Will Arsenal carry ‘sensational’ pre-season into EPL start?

The Arsenal squad, or those players that are fit and ready at least, have two more friendly games to go in the pre-season schedule, so hopefully the Gunners will perform well against Viking FK this evening and then Manchester City on Sunday. So far, though, it has been so good for Arsenal and with all the players that Arsene Wenger has had to do without, that did not look all that likely.

One player who has stood out more than most is our young England under 21 international striker Chuba Akpom. The 20-year old netted in each of the two games on the mini tour of the United States, helping us to very respectable wins over the MLS All-Stars and the Mexican side Chivas De Guadalajara, so it is no wonder that he was reported by Arsenal.com being very positive about the pre-season preparations, which he called ‘sensational’.

Akpom said, “I’m just enjoying it. I have enjoyed every second of the tour, on the pitch and off the pitch. The main thing is gaining fitness and winning the games obviously. I’m buzzing we got two wins in America, now it is back to the UK.

“We have done a lot of fitness and strength work out here, so we are going back stronger – especially in this heat. The main thing is gaining fitness and I enjoyed it.

“They were a good team. Technically and physically they were really good. You can’t come to these places and underestimate these teams. The football is really good; it was a tough test.

“I think the lads are clicking on the pitch and off the pitch. I’m buzzing for Rob and Chambo, they scored good goals. There were a lot of positives from this game.”

Doing well in these build up matches is one thing, however, and carrying it in when the Premier League season starts is another and more important thing. Assuming that Arsenal play well in the two matches this weekend, do you think it will help us get off to a winning start next weekend?


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  1. Who writes these post? What was sensational about Lens, playing a all star team in the US retirement league and that other team don’t even know it’s name. Just so you know if we had played a PSG, Real Madrid etc and won those games even though it’s pre-season that would have been a better yard stick to measure our team. Even Liverpool pre-season was more competitive than ours. Stupid team with a coach that’s out of his deps. This season will start the decline of arsenal and we will see after the first two games.

    1. When you say stupid team with a coach out of his depths are you really being ignorant or intelligent.Also the fact that if we had played PSG,Real Madrid etc. during pre-season and won it still means absolutely nothing in terms of the fact that it does not determine our season whatsoever and does not guarantee us success but what it only means is that we beat them.So when I see people stressing on things like those I roll my eyes.As I said earlier if you win a match today you can lose tomorrow and vice versa.No match is dependent on the other.You had better stop wasting your time.

      1. Kev it’s fans like yourself that are not winners but settlers that make Arsene and arsenal neglect what fans deserve . We talk about patients but we don’t talk about change I am sure your organization as went through some form of changes( unless you work at Arsenal) change of personal change of management etc , if something is not working why not changing it. For years this team and extension it’s coach and transfer policy as been achieving 4 th place last year was an odd season and I am sure with the coaches now in the BPL coupled with the teams that has improved namely spuds, Westham and I kid you not Everton is gonna be surprise package this season as well as Leicester city. Arsenal will not make Top 4 this season without additional signing we know of there injuries as well as inconsistency.


        1. You saying it’s fans like me who are settlers is totally pointless.In my comments I never said I was settling no didn’t want change.The way you said ‘stupid team’ and ‘coach out of his depths’ is what I was referring to.In fact I want a change today and I’m tired of seeing thing go on like this so don’t come here and pretend like you are the only one who wants a change and think I’m part of those who settle for this.When I also see people predicting Arsenal’s positions and they are so certain about it it makes me laugh and think of them as naive.Trust me there’s no wrong for a person to predict a team’s position but it’s naive for a person to be certain about it and people come and quote sayings like ‘no one knows tomorrow’.Who gave Leicester a chance last season?How many of you even thought Arsenal was going top lace 2nd last season?Don’t naively express your comments.No one is certain about tomorrow.You can make prediction but being firm and saying well it’s a certainty Arsenal would not be in top 4 is naive.This is because if Arsenal even decide not to sign any player but only Xhaka and the season finishes and we are in top 4 all comments you made will be completely wrong.I stand for chane and success so please don’t anger me with your comments.

          1. Dude always remember when your on top you have to work twice has hard to stay there. Arsenal is not on top they are in top 4 and they aren’t working hard to stay as a top 4 team. It’s clear, you see all the teams have strengthen and improve. What has Arsenal done? Not sure go ask Arsene oh yea we played some unknown teams. Every team that wants top 4 thinks arsenal is a low hanging fruit the easiest team to get to four from and they will if this continues.


            1. Not gonna get in to an argument and I hear you – but haven’t we kept hearing the same old boll**ks now for 20 years – “team A/B/C has improved massively”, “no top four this season”, “team X/Y/Z is spending wisely and shows real ambition”.

  2. Yes same way like we continued our great pre-season performance in last 2 seasons and won everything like CL, PL, FA and League cup.

