Will any of our loanees make it to the Arsenal first team? Part One….

Arsenal have more than a whole team of players that have been out on loan for at least half this season, but is there any of them that have shown enough promise to make it back into contention for a first team place under Unai Emery?

First off let’s start with the older senior players and assess their chances. First off is Takano Asano, who has been out on loan Stuttgart all year. The Japanese striker only scored once in 18 appearances and hasn’t played since before Christmas. He hasn’t yet earned a work permit, and even if he does get German citizenship he may still not be able to move to the UK if the Brexit negotiations don’t go well. I don’t think he has really proved himself anyway and he is already set to go back on loan next season at German minnows Hannover, who finished 13th behind Bayern Munich last season. “I’m very happy to come to Hannover and I’m going to go full throttle to repay the club’s confidence in me and make the 96 fans happy,” Takuma said.

Good luck with that, but honestly I don’t see him ever coming to Arsenal and we will just hope we can recoup the 2m GBP that we paid for him a few years ago….

Joel Campbell is another cheap buy that has never really settled at Arsenal and the Costa Rica star thought he should have been a regular starter under Wenger after just a couple of impressive games and was quickly despatched by Wenger. Although he has suffered from injuries this year he still only scored twice in 11 appearances on loan at Real Betis and he has probably found his level. He is hoping that the Spanish minnows will try and make his loan permanent but it is extremelu unlikely that he will ever return to the Emirates.-..

Lucas Perez is a difficult one to assess as many Arsenal fans thought he deserved more chances under Wenger but he is still our player after a year at Deportivo who ended up relegated from La Liga. There are rumours that Lazio may want him, but at 30 and on Arsenal-style wages we may have to bring him back anyway. Nine goals in 37 appearances last season is hardly inspiring…

Carl Jenkinson joined Birmingham along with Cohen Bramall but due to injuries Carl only played nine times. Wenger wanted to sell him last year but his wage demands scuppered any move. He may find a club in the lower Leagues this summer as his contract is finally done. We won’t see him again…

Bramall didn’t have much luck either and only played eight times. He is still only 22 and may yet improve but somehow I think this is another failed cheapo signing….


  1. Alldwayfromafika says:

    None…next please.

  2. Waal2waal says:

    perhaps it was something other than football – as reason why perez was ghosted into playing away from our first team. far as i seen it he’s a handful and a threat in the final third for sure. not sure any of the others outlined stand any chance of regular football at arsenal – the task they all have is to rebut the presumption that they’re no longer required. i for one wish them luck.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  3. Alldwayfromafika says:

    Not really…due to how bad we were, we all just fell for Perez who in my opinion should never have been bought..yeah he tried in a couple of games but was never good enough..and didn’t do better on loan.. 9 goals in 37 says that much…

    1. chris says:

      Wenger only ever bought him as cover. Hardly gave the man a chance. Toyed with his career. He always had something against Joel Campbell too. Nobody seems to know what. Could hardly wait to get him out on loan again. Spoiled his career too. Oh and Arshavin and several more.

      1. Midkemma says:

        Wenger didn’t buy him.
        Wenger wanted Laca and did we buy Laca at a later date after Perez had been thrown out on loan?
        Oh and Welbroke, that was another player that Wenger didn’t want, he only wanted him on loan and said as much in an interview.

        Signing quality was never our issue, Wenger did spot the gems, he just failed to develop them like he used to be able to… You can look back through Gazidis years and see several players who was signed but not who Wenger wanted.

        I can ALSO point to Elneny next, Wenger wanted Xhaka so Gazidis bought Elneny 6 months after Wenger spoke to Xhaka and AFC still buy Xhaka 6 months after signing Elneny.

        Waste of money came from our old manager and CEO being rivals.

        I am not saying Wenger should still be here, I am glad we got a new manager because I was sick of the manager and CEO competing with each other… It was more frustrating to see so called supporters jumping on the Wenger love or Wenger hate bandwagon and not look at the whole situation.

        1. Sheet Head says:

          Nah, Wenger made all the decisions. Arsenal only bought who Wenger wanted and approved. Wenger failed. Admit it

    2. CorporateMan says:

      Wenger said he bought Perez because of Welbeck’s injury at the time. So with a fit Welbeck, I doubt Perez has a place in the team, except Emery rates him over Welbeck

      1. TH14-TW14 says:

        “Arsenal made a late attempt to sign Fabinho before he joined Liverpool from Monaco, according to Sky sources.”

