Will 57,000 Arsenal fans get their wish?

It is great that Arsenal fans felt so strongly about the performance of Mike Dean on Saturday that they created a petition on Change.org to try to persuade the FA to never allow Dean to referee another Arsenal game, but I bet they could never have predicted that they would have got so many signatories so quickly. At this moment it stands at 57,019….and still increasing by the hour.

The creator, Jamie Cassar, chose his words carefully and the petition reads: “After many poor decisions that go against Arsenal when Mike Dean is refereeing the game, it is time that we get an inquiry to his ability to referee Arsenal games. Major incidents have occurred in recent and past games that show he is inept at refereeing at this level now.

“The recent events at Chelsea V Arsenal (19/09/15) highlight this where two Arsenal players were dismissed while Diego Costa the opposition player made 4 straight red card incidents and was show one yellow card only.

“Also the incident where Mike Dean celebrated for the opposition, when they scored a goal, this was in the Arsenal V Tottenham Hotspur fixture (26/02/2012) video attached via link: https://youtu.be/3SPb8CYF4o4”

We could be cynical and wonder why the FA appointed Dean for Saturday’s big London derby in the first place, considering his previous history in Arsenal games. Could it be that the bigwigs were worried about Chelsea getting too far behind in the title race and wanted to make it as easy as possible for Mourinho? Time for another #conspiracytheory!!!


  1. Honestly, how can one forget the game against Chelsea??? Oh, did you see when Dean was about sending off Gabriel??? He looked just very personal about the whole thing. He seem happy about watching us go down, like he was all out to frustrate us.

    1. As 007 after some investigation I have come to the following conclusion:

      1. Dean is either a Spurs, Chelsea or Man U fan
      2. Dean wanted to be an Arsenal player but was turned down for not having any skills
      3. Dean is a secret Arsenal admirer and he is not happy on how the board is running the club and wants to sabotage us
      5. Dean is an alcoholic and his usually drunk when officiating Arsenal games
      6. Dean has a man crush on Wenger
      7. Dean is allergic to red and white.

      For my UK friends I am still waiting for his address so I pay him a special visit.

      1. Admin where has my beautiful pic with glasses on gone? It made me look smart. I’ve lost too much already this past week come on let this one begin brightly. Please bring it back and remove that purple thing next to my name.

    1. Well we did get lucky in the Crystal Palace game with Coquelin. But it was so clear that Dean is so anti-Arsenal he shouldn’t be allowed to officiate an Arsenal game.

      1. yeah but that never happens in a Big game…Ramsey offside goal vs pool, this year and if we go years back RVP sent off vs Barca and that list goes on…

    2. It’s a disgrace in watching football for as long as I have, and I am sure I am joined in many fans in saying this is one of the worst decision in football generally.

      1. Costa should of seen red for slapping Kosciency in the face
      2. Costa should of seen red for hitting Kosciency in the face
      3. Costa should of seen red for kicking the Ox
      4. Costa should of been booked previously to his yellow card for indicating an image card to the ref.
      Ivanovic makes 4 fouls before being booked, while Cazrola makes 2 fouls in the match and gets sent off.

      Mourinho seems to think Costa should of got motm. In some multiverse I think that’s Jose saying he approves the behaviour…in otherworlds agrees to cheating. But what’s new there!

      Matic claims they wanted it more! NO, you had to cheated to win. There’s a difference.

      And finally, some press releases claim Arsenal don’t look up for the fight. I guess true writers have long gone since Shakespeare. Writers block seem to be common amount the current press.
      He’s some suggestions?
      Topic; do cheaters end up winning the battle or the war?

      On that topic, the FA will decide a part of that story today when they wait on Deans report. The petition number might just increase if he result isn’t want AFC want!!

      1. Even Zouma (zoumber/ Zombie) whatever he’s name is,
        Came out and said that Costa is always cheating!
        But no he is back tracking on his comments!

