Will Arsenal board really give Wenger transfer ultimatum?

I guess that most of you out there in football-land have heard the Arsenal transfer rumour going around about the Arsenal board issuing our manager Arsene Wenger with a spend or go ultimatum for the summer transfer window. Basically, it goes, they are fed up with the prof just like the fans and will no longerr accept him sitting on a massive cash pile while there are players like Ibrahimovic, Higuain, Poga and Kroos out there that would definitely improve our chances of winning the title.

Do you really believe this report in The Sun? I can just see the conversation between Stan Kroenke, the man who recently said something along the lines of someone who is desperate for trophy success not being the right person to run a football club, and the bean counter and PR man that is Ivan Gazidis.

S.K.- Ivan you old slaphead, how’s it going?

I.G.- Wow you can speak then?

S.K.- Anyway I am getting sick of making all this money by charging the Arsenal fans through the nose and putting all the cash in the bank while using that wrinkly old Frenchman as a buffer for their occasional explosions of anger.

I.G.- Really? You feeling okay boss?

S.K.- I want to give the Gooners something back and I reckon that we should tell Wenger he has got to spend all the cash reserves on some top quality stars no matter what they cost.

I.G.- NURSE! Get in here quick, something is very badly wrong with him.

Nurse – Calm down mate he is on some serious medication and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I.G.- Has he spoken to anyone else?

Nurse – Just some reporter from The Sun.

I.G. Oops! Oh well we will just let that lie and then when we only spend a grand on some 13-year old Ecuadorian ‘sensation’ we can blame Arsene again and the season tickets will all be sold by then. Pass me one of those pills would you.

This scenario is about as realistic as that report in the paper don’t you think?

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  1. I see names like kroos, umar sadiq, wenger, kroenke etc

    and i can’t help but wonder……is this what Arsenal really needs to move forward?

    1. Doesn’t matter what names, we get. Messi, Neymar or whoever. If our manager can’t organize the team on the pitch, teams with “lesser” names will beat us anyway.

      1. Finally, somebody who talks sense. Like i said before, bring all the WC players you want, if the manager can’t question himself about his tactics, motivate his players and bring thr best out of them, then it’s a waste of time. We won’t win

  2. Hope Wenger is not manger come this summers transfer window, We need a new manger with new ideas, Wenger won’t do anything any good so time for change

    1. GOONERGETYA i think all the good managers are spoken for if AW can get therapy on spending and we buy two or three best best best w/c players one being a striker and the other c/d i think we can do it,

      my ideal manager for the way arsenal play would of been Pep Guardiola just because we are very similar in the way he likes to play

  3. I think Wenger will be under more pressure than ever to spend. Pundits, players, fans, board, shareholders, everyone will tell him to spend. And then Arsene will tell them all to go fk right off, gotta love the man. No seriously though, I think he will spend a very large amount, and he will feel some pressure but that is not why he will do it. He knows he has to spend, the two things fans love most are titles and new signings, so he has to bring them in now that people are either losing or have lost faith.

    Also something curious occurred to me, on the board. The board are taking a massive amount of blame, usually when this happens they do try to buy there way out of it. I’m wondering though, have we not spent because Wenger was trying to please the board or is it because the board didn’t put enough pressure on him to sign next target in line. If it is Wenger trying to please the board, that could backfire. The board could believe that Wenger has been too cute in pleasing them because now everyone blames them. Probably both are as guilty as the other. They will definitely spend, and spend large.

    1. And the more he’s pressured the more he will keep his pockets sealed. C’mon people, when will you ever learn? You don’t tell a stubborn person what to do. He will do exactly what he wants. And most of the times is exactly the opposite.

        1. Depends. I may or I may not. There is stubborness and stuborness. Some is positive, some it is not so positive. I can admire a stubborn person but I can also walk away from a stubborn person.

