Will Aaron Ramsey fail the ultimate test of loyalty?

Aaron Ramsey practically became a man at Arsenal after the Gunners signed him as a youngster from Cardiff City.

He was 18 when he moved to the Emirates and stayed with the Gunners for over 10 years.

His move from the club to Juventus on a free transfer in 2019 broke the hearts of many Arsenal fans, but he is still seen as an icon by a considerable number of Gooners.

That could change if a recent rumour becomes reality.

The Welshman is one of the highest-paid players at Juventus, but injuries have been a major part of his time in Turin and that could force the Italian champions to cash in on him.

Several teams want to add him to their side and Tuttomercato is reporting that Tottenham has inquired about signing him.

The easiest way to obliterate your Arsenal legacy is to play for Spurs and one wonders why Jose Mourinho’s men want him.

Adapting to a new country can be hard and a return to England might suit Ramsey in the long run.

However, joining Spurs is unthinkable for the fans, do you think he would take the chance and move to Spursy Spurs?

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  1. Wyoming says:

    Ramsey going to Spurs is totally
    understandable. Eventually we must face facts. Tottenham has always been a bigger club than Arsenal has a better stadium better players better fans and played better football.
    Just like Everton is a bigger club than Liverpool which is why Steven Gerrard has declared his desire to be the next Toffees manager.
    Class shows through which is why Roy Keane just last night on his blog announced saying that “Ireland owes the Englsh so much I am forgoing my Irish citizenship for the greatest citizenship that is English”.
    Things change and we must adapt.
    With Lionel Messi going to Real Madrid next season in a swap deal with Sergio Ramos. With Pep Guardiola managing Man U next season and Jose Mourinho replacing Jurgen Klopp we ought not be surprised Rambo has decided to join Spurs the greatest club in the world.

    1. Vincent Fuda says:

      Love your work Wyoming.

  2. ken1945 says:

    I wonder why we expect our ex players to show loyalty, when a section of our fan base are always denigrating them?
    A little while ago, an article asked “should we resign Aaron” and the expected tirade of abuse was quick in coming from our keyboard fans.
    If Aaron joins the spuds, which I don’t think will happen anyway, how can we question his loyalty?

    1. siamois says:

      Once again spot on!

  3. Daniel Smith says:

    He won’t but if he did Arsenal can’t preach loyalty as we were not loyal to him

    1. Dan kit says:

      I think 10 years of him being here while he had one good season is being very loyal .

  4. ThirdManJW says:

    Average player, always injured, I couldn’t care less!

    1. Sabs says:

      Thank you, his departure was a brilliant piece of business for all involved and I don’t wish to see him back, not now not ever.

      1. siamois says:

        How losing him on a free while he was valued between 30-40M at the time good business for all parties involved? certainly for the player (signing on fee +400 00 week) and Juve but not Arsenal.

        1. Sabs says:

          @Siamois, it’s good that he finally left, now you can cry about what could have been on speculating his transfer value at the time and what not but I am so very glad that he finally left. The British Core was a load of nonsense and I’m glad that they all left.

    2. Goonster says:

      To this day I still don’t understand the hype surrounding Ramsey. Absolutely average over and hyped player in my opinion.

      1. Loose Cannon says:

        Wenger over hyped these young players to show to the world his genius ability and hide his inability to sign good players in the latter years, Santi being the exception. If you take a look at his players – or the “core” as he would call it – Gibbs, Wilshire, Ramsey, Ox, Chambers, Walcot none made a name for themselves for some reason or the other, while those he let go – Gnarby, Bennacer, Donyell are doing well. It happens in football. Ramsey is no longer contracted to Arsenal, he free to go where he wishes, and I wish him well, and am grateful for his FA cup goals. Would appreciate if he does not disrespect us like RVP, Nasri or Adebayor celebrating after scoring against us.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          One very good season, in how many?

    3. siamois says:

      Comments like yours and many others are the reason why Ramsey shouldn’t worry or as you said care any less about loyalty as Dan Kit rightly stated his 10 years at the club should be proof enough of his love for the club he didn’t decide to leave the board made that decision for him!

      1. ozziegunner says:

        “He didn’t decide to leave”? Aaron Ramsey refused to sign the contract on offer from Arsenal, asked for exorbitant money, then ran his contract down to leave on a free transfer.
        Juventus hoped to keep him for a year and then sell; however his performances and injuries haven’t exactly put him in the shop window.

  5. andrew mcguire says:

    not a chance , fake news

  6. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    That sort of old school “loyalty” chatter has no place in the modern world of football where playing and managing can be such a transient existence…the only time when this could really come into question is if a current player aggressively sought to be transferred to a crosstown rival without any conceivable just cause

    as for Ramsey, for a couple of years he showed some glimpses, but his injury history and Wenger’s tactical stubbornness, which saw him shoehorned in out wide right too often, never allowed him to flourish into the kind of reliable central figure he seemed to display while on international duty with Wales…some good memories, but any thoughts of a return to the club would be ill-advised at this juncture

    1. siamois says:

      I must have said it before but your obsession with Wenger is very unhealthy and im being nice how many AW negative comments have you made this week?you should probably charge him rent for living in your head don’t you think?

      1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

        seems like you’re the one with the issue…you do realize that I was speaking about Ramsey, a player that actually plied his trade under Wenger…the very same man who shoehorned him, and Ozil I might add, into a wide right position due to his tactical stubbornness…these are facts about the specific individual featured in this article, it’s not like I went off on a tangent about something totally unrelated…btw does this mean I owe you rent now???…frankly it’s a little creepy that you couldn’t resist the temptation to reach out considering you had no REAL point…pretty thirsty trolling

  7. Joe. S says:

    Not a problem. After his injury Ramsey was always an iffy player putting in one good performance for every two bad ones. He and Xhaka were a terrible mid field combination and probably the reason why Arsenal failed to make top four. He is welcome to become a Spud, especially after the way he was treated by Raul and co. However I doubt if they have set their sights so low.

  8. Goonster says:

    I never got the hype Ramsey got and still gets from our fanbase.
    The guy is so average. Never rated him. I always looked at him as a sqaud player, Elneny type. He is slightly better than Elneny but that doesn’t say much.

    We dodged s bullet with the ridiculous wages he was asking for.

  9. Declan says:

    Isn’t he on something like £600 grand a week? Ha ha ha ha.

  10. SueP says:

    I couldn’t care less actually. PatJennings and Sol Campbell spring to mind as two players who swapped sides. It’s their career and if putting up with venom from the fans who are shocked at their so called lack of loyalty then, if it isn’t an issue to them, it isn’t an issue to me. It’s only hard to take if they are acknowledged Arsenal supporters and have been through the academy system

  11. Ackshay says:

    He is NOT an arsenal player anymore. He didn’t transfer to juventus as a buffer just to get to tottenham. There is no question of loyalty involved just a player going to another club.

  12. Reggie says:

    Whats loyalty?! He isnt an Arsenal player, he left, he is a professional and he has to earn money. There is no loyalty required!

    1. ozziegunner says:


  13. jon fox says:

    This whole loyalty debate is way off beam! Players are professional and thus it is their profession. That being so they will go where their career and finances are best suited . Normal, natural and just the way it is.

    The only ones who show constant loyalty to a club are we fans and that is also just the way it is . In other words, REALISM!

    That some fans EXPECT players to show loyalty to what is merely their employer, not the love of THEIR life, is frankly not a sign of deep thinking on this matter.

  14. Nuya calvin says:

    Very interesting

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