Will Arsenal be forced to sell Alexis in £20M January sale?

Manchester City are claimed to be eyeing a £20 Million deal with Arsenal for Alexis Sanchez come the January transfer window.

The Citizens looked set to land the Chilean forward on deadline day last week, having agreed a £60 Million deal with the Gunners, only for the North-London side to fail to to bring in his replacement, and backtrack on their agreement.

There is talk of a complaint coming in from the Sky Blues due to the nature of Arsenal’s dealings on the subject, but they may wish to reconsider that should they hope for positive dealings come this winter.

City are said to be willing to offer up to £20 Million only come the new year, whilst remaining confident that they will land Alexis for free come the end of the season should they refuse to accept.

Sanchez may well force the club’s hand however, with his attitude and influence in the dressing room a probable distraction for the rest of the squad, and Wenger has already hinted that he can foresee problems from October of players thinking forwards to the window.

Arsenal will have lost £40 Million in only four months time should they choose to accept their offer, while they have seemed willing to lose the entire £60 Million in order to keep him until they could replace him regardless.

Wenger has already intimated that he would be returning with a new offer for Thomas Lemar, although didn’t state whether that would be coming in January, but recent years have shown us that the French boss is reluctant to make major moves in the middle of the season.

Will Alexis force us to consider his sale in a cut-price deal come the winter? Would Wenger consider a big-price signing in the winter to cover his departure?

Pat J


  1. john says:

    i have a feeling that alexis Sanchez will be sold in january or loaned to Man City then they get him on a free next season, we should try to get Lemar or Mahrez in january

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yup, that could be the scenario. I think Lemar is more suitable for Arsenal.

      Arsenal should not get another player that does not fit into their system, like Ozil and Xhaka. Arsenal need hardworking skillful players that cannot get easily robbed in the field and able to dictate the tempo, since their current system sucks.

    2. tas says:

      sorry but why would we loan him to City that’s crazy makes no seance?
      its not like his on a huge salary and we cannot afford for him to train with the uth team if he wants to leave , let him sit at home instead of helping our direct rivals to get ahead of us CRAZY

      1. Nothing changed says:

        Hahaha. Agree a loan doesn’t make sense. Having said that, I don’t think City need any help to get ahead of us.

    3. BuddReloaded says:

      There’s a big chance Chile won’t make it for the World Cup. This is a game changer.

      1. tas says:

        according to past Chilean national team manager is because Sanchez is too fat 🙂

  2. Arsenogenic says:

    What is it with jumping at every opportunity at bashing this club?

    Sanchez goes for 20m or for free, what does that matter? Isn’t there anything good and heartwarming going on at the club?

    Am I the only one tired of the Arsenal being made to look eternally like everything about the club is rubbish?

    1. tas says:

      Arsenalgenic your right in what you say but its too many years that the management are making the same mistakes over and over again

      1. tas says:

        Well i think i know who thumbed me down one is AW and the other is Kroenke and i’m just waiting for the third one any you know who that will be 🙂

    2. fredupGooner says:

      Hey don’t despair…we got a beautiful stadium man!

    3. Mr pat says:

      Some people delude themselves why would lamar want to come to arsenal he already want a Liverpool move and you lot have no self respect, I wouldn’t want him at arsenal besides he was in the French squad who just drew with Luxembourg and Chile has been beaten twice with alexis in the squad, let’s start criticising the players more than wenger at the moment because at the end of the day they need to respect the shirt and the unwarranted stupid money the get every week

  3. tas says:

    its a good amount for a player with just four months left on his contract don’t you think? and lets hope he can help us to be in the top four position and the rest is up to us to F**K UP in the transfer window and playing players out of position

  4. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    Doesn’t that like defeat the whole purpose of not selling him earlier in the market when the thought was to keep him for the season and see if he could get us back to the champions league…and what’s 20m to a 40m lose that will occur If we sell him in January. we might as well just put an end to this sanchez saga, accept our lose and let him stay till the end of the season while hoping for the best…morning people

  5. Alphie_Izzett says:

    It’s all very odd. Wenger made it clear that Sanchez was staying and that was Arsenal’s prerogative, there is a contract.

    Why didn’t the club Senior Executive say at an early stage, “Arsenal Football Club will not entertain any offers for Alexis Sanchez who will remain an Arsenal player at least until the expiry of his current contract.”

    The failure to do so sent the clear message that whilst Arsene wants to keep the player the executives and owners intended to extract the highest amount of cash possible from a potential buyer if the player did not sign a contract extension, which seemed the most likely situation.

    Contracts end, and players leave for no return for their clubs; that is reality. Why would any sensibly run club walk away from £60m and get nothing, whilst keeping a dissaffected player? £60m buys a younger player with great ability, two maybe even in this inflated era.

    The Transfer Deadline fiasco made a laughing stock of Arsenal, one of the countries most respected club, both for the style of football played and for the sound way in which it has been managed on and off the field for many years. That is now firmly consigned to history and the lack of achievement and ambition of the last few years no longer looks like a blip, it looks like the first stage of a Liverpool style wilderness era.

    1. big g says:

      because they wanted to start a bidding war for him.

      1. Terry Garratt says:

        Sorry to wake you up but we have been in a “wilderness era” fir the past 7-10 years. Only way to get change is to boycott everything to do with Arsenal. Boycott every channel by which we give the money. I know that is hard to take butvtgese people have left us with no alternative.

  6. Frank says:

    Hahahaha this is all ridiculous. The guy wants to go. Why is Arsenal keeping Sanchez and Özil if they want to go elsewhere?
    Wenger didn’t win the PL with them here, if anything he has taken the team backwards so it was the perfect time to clean out the squad and start again.

  7. Coldzero says:

    Good riddance! Sick of the whining cry baby and sick of hearing about him.

    Stick him in the reserves and away for the first team- he is not fit to wear the shirt.

    1. tas says:

      just think the salary that was offered to him by arsenal which he turned down can employ over 3’600 people in Chile,

      just pointing out that football is gone crazy and some players go on strike ( i’m not saying Sanchez is ) where dose it end? and why can a country buy a player then to loan them on the cheap to their football clubs so not to be punished under the rule of FFP

      1. tas says:

        and what is that spineless UEFA doing about it apart from fining a measly amount which is pocket money to the owners

  8. big g says:

    Come on admin, where did you get that info from. I can’t believe Arsenal would keep Sanchez for the season and then let him go on loan or sell him in January. There would be no point in him staying at the club at all and we’d lose more money.

  9. Nothing changed says:

    Don’t expect any action in January. Didn’t Wenger just come out saying he would prefer to do away with the January window?

  10. satanK says:

    Meh. Whatever happens, a player of the same class won’t come, that’s more than sure.

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