        Surely when Costa’s own teammate is saying that,
        The FA have to act accordingly.

  2. When refs have the ability to change games, seasons by an on the spot call regardless of the ref it is not fair. By the time Gab was walking towards half I already saw what Costa did by replay.
    Let decisions like goals, red cards to be looked at. The rules would have to be adjusted but the correct outcomes of games are well worth it.

  3. Who will play in the absence of Coquelin??? Is it true that Mertesecker (can’t spell) stiLl plays for Arsenal? When you take off Theo, who do you bring on? Giroud??? I mean Giroud? No disrespect but the guy is a walking red card. Arteta is our captain; hell yeah, Arteta—and he’ll play becuz Santi is off.

    Do you think or do you still think we are going for the title?

    1. The FA must say something and do something. Really, Costa is not good for football.

  4. Please and please again, this wicked man by name Mike Dean should not be allowed to midwife any Arsenal match at any capacity again, otherwise there will be riot in the field of play one day. So, enough is enough! He is an incompetent referee. He is among those that killing English football and making it a mockery one

  5. If the FA Committee were worth anything, they would look into this incident with a magnifying glass. Even if Dean did not see the incident between Donut Man and Koss, surely the fourth official and footage of the incident should be viewed and taken into consideration with high regard. If Costa continues to get away with it, it speaks volumes of how the FA handles and will continue to handle these sorts of incidents. Not only that, but it encourages thugs (I would use a more descriptive term but for the sake of youngsters on here I will refrain) like Costa to continue this type of ill tempered behaviour on the pitch. What type of message are the officials and the FA sending out by letting doing nothing about this? Utter joke. Professional football has become a circus, FFP rules will never kick in and regulate/prevent clubs from overspending and it seems that the FA has become corrupt as hell.

  6. Just signed the petition. Don’t care if it holds water or not but if we gt a million signatures, i think FIFA will raise an eyebrow or UEFA or someone who believes in moral justice. That’s enough to put Mike Dean’s refereeing badge in danger. My question still remains, “if there was no conspiracy, how is it possible that you use Micheal Oliver (arguably the best ref in the world as i know) as the fourth official and use Dean as the referee? How is it that you allo Oliver refer a shit Tottenham game while a game as big as Arsenal and Chelsea is given to a controversial referee? Games like this could even make you as Webb to come out of retirement and refer the game. I see conspiracy….

  7. If you want to risk getting send off, then do it right, by tackling the **NO SWEARING** out of Costa, so he will remember it not to do it ever again. But like this, the B.ard got what he was looking for from the start.

    More then i blame Dean, i blame Wenger for pointing a chipkmunk as the captain. If not for the nice chipkmunk its the german tall speed demon, if not for the german he makes that guy the clubs captain whoes best poz is warming the bench. ( has nice hair though, and fine lady).

    I will be not surprised if Wenger will poin the big head Ramsey as the club captain in the future. Armband needs to be given to fighters like Koscielny and things would look diff in the pitch.

  8. Rlly Admin. I cant use words like ”Scheiße” without my comment getting under moderation. Shakes head, what has this world turn into 🙁

    1. Why is it such an issue? Why do any off you need to swear? This is a family site and lots of us have kids that support Arsenal and may want to come on here. I’m guessing most of the swearers are schoolboys anyway….

    1. Me too.

      Top priority is the petition to get wenger and kroenke out.

      as long as they are still in charge, nothing will ever change.

  9. 65,190 signatures on petition for dean not to referee arsenal again, not bad! How about making one for Stan to get out of the Emirates??

  10. From the way i see,If this petition finally works then soon We will start petition for “Naive man” Wenger out. Revolution starts#

  11. Mike Dean killed the game for gunners and neutrals alike at the weekend. What should be a highlight in the premier league fixtures turned in a farce. Off all the teams in the prem Chelsea is the last u want to go down to 10 men against

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