Will Arsenal be able to keep both Tavares and Tierney happy? (Opinion)

Arsenal have two impressive options at left-back currently, but is it just a matter of time before one demands a more prominent first-team role?

I read in the Express today that we are considering a move to sign Borna Sosa from VFB Stuttgart, a move that makes no sense considering we currently have two impressive options in the role, but maybe my thinking was wrong on that front.

Tavares was thoroughly impressive when deputising for Tierney after his injury earlier in the campaign, and has shown that he can be the more positive/attacking option at left-back, but he also showed that he can take too many costly risks which became apparent.

His run in the first-team was extended beyond the Scot’s injury however, as his attacking prowess was enjoyed down the left flank, but he hasn’t started a league fixture since December 2. It would be completely understandable if he felt like he had outgrown being a substitute, and his extended run in the side has him yearning for more regular action.

This leaves our club with a major decision to make, especially with El Espanyol (via TeamTalk) reporting that Real Madrid are considering Tierney as a potential target this summer.

Personally there isn’t a left-back in the world that I would trade Tierney for, and the fact that the Scot is still relatively young with more to give, and the leadership that he brings to the team, there is only one winner for me in the long-term. If Tavares wants more football, he can be replaced for a profit, and I wouldn’t be shocked if the reality was that the Portuguese was to leave in the summer.

Do you think Tavares could become a better player than KT in the coming years? Would Nuno be difficult to replace?


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  1. Well, if one or another is unhappy and there are indications that it will hamper their performances or willingness to sign extensions, they should be sold if a suitable offer arrives.

    We can’t be in love for every single player when they actually perform for us. If we wan’t to make smart sales, we need to sell well/decent performing players. Can’t just stuck someone on the bench for months and then end up releasing them. We did that mistake with AMN.

    There are ALWAYS other options to bring in and no one is replaceable.

    If ie. Saka doesn’t want to extend next summer -> SELL while he still has value. Tierney/Tavares unhappy and great offer comes in -> SELL.

    There is a young, Spanish left-back playing for Anderlecht, Sergio Gomez, who’s already racked 5 goals and 10 assists from the fullback position this season alone! Looks like a very promising player, and as an example, could easily replace someone like Tavares (IF conditions for his sale would be met).

  2. Competition for spots is great IF the manager learns to rotate. Reward someone for a great week of training. Switch things up before there is an obvious beee (injury or suspension). One prime example is sambi. He started the season looking very impressive. He sat for months, got rusty, lost confidence and looks a liability now. No Europe makes this harder but we should be able to accommodate more players in the league. The same 11 every game doesn’t feel like the right recipe.

  3. Rotation would be the answer to lack of games but Arteta clearly doesn’t use it effectively. I would be open to the idea Tierney leaving instead if we can get around £50m. I think Nuno has a higher ceiling and we can reinvest that money to strengthen other areas.

  4. Rotation is a key, and also Tavares can play at the RB position as well.

    Let him compete with Tierney and be the first choice backup for either LB or RB position. Then we only need a 4th choice LB, maybe someone on loan or in the academy can fill that role.

    It will save funds to put towards needed starting positions, and Arteta doesn’t seem to like rotating players that much based on his selections anyway.

    1. Durrand
      Rotation should not come on to it
      We have only the league and we got to play our strongest side every game
      KT in my estimation is far the better player
      Has has a better understanding with the current back line plus with every game he gets better
      Onwards and upwards

      1. I agree with you about the league games this season, and that Tierney should be the starter.

        However if a game is in hand, I think it would be a good decision to bring on a backup like Tavares for the last 15 or 20 minutes.

        It helps players keep some sharpness and ready to step in if there is an injury. Sambi is a great example of this. He played when Xhaka was out, and had decent performances.

        Since Xhaka started matches, there has been a noticable drop-off in Sambi’s performances; how much is due to lack of game time can be debated.

        Tomi is coming off an injury, so why not let him get a 45-60 minutes to gain some sharpness, then take him off so he’s ready for the Wolves. Tavares could use the minutes, and Brentford isn’t the opponent that the Wolves are, in terms of quality.

  5. How do City, Chelsea and Liverpool have multiple players in each position? They rotate them and everyone is happy to be there. Why can’t Aretea alternate between Tavares and Tierney?
    Even if we don’t have European football, it’s not a reason not to rotate them.
    Why can’t Tavares play on Saturday for example?
    The top 3 keep going because they have solid alternatives in each position

    1. But we’re not City, Pool or Chelski

      We dont have any European football, out of all cups and NEED to be back in Europe next season.

      I’m sorry but Nuno is not a scratch on KT
      We need to win pretty much all our games for the rest of the season, barring slip ups from teams around us, so that means playing the strongest team possible in every game.

      Nuno, is very very raw and needs to learn when to go and when not to, he has talent but his first touch is like a baby elephant and he ”jogs” back when out of position.

      Hopefully with more football next season with some kind of European football, these players can get rotated and mature

  6. Tavares has been wildly over hyped purely on the basis of a very few initially promising perfs earlier in the season.
    KT IS BY FAR THR BETTER PLAYER and I would be content – not keen, merely content – that if we could find a better player than TAVARES , that we import him and let TAVARES MOVE ON.

    1. Jon Fox is spot on !!

      Fully agree Tavares hype train if we could get 30mil , sell reinvest ..

      Don’t see him anywhere near KT

      1. I agree with Jon too KT is miles better than Tavares who I think is over hyped and kinda reminds me of Andre Santos.

    2. I actually disagree. From what I’ve seen, tavares has a broader skillset and can be an excellent player, whether at left back or elsewhere on the pitch. It was going well for him up until a game against Liverpool (I think) which proved to be too much for him. It’s not unusual for younger players.
      Tierney has been exposed many times – he’s a simple and usually effective player, but has his limits as well. I like him and think he’s got a great attitude, but his abilities have been overrated imo.

  7. Tavares is a beast and has a tremendous work ethic and strength. Tierney is more finished than Tavares but with trust and help Tavares is potential world class. I hope Arteta knows what he is doing and doesn’t give up on him, he is class on grass but needs to play.

  8. Maybe using Tava as left CDM along with Partey won’t be a bad idea with teirney being in the attack mood Tava can cover his position?

    MA should be creative at this point. I’m only scared from lacking a real “Finisher” in the box!

  9. KT is no doubt the best LB we have. Tavares made too many simple mistakes to be playing at this level and I am personally not impressed at all with his performance so far.

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