Will Alexis Sanchez take this good advice on Arsenal career?

We have yet to find out just how long the rest of the Arsenal playing career of Alexis Sanchez will last. It could be just until the winter transfer window opens in January, or more likely until the last day or so, while it could span the whole season, with the more optimistic among the Arsenal faithful still hoping that the striker could be persuaded to change his mind about leaving and sign a new contract instead.

Whatever the case may be, the most important thing for Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans is to see the Chile international perform to the best of his ability while he is still a Gunner and the former Man United and England defender Rio Ferdinand has advised Alexis that he must do that if he is going to get any joy from his remaining time in north London, reports Metro.

The TV football pundit suggested that anything less than full effort and commitment from a player who wants to leave but has not, will be spotted quickly by his team mates who will not take kindly to it.

Ferdinand said, ‘For me it’s all down one thing.

‘Does he come in and act professionally at the training ground?

‘If he comes in and says “listen I’ll hold my hands up I do want to leave, I’ve not been allowed to but you will still get 100% commitment from me and you’ll still see that day in day out” then you respect that and say “yeah, you’re still with us” and you continue until the day you leave this club.

‘If there is any negativity or you think that he’s giving anything less than 100%, the players will sniff it and they will wean that guy out.’

There were some Arsenal transfer rumours this summer that suggested some Gunners were already unhappy with the attitude of Sanchez, so will he take this good advice and prove that he is fully committed, for now, to the Arsenal cause. And if not, will it be a very uncomfortable few months for the wantaway 28-year old?



  1. adi says:

    I can tell who that players probably are that is angry. Per, Monreal, Giroud, Ramsey, Kos. These guys actually loves the club, supports the boss in good and bad time. If i had enough money to buy an Arsenal shirt with names it would be one of those guys. Not saying the otjers are shit, but those guys stands out for me in terms of loyalty.

    1. Billy says:

      You can’t afford a shirt, why? If a good reason let’s set you up a go fund me page.

    2. GunnerJack says:

      Not sure about the others but Sanchez and Ramsey don’t seem to get on. Sanchez blamed Ramsey for not scoring the winner when we drew with Spuds and they have been seen shouting and gesticulating at each other on the pitch. I think Ramsey would love to see Sanchez leave. Anyway, let’s hope it doesn’t affect our team play.

      1. Nothing changed says:

        I have to say I would love to see Ramsey leave.

        To me, he is a utility player who should only start in cases of first choice players being injured. He can play in a number of positions but masters none of them.

        He is played as DM partner to Xhaka but he lacks the positional discipline and skills of a true DM, we need an other true DM.

        He is played as a right winger, but he lacks the pace and ability to take on defenders and make it to the back line, he prefers to drift to center and make many useless side ways passes.

        His best position is probably the one Ozil occupies but he is not a convincing nr 10 either.

        So IMO he is not bad to have around in case players like Ozil, or other DM’s get injured but he should never start and he should not be the reason we don’t go out and buy a proper DM.

        1. Waal2waal says:

          i agree – he is often woeful playing in arsenal dmf i think his best position is stirring soup up in the kitchen with ladle for the lads at half time. aaron fills me with trepidation whenever he takes to the pitch. i cannot fault sanchez for highlighting how ramsey appears has an ‘easy ride’ and gives zero.

      2. If anyome should leave it should be Ramsey not Alexis . So what he is not warm to the other players in the dressing room. He does his talking on the pitch I can’t understand why people boo him. If you where in his position what would you do, stay with a sinking ship or go somewhere where you have a chance to win the biggest trophies. It’s a short career for the players and I think Sanchez was gone after the Bayern defeat. If Wenger did what was promised when we signed Alexis and he built the team around him off W/C players that could compete he would be content . Instead all we see is the club going backwards under this Owner, Board and Manager .

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Honestly, I hope Alexis gives 100% but even if he doesn’t he is still worth having him out there. PSG and City wanted him because he is world class. He is very good at less than 100%. I’m worried about his fitness though. It’s unlike him to be put of fitness at start of the season. I hope it’s not mental neglect. It’s in Alexis’s best interest to play well this season so top clubs can offer him a lot of money

    Anyway, I still have hope that he will give 100%. I’d love to see Alexis, Ozil, Lacazette and Theo out there starting at same time.

    1. Guneal says:

      You still haven’t given up on Walcott?

  3. GunnerJack says:

    Maybe what causes the trouble is that Sanchez DOES give 100% – but then goes a bit crazy when he sees other players not doing the same!

  4. Break-on-through says:

    Is Ferdinand talking about Alexis in particular or is he talking about Coutinho and anyone who’s in this situation. I feel sometimes that they make a bigger deal when it is our club, or they don’t treat others exactly how they do us with things like this. Those top Tott players are gonna want out, it’s inevitable, and when it happens their wont be nearly the fuss that’s made with us. People will actually try and credit both sides, Tott and their best English players. And lets see what they make about Liverpool having a disruptive influence, our disruptive influence happened to be the leagues deadliest forward last year.

    He makes a good point about players knowing if someone lets up a bit. Not all have the same effort in training you’d imagine, but they will know a persons true 100%.

  5. Uche Edochie says:

    We all know that Alexis is as good as gone. It is actually a good move to be starting Welbeck more regularly on the left with Kolasinac just behind him. The two of them seem to be wrecking havoc on the left and that is good enough for me. There is life after Alexis so if he chooses not to play, the team will get on without him. Between Lacazzette, Giroud, Welbeck and Walcot, I believe we can manage just fine. Kolascinac offers a credible goal and assist threat so however you look at it, we can actually manage without Alexis. We may not win the league but then again, we never won it even with Alexis.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      Do you think Wenger keeping Sanchez was a gamble on Wenger’s part? Clearly, if Sanchez won’t feature prominently we would have been better off taking the 50 or 60 million, no?

      1. Paul says:

        Alexis is only feigning commitment so as to get game time and backing from fans and to get a better club in January, mark my words…….he has fooled u all

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