        I know what your likes would have been shouting all day long had Wenger still been in charge.

        So far see whom Arsenal have come closest to signing:
        1. Stephan Lichtsteiner (34 year old free transfer)
        2. Sokratis Papastathopoulos (29 years old and 16m)
        Then check Liverpool:
        1. Nabby Keita already nailed. (22 years old 48m)
        2. Fabinho nailed (24 years old 40m)
        3. Nabil Fikir seriously linked

        I have seen many praise the Lichtsteiner move and I know what same hags would have said if this was last season. Only one thing has changed their reaction: It’s not Wenger in charge.

        Arsenal are still much after very cheap options and Wenger obviously is not there to be blamed and abused. Soon all of you would have some sense.
        4. Allison seriously linked

  4. Chiza says:

    I’m making a case for kelechi nwakali not because I’m a Nigerian but because i know he can give a lot to our midfield..he is class..

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    none of the academy players fit the big name and big tag criteria that the fans always wanted

    hence none of them

  6. Phil says:

    With the possible exception of Perez I would get rid of ALL players we have out on loan.If they are not good enough why were they signed?I would much rather see if a youth player is able to make it through the system than have to put up with the likes of Jenkinson and Campbell again.This is hopefully where Sven and Raul can assist.They have knowledge of how to get deals done.Emery knows what is needed and will get the two working on specific targets.The new managing regime will clearly replace Wengers failed transfer policies over the last decade.How many players did he bring to the club that were either not given the opportunity(in other words not good enough)or found to be not up to the standard required(in other words not good enough).Sanogo is a very clear example of this.In the end we couldn’t even get anyone to take him on loan after embarrassing himself at Ajax and being sent back early and then failing at Charlton.This says it all.If the player was deemed not good enough for Charlton Athletic what on gods earth were we doing buying him in the first place.

    1. Sue says:

      Don’t forget Palace Phil ? couldn’t score for them either ? he was awful, just plain awful! Wasn’t called Sanogoal for nothing ?? didn’t we get him on a free (amazingly ?)
      As for the others mentioned…just sell them. I think there was potential in Perez, under the right manager.. but we don’t need him anymore. He should never have left Deportivo!

      1. jon fox says:

        Anyone with normal eyesight, which I and virtually all fans have , could see after only a very few minutes in our shirt that Sanogo had no balance, no speed, no talent whatever at our level, no true mobility at even a low level and was several divisions below the standard we need. He had power and strength only. On that basis we might as well sign Anthony Joshua , the boxer, to be a striker. Wenger though had his usual lame excuse: “Oh, I did not see it” He, alone, could not see it!

    2. Midkemma says:

      Wengers failed transfer policies…
      Is that why Wenger only wanted Welbroke on loan and said as much himself on an intervew?
      Is that why Wenger wanted Laca and AFC refused to make the funds available to him?
      AFC not spending has been confirmed by Ken Friar that Wenger was told how much he had to spend, if it was £5 million or £50 million, Wenger didn’t complain and he was praised for that quality by Friar.

      Wengers transfer policy????

      Wenger had his faults but picking talent was not one of them, the real fault was Gazidis who has failed us every year he has been CEO, even now when we need investment to compete at the top… Rumors are that Gazidis is keeping the wallet closed as tight as he can.

      Even SoNoGoals had talent which he was demonstrating before we signed him, after he got his big move then his attitude became lazy from reports, now he is working hard again and oooh, he is in the French top division again. Not surprising as he shown bags of talent to help France win their first U20 tourny and he was the top goalscorer for them…

      34 games and 7 goals for Perez.
      28 games and 7 goals for Sanogo.

      So you would keep Perez who can’t score as much as SoNoGoals?

  7. gotanidea says:

    Perez could be useful with his left foot and his versatility in playing as CF/AM/RW/LW

    1. Sue says:

      I did like his goal against Bournemouth ?

  8. McLovin says:

    Our squad is 24 strong (25 maximum) at the moment.

    Santi – leaving
    Per – retiring
    Ospina – very likely leaving
    Kosc – injured until December, won’t be registered for the fall season
    Wilshere – might leave
    Mavropanos – U21

    That leaves us with a squad of 18 senior players, if we count Macey 3rd choice GK in and we only sell Ospina.

    So we need 7 new faces.

