write we will win 5-0 just because I’m a fan ?
    Surely you can love a club but be honest

    1. Dan-it’s that time when “Truth Hurts”.Whether we dare to admit it or not this is a very critical time in the history and future of Arsenal Football Club.This transfer window will define our future over the next 10 years.If we allow ourselves to be left behind by the ever increasing chasing pack of Wolves Leicester West Ham and Everton it’s possible we could find ourselves out of the top 6 at the end of this season and that will be a disaster.
      Yet is everything as bad a picture as is being painted?We were two penalty kicks away from a top 4 CL position.Auba at Wembley v Spuds and Xhaka’s brain fart v Brighton.And this with what is being said is the worst Arsenal playing squad in a decade.The foundations are there to build on.We just need defenders and a natural winger and who is to say we won’t improve from last season with the right additions to the squad?
      I’m positive the reported Transfer kitty is higher than the £45m being reported.Also with Adidas now on board they would demand the Club is actively looking to progress.
      Let’s just wait and see.The transfer window is 1st July as contracts are all dated to 30th June so little business will be done until then.Emery is no fool and will expect to improve this season.Chelsea and Man Utd are in just as bad a position as we are if not worst.
      It’s going to be a very interesting 6-7 weeks but let’s at least give the Transfer team time to provevthemselves

    2. Dan Some fans crave truth but the majority want only comforting untruths and are too craven to face the actual truth. Keep saying PRECISELY what you believe and you will get at least your OWN SELF RESPECT AND RESPECT FROM OTHER TRUTH LOVERS.

  10. Letting Auba leave for utd means we haven’t learned or changed a thing. How many years were we all crying for one to arrive, if they let him go it will be the end of the club as we know it. Some already reached that point, with all the lies we were fed, but if Lei can win a title, Liv win a CL, Tott bloody hell reach a final, it means we can do better despite the massive threat that city and just as rich utd pose, Che will eventually make a come back too. We need to do things right, be smart, and hard working, but selling Auba is just insane.

    Ps, I get why Lacazette is such a fan favorite, and how some people don’t like players over-doing celebrations, so are put off completely by the superhero masks. However, I don’t think there’s any striker on the market (we could get) that could deliver the way this guy has.

  11. No. He is a striker we have been crying out for since VanPersie left for Utd ironically. He stays along with Laca, offer them both new deals, 2year extensions. If we had any sort of defence then Aubas/Lacas goals would’ve meant more to our season as we did get a final & miss out on 1 point to spurs for Top4. Yes players miss sitters, that’s football, even messi misses. Liverpool game prime example.

    Let XHAKA go to Athletico, your telling me MAITLAND NILES couldn’t do a better job in there? Also as I said yesterday BEILIK is coming back a different player, Charlton last year now the u21s he is lighting it up. He can come in along side GUENDOUZI, then let ELNENY leave.

    Bye MUSTAFI, could we be any worse off having HOLDING or MAVRAPONAS at the CB position alongside Sokraris? Then SALIBA if he is Signed, or another CB when KOSS goes.

    The only person missed here would be Koss but his displays havnt been great either but his loyalty to Arsenal cannot be questioned & is a goner we all respect.

  12. If Pogba was sold to Juventus for such an outrageous amount, Auba14 should cost more than that perhaps 100m + Rashford and Matial. The so called Malnutrition united always down price our players which is very bad for our reputation. Van-persie was sold for cheap 25m which still hurt me a lot

  13. We are in the sh*t we only have 45m if AUBA is sold for £70m that gives us £115m to spend after all said and done he is 30 years old it is not rocket science and more money if we manage to sell the rest of the deadwood

  14. Since Ferguson left United, they have only finished above us once in the league. They are also playing Europa next season and strong rumours circulate that Lukaku, Sanchez and Pogba might be leaving. Solksjaer appears to have a preference for youth and his tenure has been shaky to say the least.

    Combine the above with his golden boot with us and his friendship with Laca, then he would be an idiot to leave us for United, and similar to Sanchez, would get exactly what he deserves.

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