Will Arsenal be able to spend this summer?

Former Liverpool and Tottenham director of Football Damien Comolli has claimed that only three Premier League clubs will be able to spend this summer, but could Arsenal be one of them?

It’s a very strange time in world history, and that is having a knock-on effect in everything humanly possible, and even Premier League clubs which are all huge businesses are suffering because of it.

The financial implications on clubs who have had all of their regular incomes stopped, whilst still having to pay wages and costs since lockdown was put in place, means that a number of clubs will struggle to raise the funds needed to spend an excessive amount in the coming window.

Some clubs are in talks with players to arrange for wage cuts or wage deferrals, but with no idea of just how long lockdown will last, these are simply precautionary measures for what could end up much worse than they currently are.

Damian Comolli has claimed that he has been informed that only three PL clubs will be able to spend this summer.

‘An agent was saying the other day only three clubs in the Premier League will be able to spend money. If that’s the case I think the transfer window will be very different,’ Comolli claimed.

‘We might see swaps, we might see loans and we are going to a see a massive decrease in transfer fees and activity – at least transfers involving money.

‘The more this crisis goes on and the clubs are in a difficult situation financially, the first thing that will be impacted will be player remuneration and the second thing will be transfer fees.”

He doesn’t name which clubs that will be able to spend, but you wouldn’t put ours amongst those in the strongest financial position. Interestingly you could assume that Chelsea and Manchester United would be two of those with funds to spend, with one of Manchester City or Liverpool included depending on which way you look at it.

Stan Kroenke is claimed to be willing to bail out the club in order to stop them from suffering during the pandemic, but how much he is willing to pour into the club when it comes to transfers remains to be seen.

Do we expect Arsenal to have funds available this summer before selling players? Is it even too early to say with no idea if/when the campaign will get finished?



  1. jon fox says:

    Well , Patrick, don’t you think this likely happening makes all your constant “who is coming in next rumours” look totally ridiculous and pointless? Cos I do and many others have commented to that effect too.
    For once, I have had the pleasure of reading an article from YOU that is not fantasy and is discussing realities. More of the same please and leave the fantasy articles to such as JK ROWLING, who is a professional!

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Wow, Patrick finally gets a compliment from Lord Jon!

      1. jon fox says:

        Wonder of wonders, eh Pat!

  2. Robert Acedius says:

    This is fiction and fantasy, Jon. I have followed NewsNow for almost three month, and there have never been a single “article” with substans. And you know this. Why are you punish yourself this way? You’re right, JK Rowling is a pro, but a lousy one. She’s writing for kids, or mentally deranged. Go to the book shop and buy a good book. There is one written by a brilliant bulgarian (!) Ivan Krastev, “After Europe”. Read it!

    1. jon fox says:

      Robert, I have no idea what “substans” are . Can you tell me? I can then undertand your post but right now it is nonsense. As for the fantasy writing , I don’t tread fantasy AT ALL and have no interest in it, so you are bound to know far more about THAT subject than I do, which worries me not a jot. HAD I REMOTELY THOUGHT YOU KNOW MORE ABOUT REALITY AND “SUBSTANCE” THAN I DO, THAT WOULD WORRY ME. But as you don’t, I don’t worry!

  3. Robert Acedius says:

    Correction: three months. My english is horrible.

  4. Robert Acedius says:

    Correction 2: Substance. Commentary: It was you who named that Rowland person, not I. That means that you at least know her (?) by name. And you obviously read the articles on NewsNow. Read something better!

  5. SueP says:

    What a peculiar response to the question of whether more than three clubs will be able to spend this transfer window.

    The Rowland person is in fact JK Rowling and she writes fantasy fiction as you well know. I also know a lot of adults who enjoy her books too.

    Krastev is too high brow for me so I will comment on whether or not Arsenal and others have any money in the pot to spend

    As the writer pointed out, transfers and high salaries will only be afforded by the the richest clubs. I am not holding out much hope that Arsenal will be able to get rid of the players that are surplus so unsurprisingly I think many of the high salaried players we have on the books will decide to stay put and guarantee their good fortune, even with a 12% cut. Can’t see too many other clubs splashing the cash. Clubs are supposed to be interested in Auba, but will they pay pre Covid prices or think that they can get a deal? Will Auba think that it is better to stay put?

    Kroenke has appeared to be willing to put money into the club, but that may well be more to prop it up rather than to be rash in the transfer market.

    I readily admit, that I haven’t got a barking clue about what will happen as I don’t have a crystal ball.

    1. jon fox says:

      Shame about your unfortunate lack of a crystal ball SueP! It means then that you are among the millions of us who also don’t know exactly what will happen, which includes all those cunning but fake people who do have crystal balls and make money from fortune telking. They however don’t care about truth, only about making money. Apparently, FIFA and UEFA are all fortune tellers, with the self same “principles”.
      A puzzle then that not one of them seems to know the obvious truth that this season has already completed. Now I am not a fortune teller either and I don’t have a crystal ball but I have a brain and I use it. It is a great advantage too!

      But a brain is really useful for seeing the blindingly obvious impossibility of this season completing this summer or autumn. In the end and after many more wasted talks and pointless meetings online, they will be forced to accept the obvious that no more games will be played this season.
      Like you , I too see no sensible way that w canoffload our deadwood except for free transfers and loans. Mostincomings andoutgoing deals everywhere will be on frees ,loans or for VERY little transfer fees. I am sure that a year from now wages paid to players will be at least 30% less than now on average across the Prem, with smaller squads in general and some clubs even at Prem level being unable to pay even those wages. The business of the game is about to change massively and no crystal ball needed. When and exactly how is impossible to foretell but the direction is quite clear and certain.

  6. Robert Acedius says:

    Hi, Sue. Krastev isn’t high brow. He have written a very interestíng little book about why (and what he think will happen with our continent when) the European Union goes to pieces. The Union you brits successfully (?) now are leaving (I guess you are british, Sue). But, of course, he is speculating even he, like the many writers on NewsNow. On a little higher level, though, in a little more serious matter. The book came 2017 – and Krastev didn’t know about covid-19. He’s an educated man, a philosopher, but just a deadly human being – and when it comes to life and death we’re all very small. You can say that the book lost some of it’s actuality with the new plague. Or at least, the studied subject is now more complicated. It’s a great little book anyway (150 pages). Over to what you say about the transfer market: I’m sure you are right. If Auba dream about more money somewhere else, he waited to long. He should have left sometimes 2019. Now the big Monopoly game is over. Now he’s just a +30 guy no one will spend money on. All talk about transfer sums around £100m for this summer is rubbish. And I think the players will have to accept more pay cuts (maybe down to 50% of the contracts). Or like in Roma, not get payed at all. I mean, how should the clubs afford new signings if not? Old contract-players sitting there with much better payment than the newcomers. It wouldn’t work. And new players is the fresh blood in every club, even Liverpool.

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