Will Alexis still perform for Arsenal after transfer collapse?

If the game between Chile and Paraguay on Thursday night, and the performance in it of the Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez, is anything to go by then Arsenal fans may have reasons to be worried about the effect that the disappointment of seeing his potential transfer away from the Gunners collapse will have on our star man.

Chile are normally very strong in World Cup qualifiers, especially on their own turf, but they were comfortably beaten 3-0 by a bang average Paraguay side. The game kicked off shortly after Alexis discovered that the deal that had been agreed was not going to happen after all and although we can only guess how he felt, the Chile defeat stands out as a real shock.

Of course, time is a great healer and we know that the Chilean tends to put most things to one side once he steps out on to a football pitch, so perhaps Arsenal fans will soon see our forward giving opposing defenders nightmares once again very soon.

As reported by Metro, Wenger has spoken about it and said that he does not think there will be a problem.

The boss said, ‘Your interest is always to perform and he is 100 per cent committed, I have no doubt about that.

‘It’s very difficult for me to speak about what happened because what I want the player to do now is focus on his career, on his season and on Arsenal Football Club.

‘I spoke before about integrity and values and I always make sure my commitment is at the level expected from the people who pay me and have confidence in me.

‘I think the players’ side is exactly the same.’

However, a drop of just a few percent in energy, desire and attitude can have a big effect on any player or any team’s performance, do do you think that Arsenal will be able to get the best out of Sanchez after his transfer to Man City fell apart at the last minute?


Updated: September 2, 2017 — 12:57 pm


  1. If Arsene's mouth is open he's lying

    Alexis was not playing for the team but for himself, his reactions to teammates, his body language did not show that he was a team player last year, and this year things will only get worse. He is a professional so he will play, he will run and press and score but he will not dive into tackles, he will not risk injury, he will not play for the team.
    And why should he? He is playing in a team with no aspiration. He wants to play for a team that is trying to make it to the top on and off the field, which we definitely are not. Top four aspirations might be enough for Arsene, Stan and the board and even some of the fans, but for some players playing for fourth is not very inspiring.
    The players that left Arsenal all won Championships the players that stayed won FA cups…
    That my dear Gooners is the difference

    1. He should know that he will be benched if he doesn’t contribute to the team. Arsenal do not have obligation to make Ozil and Sanchez first team players now, because they obviously do not want to extend their contracts.

      The internal competition in Arsenal should be fairer now, because Arsenal do not have to persuade anyone to stay. If Sanchez is fit and focus on Arsenal, he could be a good playmaker in the front, creating chances and assists for the other forwards, like what he has done in the last three seasons.

      1. gotanidea: You say that “he should be benched” (referring to Sanchez) but will he? We all know that Arsene Wenger stubbornly persists where even a blind man can see that what he is trying isn’t working. IMO, there would literally have to be brawls on the pitch before Wenger goes up against Sanchez. Sanchez has literally be living off of his performances in the first half of last season for too long. Some of his most recent performances have been bang average and not that of a world class player. He has been selfish at times and constantly gives the ball away but never gets called out about it. It’s like a case of the “King’s new clothes” syndrome but just because it is Sanchez, he gets a “pass” and forgiven. Lets not get it twisted, just because a player runs about a lot and throws a strop doesn’t mean they are adding value to the sum parts of the team.

        I think our next few games are season defining…for better or for worse.

        1. Agree with everything you say, Sanchez performances in the last 6 months have hardly been of a world class player, he has consistently missed chances and tried to do too much when a pass to a colleague would suffice, just because he runs around a lot supporters tend not to criticise him.

      2. If he gets benched those of us who said he should be sold are proven right. It would be a waste of money to bench a player you could have gotten 50 million for.

        The only way Sanchez loses is getting injured because it could end his career and chance at a big contract next year. I doubt he will risk injury. If Sanchez is benched that will suit him fine and confirm that Wenger is the loser. He is an automatic selection for Chili’s world cup team benched or not. Pep has managed Sanchez and knows what he can do so this season at Arsenal will not result in Sanchez not getting offered a better contract next year.

        There is no winning in keeping a player who does not want to play for you or be part of your future. It is not about having a contract. Players are human beings when their trust in their manager and team mates goes down their motivation goes down. An unmotivated player can not perform to the same level as a motivated player.