  4. SK. Whats the news Ivan.
    IG Out of the Capital One.
    SK. Who cares, what else.
    IG Out of the FA Cup
    SK Boring. Tell me some thing important.
    IG We made the ECL last 16 but lost.
    SK Well done brilliant.
    IG We are secure for top 4 already.
    SK. Hot dog! yaba dabba doo! Geronimooo!.
    Give Arsene a pay rise and a 5 year contract extension.
    IG Some fans want you to spend big this summer.
    SK. What for? All targets have been achieved.
    We don’t wanna win no trophies because fans
    then want big name expensive players.
    As long as we make the wild card round that’s enough.
    Get rid of Artdeco, Roadz-iky, Frankmini, Debaucherry and
    what’s his name Jake Witchita oh yeah and Saynogouhl
    Replace them with 5 wide receivers from the academy
    and pay then 3k per week saving me 17 mill per season 🙂

  5. The season is drawing to a close, time for fans to start saving every penny they can in readiness for splashing out on season tickets, merchandise etc….and time for the board to use the usual sound bites of money in the bank to splash on players, the club able to afford ANY player except Messi and Ronaldo, the board will totally support the manager in buying who he wants…..its like a game ain’t?..the club makes all the right noises towards the end of season, the gullible fans lap it all up, spend their hard earned monies purchasing season tickets and merchandise, transfer window opens and Wenger gets one 18 year old starlet, waits until the last day of the transfer window and then get a decent player to shut the fans up, and all the talk of we have a strong team will start all over again, until we come cropper

    1. Fans looking for a season ticket at Emirates don’t actually give a $hit on who is Arsenal going to sign. They just want a season ticket there and the queue is so long that it would take you 20 years to come in line to actually buy a normal price season ticket. Yes, don’t buy the merchandise, that you can do but in all honesty most of it is actually sold abroad and these guys don’t crave for a season ticket as people living in London do. Not to mention events abroad where Arsenal is invited making even more cash.
      And let’s be honest about season tickets because everyone knows how that works today. Thousands of them are resold on a game basis ranging from 100 (for a game against WBA) and 400 pounds for a game against United for example. This is how people like me came to Emirates, paying the season ticket holders way above normal price. Supporters yell about the fact that Arsenal is a business enterprise (which is true to some extent) when they actually milk the same cow and suck the life out of fans wanting to see Arsenal in flesh at the Emirates. Talk about hipocrisy.

  6. I don’t know about this news. But ont thing I know is that Changes are needed at Arsenal. As long as these changes are not made, get ready for more heart breaks.

  7. Stan gives money. Good one. Had just produced a smile.
    But there’s something else here. Let’s suppose for the sake of argument that Stan got mocked on the golf course by some other billionaire telling him Arsenal is not going to win any trophy. So stan decides he had enough. Given Wenger’s reputation of being really stingy when is about spending why would they give this money to Wenger and not 1) hire a new manager or 2) go above Wenger a la Abramovic and buy the players they want ?
    I am not even into the argument that money can win you title these days (we know that it is not true) let’s suppose they do. Why would you give this stash to Wenger when you know that he will not spend it? It’s really stupid if they will even think of that.
    Remember Vieira in the documentary he made with Keane? He said that Wenger’s greatest strenght is his loyalty. SO if any of you expect Wenger to part ways with ANY of his babies you are more deluded than what you make of him.
    Nothing really important will change while Stan and board will stay. And for the ones touting Usmanov think twice : first of all this guy was jailed for fraud back in 1980 when the law was law and Uzbeks were “quick” to reverse the justice act in 2000 by the mafia state today. Friend with Abramovic and we know how they made their money. Not like I care though because they stole from Russian people. Jailed! He is forbidden to ever put foot in USofA (although he got a dispensation from IOC to participate an hour meeting in NYC). And let’s be honest, today Arsenal is too expensive for someone to come and put down few billions on the table in cash just to buy Kroenke share. If he has that much cash why don’t he do a hostile takeover? Because there is no direct cash. Or you think Stan will sell asking Usmanov’s shares in Gazprom? No one is that stupid.

  8. Has anyone noticed that since the current outcry against Wenger to quit started the rumour of Arsenal spend big in the summer has resurfaced in the media? Is this coincidental? I bet it’s not. The board has sent their PR guys on a media campaign to dowrse the rising agitatation amongst the fans by giving them false hope of great signings in the summer to ensure season tickets and merchandise are sold. Don’t be fooled Gunners it’s the same old trick all over again!

    1. Same stories were here last year, two years ago, three and so on. Media is full of horse$hit as usual (see the story they made about Ozil) and whoever listen to them deserves plenty the same $hit they consume everyday.

    1. I would take that if given the choice right now. With AW’s record who knows who we’ll sign if anybody.

  9. Many years back when I was young and innocent (nay stupid) I entered the world of industrial management. Looking back I was given impossible tasks. When I asked if I would have `freedom`, to carry out the tasks I always got the same reply, ” you`re free to do what you like, providing it costs nothing”. I sometimes wonder if Kroenke has given the same advice to Wenger.

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