  3. No.
    Secondly, I think we have tried to be patient enough and the Club (Board inclusive) has continuously and stubbornly held onto their selfishness. They are either comfortable seeing Arsenal diminish or else someone will pay for this at a later time when we they have reduced it to mid table! Can the current board achieve what the previous board did in terms of Emirates Project??? They are too complacent, timid etc.
    And by the way, another Coach could do better with what we currently have!!!!!!! The players nolonger play for the Badge. I could go on and on..

  4. Hey SoOpa AeoN you got a cool but yoy don’t talk cool at all along with rkw.I didn’t like the way Chicarito’s name was rubbed in the mad and what pains me is that you all think Giroud is better.The fact that you are a team reject does not mean you aren’t good enough or can’t be world class.Do you want me to name a few rejects who have become world class or have come back to haunt their teams.If I was to choose between sticking with Giroud or Chicarito for thousand years we all know who people would go for.The over hyped average players in our club is unbelievable and it’s just sad.The club is also over hyped at times and we feel like we are so so big.It’s a shame.The mentality of this club is so so bad and trust me with this characters success will be far away for centuries to come.

  5. Whether we think arsenal will or won’t carry this so called ‘sensational’ pre-season into EPL start is unnecessary to be honest.Winning a game today does not mean you win a game tomorrow and vice versa.It’s a mystery so I honestly don’t see the point.We should rather be praying for the players who have still not stepped up to step up.I want to see Gibbs,Wilshere,Alex Oxlade Chamberlain,Gabriel,Chambers(on loan),Chuba Akpom and even Theo Walcott doing great exploits this season.For some players I know they can’t step up because they will do what they know how to do best season after season.An example is our striker.

  6. Arsenal beat 3-0 and 1-0 against title favourites Man city,Chelsea respectively but did not follow through in that promise. Wenger chose not to spend on off-field players but i think that day by day he is getting increasingly confident on the team. If he does not and losses badly against title rivals there is no point in watching this season.

  7. Ot but I think gnabry going to have his coquelin season, both got injured after showing promise went on loan and didn’t do great for various reasons but I expect him to be an integral part to our season if favouritism isn’t an issue like it was with Joel last season

  8. The frustration and sarcasim grows stronger by the day!
    ?Oh to .. Oh to be. .. Oh to be a …. Moaner! ?
    Maybe it’s time for Arsenal fc to change the badge logo?
    Drop the Canon and replace it with the Bank of England?
    Or maybe a picture of a moaning ‘?’ instead, one for the fan’s! Or tick your pick from these: : ?□?□?□

    Anyways! ??
    ? We love you Arsenal, we do ?
    ? Oooh, Arsenal , We love You ?

    Drops the ? and legs it under the nearest Rock, like Wenger style … On transfer days!

  9. Few days ago I said wilshere will miss the start of season and then ruled out of the whole season! Now, we’ve been having good games no doubt,please wilshere should go and walcot. Chuba can be a strike partner with Oliver,then bring in Mehrez or Draxler,and we can also bid for Barca’s Munir then we can have a great season,our pre-season last year was better than this, only to got beaten by west harm,so don’t raise your hope high gunners, just be patient and pray for wenger to have a change of heart.

  10. on your bike with wenger spending any money

    WENGER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  11. i think the board and ceo are gripped with fear and panic over replacing wenger as they saw what happend to man u, when fergie left and they don’t think we could survive financially. if that happen to us. but they are going to have to get over that fear one day and get there hands dirty, to find the right manager (i am sure £there are a lot of decent managers out there that would jump at the chance to earn £8 million a year)and do the right thing by the fans and the club as a whole.

  12. First and foremost I agree that the preseason means nothing. Secondly, it’s absurd to me how little faith some of you have in our team. I understand signings are needed, but you cannot convince me for even a second that any of the other teams in the PL are THAT much better than us TODAY. Even with Giroud at striker, even with Gabriel at CB, even with Walcott/Ox at right winger. I fully want signings – especially a CB and then a striker (I believe CB is a more pressing need), but we aren’t some doomed team without them. Xhaka coming in is massive and I think our grasp on that 1-2 holding area was of most importance this summer and AW fortunately addressed it early.
    Again, I want signings just as much as anybody but to say wer’re doomed without them is ludicrous. Have some faith in our team guys.

    1. Hahaha ? Okayyyyy mate! ?
      I can’t wait to see your comments at the end of the month.

      Eg.. If we’re 6-9 points off the leaders and witg no New Striker in sight! ?➡?

      1. Thats funny how a picture of a calendar with 31 on it turns into a picture of 21st of March on here! ???

  13. A leopard can never change its spots right? Wenger is being true to his nature. Because he hates to spend, he is toying with the idea of gambling with the inexperienced youngsters he has used during pre season by using them for the kick off of our seasons campaign hoping that the gamble would pay off in the first few games of the season before the transfer window shuts, so that he would have a good excuse not to buy proven quality. That’s vintage Wenger!

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