Will 9 point gap make Arsenal come good or crumble?

There is nothing that Arsenal can do to affect the state of the Premier League table, at least until Monday night when we play host to a West Brom team that has not been showing the usual defensive solidity that we expect to see from a Tony Pulis managed team but is still a point better off than the Gunners.

We can only hope that the teams leading the way so far in the Premier League drop points before our match, but with Man City going to bottom club Crystal Palace who have yet to pick up a point or even score a goal, while their local rivals United play Southampton the chances are not good for us.

Should both Manchester clubs or just one of them win today it will put them on 16 points and that is a massive nine points more than Arsenal currently have, so how will this big gap at such an early point of the season affect us? It could be quite demoralising for Arsene Wenger and the players, who are not exactly in a great place as it is.

On the other hand, it could release a bit of pressure and make Arsenal play with the freedom you sometimes see from sides who have little or no expectations. I think that Arsenal often play better when our backs are to the wall, whereas when we are on top of the table we tend to crumble under the pressure.

How do you think a nine point gap will affect Arsenal?



  1. sniper says:

    Big clubs are scoring for fun, Morata scores the goals of the season,we need to go on a winning streak to catch up

  2. sniper says:

    This is manc city’s season to win the league no one can match their quality!
    They have the second Best talented squad in Europe behind psg,for us let’s get to top four first as a salvage

  3. gotanidea says:

    It’s just the sixth game, we still have 32 games ahead. The current top teams will slip once they are busy with the Champions League and the player’s international matches.

    If you watch how Manchester City play under Guardiola since the last season, this is how Arsenal should play. Not pragmatic and do not rely too much on their players’ physicalities ala Mourinho, Ranieri and Simeone, but possessive and entertaining.

    Arsenal have the same manager for more than twenty years and Arsenal is the fifth richest club in the world, yet they are unable to show us more open play goals and entertaining shows. I want to them to win against West Brom with some styles.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    fans have to be realistic

    judging by the way City, Chelsea, Spud and Utd play

    We are fighting for 5th spot with fool

    top 4 is officially over…..based on last 10 years results…

    our injuries list will kick in soon

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      You have dropped Liverpool ?
      You added them 4 weeks ago.

  5. Mudassir says:

    We always responds well when it is least expected, so a winning streak I guess.

  6. Leon says:

    Arsenal will fold faster that Superman on laundry day.
    Lots of possession, few chances from that possession and then hit on the counter attack or simply just blasted off the pitch by superior teams such as Liverpool, City or United.
    I would love to say Arsenal can make that gap up but we all know they cannot – it will be at least fifteen points by Christmas and twenty points by the end of the season.
    That should be enough to earn Wenger another three years of defrauding the club of £10 million a year..

  7. Ivan says:

    For donkeys years now we have done the approximately same things:
    1) We have a poor start
    2) We pick up in September and we all think we are going to have a good year
    3) Once the weather gets cold we lose games against all sorts and drop like a stone
    4) Towards the end of March when the weather gets better we start winning again and we qualify for the Champions League (apart from last year)
    I have a feeling it will be broadly the same this year except Spuds and Liverpool are better for the last couple of years that they used to be and none of the big money three look vulnerable so we won’t finish above them. . We won’t finish lower because as the Premier League may be competitive but the quality of the rest of the sides is pretty poor. So sixth for us which for some unfathomable reason quite a lot of fans are more than satisfied.

  8. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

    The table doesn’t lie! Wenger and the players need to have a good hard look at themselves and compete for the shirt.

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