    GK – Leno/Rico, good goalkeepers, just name dropped them because they are linked with us
    RB – Lichtsteiner (FREE), back up RB, good business IMO
    CB – Caglar Soyncu, young promising defender with experience
    CDM – this is a MUST. Fabinho would suit us IMO.
    CDM – Santi and Wilshere leaving, we need here players. Meyer is still free, nothing concrete with Hoffeinheim. Also Lucas TORREIRA is literally a carbon copy of Santi, with tackling and intercepting skills.
    Winger/CAM – we have ZERO natural wingers atm. Mkhitaryan started as a CAM, Welbeck as ST and Iwobi, well he’s just Iwobi. Hirving Lozano, Mahrez, Fekir, Forsberg, Mertens, Pavon.. there are very interesting names on the move.

    So as stated, our squad is very thin with 18 players, and that’s only if we don’t sell the likes of Xhaka, Welbeck, Ramsey etc!

    Players like Nketiah, Nelson, Mavropanos can still feature but as they are under 21 years old, they don’t need to be registered for the 25-man squad.

  9. ruelando says:

    I would love if Perez and even Campbell are given a chance to be assessed by the coach for couple weeks then make a final decision if they would be needed for the upcoming season. They are not big named stars but once players can play their role and work hard, why not.

    I will say again we need a more mobile defensive midfielder in order to have a more effective midfield and less of a strain on our defense. well only time will tell

  10. jon fox says:

    Statistically , very few loanees ever make it when returning to a TOP CLUB. Please note that I say very few, not NONE. Not one of our current loaned players are pulling up any trees, so I answer the articles question by saying, “none”

  11. Grandad says:

    Agree with John Fox.

    1. Andrew E says:

      And me. The only two that come to mind are Ashley Cole and Jack Wilshere but they were essentially loaned out at a young age to gain experience. Cole to Palace and Jack to Bolton and then to Bournemouth.

  12. GunnerLoy says:

    you have left out Jeff Adelaide and Kelechi Nwakali from the list of loanees. Both have a serious chance of playing in this seaon’s preseason matches than Lucas Perez and Joel Campbell.

    1. Admin says:

      Hi this is Part One….

      1. iffybright says:

        You guys need to watch Nigeria Team B Vs Atletico Madrid…..
        Kelechi Nwakali is a massive talent….
        His close control, touches and movement is great…
        The midfield of Atletico Madrid could not handle him

    2. Midkemma says:

      Jeff has suffered from injuries and injured again.
      Clearly has talent but I think his move to AFC when he did was bad, he has not pushed on like people had hoped he would, reminding me a bit of Diaby… Talent but… Fingers crossed though 🙂

    3. georgie b says:

      Losing Serge Gnabry inmho was a mistake.

  13. Midkemma says:

    I would look to sell any loanee over 23, loans are good for development but at some point players should be past the prospect stage and start realising it.

    We have plenty of youth coming through and TBH I would like AFC to spend more time on their loan deals to ensure they get the best development they can, not thrown out to some team at about the right level…

    Joel Campbell:
    This lad shown bags of potential but from regular reports, he appears to have an attitude issue which puts managers off him, could be why Wenger wanted him away from our squad.

    Never wanted, never good enough, SoNoGoals is out performing him this season and he was nothing more than a one season wonder.

    Looks to have been a PR signing, a way to rake in more of the market over there… Appears to have backfired. Luckily it only cost a small fee (relative to modern fees), we should look to get this guy off our books.

    Never recaptured the form he had when he covered Sagna and had a good run in our team, article sums him up nicely, contract ran out so no longer our problem.

    Was a gamble which I do not think will work out, at least he was cheap… Another player that appears to be lacking and we should not waste time on him, sell him and use the time we spend on his loan deals etc to get better loan moves for our prospects.

    Looking forward to next article as we do have some promising talent out on loan, some are worth getting excited about 🙂

  14. John Rambo says:

    I like reiss nelson. Monster in the making.

  15. georgie b says:

    What ever happened to our keeper from Argentina Emiliano Martinez? I know he is the number 1 for his present club but I felt he had so much talent.
    I guess theres lots of talent but few places.

  16. Adajim says:

    Lucas Perez created more chances (about 90) than mezut oezil (86) last season. It’s wise we keep him, he will be helpful as winger /backup

  17. Alldwayfromafika says:

    Funny deportitvo fans don’t even mind if he leaves….please let’s all move on from him

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