  2. Hopefully Sanchez will be professional and give 100% as hes one of our only few top class players but gotta say it sickens me how an Arsenal player could be distracted because a move to (Man City) fell through, yes they have all the money in the world and are ambitious but that club has absolutely no history, I remember not so long ago they were playing in division 2.. I’m not sure Sanchez would even know that , A certain Robinho once joined the club thinking he was somewhere else that’s how much history they have and now everyone wants to join them apparently because they grew up watching Man City nothing to do with the Arab wages im sure. Anyway its far from ideal and we are in a mess but I still would never wish my team get worse just to remove the morons running the club. So fingers crossed Sanchez gives his all if not throw him into the reserves play someone who actually plays for the badge.

    1. Something needs to be done to remove Kroenke – I would say for everyone to walk out on a minute related to the cause say the 82nd after that 8-2 disaster against Man Utd. It has been proven to work in other clubs.

      1. gmv8: Whilst I agree that Kroenke needs to get the message of the depth of fans’ frustrations, I am conflicted about how best to go about this. To my mind, I would prefer any action that is taken that does not distract of affect our players or give our opposition a boost.

        One suggestion that I have recently heard is for fans who want to protest, to wait after each match at the car park and PEACEFULLY chant “Wenger Out” as Monsieur Wenger leaves the stadium. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-bBcfWUYN0

        Whilst this suggestion may drive the message home, I can’t see thousands of fans waiting two hours after each game to make their voices heard.

        1. will not make much of a difference

          the new manager will still be a puppet and has to adhere on a strict budget

          same situation like this transfer window willl still occur

    2. So what if they don’t have a history? Maybe for some people history is trash and the current situation matters more.

  3. Doubt it…next few games will make it clear

  4. Sanchez has the god complex and thinks he’s too big for the club. It is bound to cause friction. There are deeper issues associated with his failed departure, namely will he be able to repair the rift between him and other team mates? Will the fans be sceptical and forgiving if he doesn’t have a good game? I don’t see it ending well.

    The are a mine field of possibilities that his continued participation at Arsenal throws up. On the one hand if Arsenal goes on a winning run and becomes a challenging team, this may affect Sanchez’s attitude and he could become a team player. Conversely if things during the season go belly up, we may well see a stroppy, non comital Sanchez who will avoid 50/50s for fear of injury etc become petulant and get sent off etc…thus becoming public Arsenal enemy number 1.

  5. Sanchez is WC however it’s obvious that he’s not popular in the dressing room. I think he should have been sold. A whole team of average is better all pulling the same way then 10 player pulling one way and the other pulling for his own reward. The first bad game he has fans will be on his back and that will make it even worse. I can see this being a tough season starting with Bournemouth.
    Until the hierarchy change at the club I can only see regression, and this saving funds for Jan/summer window is not even funny anymore

  6. has a God complex….! Really?
    manh stfu..nobody here can really tell what’s going up in the head of sanchez am not even sure sanchez knows what version of him will turn up. I admit this whole issh worries me, but I the rest of the team improve their game and show some guts am very sure that will rub on sanchez too and if it doesn’t work out then we bench him…but don’t out saying shiits about sanchez, who for most of his stay here has played with his heart on his sleeve…sure he kinda gave up on the team for an last season, so did I, so did most of here.

  7. I hope he does and he probably will if we are playing well and winning, its when we go a goal or 2 down, will we see the fighter in him or the dropping to the ground arms flung in the air tantrums he does when things aren’t going his way.There’s no doubting he’s WC player and even if he’s playing at his best for what is his last season with us, is it enough to lift the rest of the team to play at a better standard or alter these bizzare tactical changes Wenger likes to make, I highly doubt it.

  8. because he’s eager to be at another club it means there’s no point in attempting any meaningful friendship between sanchez and lacazette, or for that matter sanchez and kolasinac. one of the things alexis will appreciate is between him and lacazette its the latter who represents afc future.

    in the situation that now exists arsenal will continue creating goal scoring opportunities and three (frontmen) will each have their credibility as potent and in form strikers scrutinised in the months remaining up to january when alexis eventually leaves.

    provided lacazette continues goal scoring with a consistency that is equal or better than alexis’ he’ll enhance his reputation as a quality purchase and same time endear himself more and more to our fans. how can he not do well when the alternative striker demonstrates that he no longer has his heart in it to perform at peak level – its likely we’ll see (less outputs from alexis) optimum outputs coming from lacazette.

    * it’s now a matter of lets laud our new “King AL” while any importance attached to AS diminishes.

  9. Stick the trouble maker in the reserves and away from the main team! He will cause trouble.

  10. If he doesn’t perform well in Chile team, n he doesn’t perform well in Arsenal team, that’s a big problem for him. Arsenal needs to make committed players 1st class n make Sanchez n co 2nd class, after all the only game he played for us was our worst game so far. Without him we won community cup, if Sanchez plays poorly he may not get good club again n world cup call, so I believe he like to play well.

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