Wilfried Zaha reveals something personal about Nicolas Pepe

Wilfried Zaha has revealed that Nicolas Pepe isn’t someone you would like to stay in the same room with.

Both wingers are international teammates with the Ivory Coast national team after Zaha switched his allegiance from England in 2017.

Pepe is Arsenal’s most expensive signing and has become an important player at the Emirates recently.

He and Zaha have so much in common as they play on the wing for London-based teams, and the same national team.

Zaha knows a lot of good things about the former Lille man, but he doesn’t advise you to sleep in the same room as the attacker, because of his snoring.

He was speaking On The Judy Podcast recently and claimed that the winger snored like a motorbike.

In one instance, when they shared a room, he says it was so bad that he requested a change of room.

He went into Salomon Kalou’s room, and the former Hertha Berlin attacker understood what had happened.

“Oh my days. Nicolas Pepe. I asked to leave the room,” Zaha told the On The Judy Podcast as quoted by Mirror Football.

“I went and asked to leave the room because he sounded like a motorbike.

“It was mad, it was crazy. I was like, ‘No’.

“These are the first times as well when I went [with Ivory Coast].

“They let me move and share rooms with Salomon Kalou. And he was like ‘Bro, I know.'”

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  1. Usually this means a nose issue, and that he might need surgery, it actually could affect his respiration efficiency through his nose and stamina.

  2. It really isn’t our business what noises he makes while he sleeps. If he were to start complaining of excessive daytime sleepiness or frequently feeling tired or excessively hungry then he should fill a questionaire on sleep and be investigated for obstructive sleep apnoea.

  3. Is this what JA has become, an article about Pepe’s snoring…really !! Getting near the point of giving up JA.

    1. Is this the only article you read today? What about the other ten world class posts.
      You can choose what you read you know….

      1. admin pat, surely you jest sir stating that there are ten other world class posts on todays list. wow, you claim to be irish , but ive never known any irish person with such a huge ego, get a life ,sir.

          1. Pat I love the old country and its lovely folk. Nothing personal about your nationality. If you knew me as some do you would see how much I adore Ireland.
            My own step dad hailed from Galway, which( as you know)) is even more lovely than London N5!

            I sing Irish songs publicly(pre Covid) and used to sing in the pub belonging to the late Brendan,brother of the late great Josef Locke , the lovable old rogue himself. I learned a great deal about Josef from Brendan back in the 70’s. Fine singer himself BTW.
            Ps Its Delaneys donkey, not yours!

    2. HEAR HEAR! JA have been scraping the barrel for ages for worth reading articles worth reading! And now and again good writers do come along and write interesting pieces. But most of the so called articles are nonsense about nothing of import at all. Like this one!!

      The only very regular writer I respect is DAN SMITH. Others I respect include Agboola, Ad PAT (sometimes, though not always) and occasional writers like Ken, plus only yesterday a very good one by Lloyd and occasional others. But all the other very regular writers are not worth reading I find, though too late!

      1. Lol so you Name 5 good writers, how many other Arsenal sites can boast that?
        Not to mention the interesting solo posts that come in – you know, Ken1945 and YOU!

        1. Pat Did you properly read EXACTLY what I wrote? Seems you cannot have done! One class REGULAR writer in DAN. I don’t count Agboola as a regular but he is also class.

          WE NEED MORE QUALITY FOM THE REGULARS, ESP IN HOUSE TEAM. I chose to avoid naming the several poor writers, for obvious reasons.
          I f my aged fingers did not make such constant mistakes which take much time correcting, I would offer more. But my spirit of the game one will be sent this weekend.
          I’ll keep the faith though, as things may soon look up. I wish Fire would write one, as he is a shining light on here.

          1. I agree completely. And there is also Mr Real who I would hope could send some musings.
            There are many other like Grandad and.many others who write class comments. I am often sorely tempted to delete the comment and make them into an article in its own right, but I would prefer them to decide for themselves…
            Then maybe we could have ten world class articles a day!

  4. What other 10 world class posts are you talking about ??????,??? Ha ha ah . You are joking ADMIN Pat. Aren’t you??? The only Pat I respect,,, is the GREAT “””PAT JENNINGS””””. With your lack of knowledge of Arsenal history of the GREAT Arsenal players,, you most probably have not heard of Gentle Giant “PAT JENNINGS”. David Seaman and Lenno put together, are only half a shadow of the great man that played against Brazil in the 1986 World Cup on his 41 (forty first birthday). After the World Cup he represented the Rest Of The World as the captain against South America. This is a fact. What is snoring to do with football?? Please stick to what you do best Admin Pat,, stick to your great posts

    1. Yes I was joking Mr Pohlman. Sorry Stephanie..
      And I WILL stick to what I do best, and that is wheadling out trolls like you.

    2. You should not accuse PAT of lack of Arsenal knowledge. As a longtermer on JA I can attest to his deep knowledge. I criticise JA and often but would never have the stupidity to criticise Pat for knowing little about our club He does know a great deal!

  5. Dont like an article dont read it, dont like the site find a new one, people on here are never short of things to moan about, my god.

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