Has Wenger learned from his Alexis errors

The last time that Arsenal were back in action after an international break was November and you can look back at that point of the season and see that some of the decisions that Arsene Wenger made back then turned out to cause big problems in the months to come.

The main one was the decision to keep playing our star striker Alexis Sanchez, despite saying himself that there was a slight risk of the overworked forward suffering from fatigue and being in the red zone. The Chilean international had played in the World Cup before his debut season in the Premier League and had another tough summer when he helped Chile to win the Copa America.

Alexis had also just returned late from two international games in South America but Wenger decided to start him at West Brom and then again in the midweek Champions League. He also started the next EPL game away to Norwich but he did not finish it and even when he returned after a couple of months he was not the same player.

Now we are just starting to see the old Alexis back and we really need that for the next eight games, but can we afford to risk him from the start again this weekend. Would it not be better to give him a little rest and use him as an impact sub if we are in trouble?

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  1. The question we should be asking is why wenger insists on using the 4231 formation
    when it is pretty clear that the lineup needs hardworkers and a full team.
    Why does he not try 343 like guardiola that would suit most of our players
    gabriel kos gibbs
    bellerin elneny coq monreal
    ozil sanchez

    bellerin kos gabriel
    chambers cazorla coquelin monreal
    welbeck sanchez
    this lineup has more crosses and passes to it.

    bellerin kos gabriel monreal
    cazorla coquelin elneny
    ozil sanchez.

    Or something like that

    1. A change of tactics for Wenger would mean evolving and we all know he’s not capable of that,Wenger is an old dog who refuses to try out new tricks!

      1. The problem is our best player is ozil who is an cam to change formation would be to move him out of position. Personally I would love a 4-3-3 holding wich has the wide players high up the pitch but the central players are more playing half way as cm and the dm behind the D. This will enable us to take advantage of our many central players without them needing the discipline of staying back as we have a desagnated dm. It would also reduce the chance of use being cought on the counter through the middle of the pitch. Remember the 4-1-4-1 formation we played when coqulan was bursting through last season this is a more comparable version taking advantage of the players we have

    2. To an extent, Ozil limits us to playing a 4-3-2-1 since he’s not suited to the wings (the left wing in particular). We could try him a 4-4-2 though….

      _________Welbeck Ozil
      Sanchez Coquelin Elneny Walcott

  2. Lets not forgetting we lost against Watford recently at home with a strong team, we have to field our best eleven man tomorrow

    if Sanchez always going to have fatigue after international breaks then he has to chose Country over carer or carer over country or something, we cannot pussyfoot around, all our players are international so what do we do give them all a week of, even our reserves are on international call

    1. The england manager was restricted on the wednesday match as to who he would play due to this weekend fixtures. Does the chilean manager have the same concerns?

      Sanchez has phenomenal energy and enthusiasm. I think he inspires the rest of the team to put in more effort, even when he is not playing well himself. He will always want to play and always gives maximum effort. He does not understand, take it easy, pace yourself or do not overdo it.

      I seem to recall that when he picked up his last injury he played with a niggle, my thoughts at the time were that he should have been rested. Wenger will have to assess sanchez carefully taking into account the amount he has played, jet lag and any injury concerns. If there are any doubts then put him on the bench and bring him on if required.

      To say that careful monitoring a player and acting to ensure they stay injury free is “pussyfooting around” is nonsense. Arsenal have consistently topped the PL for most injuries, it accounts for many of our woes.

  3. xhakas having his medical!
    in talks for kante
    zlatans at london colney

    whats going on!!

    finally were stepping up happy days

  4. This IMO should be the squad to face Watford.

    Bellerin Kos Gab Monreal
    Coq Ozil Elneny

    Walcott Giroud Welbeck

    433 and kill them with pace and ruthlessness. The front 3 to apply pressure on their defenders.
    We need goals. 4 goals to nil.

  5. Alexis isn’t the problem. Losing to crappy man utd and then Swansea back to back is the problem!!!! That’s what f’d up our chances! Even with all the injuries we still challenged which makes them 2 games even more annoying! Just imagine we got 4-6 points out of them games how different everything would all be lol

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