Will Arsenal do Wenger a favour and announce his departure now?

Surely Arsene Wenger must now be aware that the Arsenal fans have had enough of his attempts to revive his former glory, and last night the faithful voted with their feet and stayed away from the stadium in droves with hardly a full area anywhere in the stands.

If he still wants to leave the club with his dignity still intact, Jamie Carragher thinks that the Board should take notice and agree with Wenger for him to part company at the end of this season. “I think tonight was nothing about what was happening on the pitch,” said Carragher.

“I think last season there were scenes at this club and there was anger among supporters. There were marches against Arsene Wenger which I thought were a disgrace. I don’t like that.

“But I think tonight was worse.

“They (the fans) aren’t actually interested. They haven’t turned up. I’m not having a go at them for not coming, because I can understand.

“There were a few boos at the end but it wasn’t like it was last season. That was anger. Now it’s almost resignation. They’re just waiting for the manager to go.”

“How sad is that?”

“I find that sad. This man is a legend. When I was playing it was him and Alex Ferguson as the top two managers battling it out. And you thought ‘wow’.

“He is a legend, not just for Arsenal, but for the English game. But they have to change it now. It has to be done.

“There’s no way the end of this season should be about this man, for what he’s done. He shouldn’t be going through that, with the empty stadiums.

“Announce now that you’re going to change the manager for next season and I’m sure everyone in this stadium, in a TV studio, everywhere will go ‘come on, let’s give this man a send-off.

“It’s what he deserves.”

Even Wenger himself must recognise that he has taken the club as far as he can, and with the way we have regressed in the last two seasons is just too much to try and come back from. Le Prof always insists that he will ‘respect’ his contract, but if he stays beyond the summer he could tarnish his reputation for ever.

Decision time guys!

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    If I were Wenger, I will not care for any criticism and I will stay for eight millions per year. That is how much Wenger loves Arsenal, unless there is a bigger offer from another club

    There are too many embarassments but the board stay quiet, so do not expect any resignation or axing news from Arsenal soon. I predict Wenger would be allowed to stay till the end of 2018/2019 season

    Wilshere and Ramsey could be waiting for better offers too. If there are no better opportunities, they might opt for big contracts at Arsenal, like Ozil

    1. Craig says:

      The board are probably in process of firing him but if they take as long as they do with transfers it may be too late to rescue a Europa win and top 4 qualifier. Goodbye Wenger

  2. AndersS says:

    Nobody wants to see, what happened last night, unless you are Spurs fan.
    The management and the fans, who have supported Wenger to stay, instead of leaving a long time ago, should recognize their part in this sad story.
    And it will get worse, if Wenger isn’t stopped immediately.
    But Wenger isn’t the only one to consider in this.
    The players should also be considered.
    We have a squad with:
    World Cup players
    Prolific goalscorers from top leagues
    Players, who only a couple of seasons ago were considered by the likes of Barcelona
    A goalkeeper, who not long ago was the absolute best in England, if not in the world

    They have now all been reduced to mediocre players, totally without confidence and desire.
    They suffer humiliation on the pitch and harsh criticism by media and fans alike.

    This cannot continue. Stop Wenger now, and let us get a manager, who can restore discipline, team spirit, work rate, pride and ultimately confidence.
    Or do you really want more of last night, and possibly even worse scenes?

    1. gotanidea says:

      I believe nobody here attended the last Arsenal match, but how can we prevent the fans in London from coming to the Emirates

  3. Tatgooner says:

    Guys we need to get rid of sportpesa now see what they have done to everton hull and now us

  4. Leeroysgooners says:

    Too late for me Repatriation already tarnished. Can’t even look at him anymore the man makes me so angry. What gets me is people almost think its a recent thing we are so bad last season and this but this has been going on for years 2011 8-2 manure….. had a friend whos a manure fan say to me last night I know what your going through I felt like that under LVG haha PMSL he ain’t got a clue what us gooners are going through there 2 seasons of crap we get worse by the week and I for one can’t watch this horror show anymore

  5. RAZ says:


  6. John0711 says:

    He will be gone, I’ve never seen so many empty seats
    Constantly buying poor players such as
    Will cost him although some will say it’s not his fault and buy the club
    “The idiocy is strong in these”

    1. Midkemma says:

      Wengers tactics are either non existent or he is on some strong acid…

      ElNeny was signed when Wenger wanted Xhaka, now Xhaka has been a flop and regressed under Wenger but ElNeny was a board signing.
      If you need proof then look how easy ElNeny gets dropped but Xhaka plays no matter what.

      I will point to Lacazette and Perez, we bought Perez after Wenger had identified Lacazette, who got loaned when Laca was bought? Why buy Perez… Board wasted money and filled the squad with players not good enough.

      Mustafi has been poor, like Xhaka.
      Mustafi did do well when he 1st came to us, AFC had Cazorla and Coquelin in CM and that helped the CBs form a solid base.

      People moan about Wengers coaching and this is what I would call an example of that, Mustafi done VERY well when he 1st came but regressed over time, IMO down to poor coaching and poor tactics in games.

      Xhaka was a top talent when he had a DM playing alongside him for BM, Xhaka is not a DM and it is Wengers tactics that is playing him as a DM and he is regressing…

      I honestly do not believe the signings that Wenger has wanted was that bad, they became bad… I feel the signings that the board made has filled the squad with more players of lesser quality and clogging up up squad.

      People moan about Welbroke as well, that was a player who Wenger only wanted on loan, a loan deal would have been best as we would have seen his time injured and not renewed it.

      Wengers tactics and coaching is at fault, not his transfer picks.

      Wengers loyalty is more of an issue than who he wants to be signed, offensive players can be picked by Wenger… Not saying they should anymore with Sven 😉

      For me, this is more of a praise to Sven and Gazidis for finally looking to replace Wenger in the roles he does within the club. Gazidis has recognised his own limits and getting in people to cover him and I am hopeful for the future because of those actions.

      We could be in a worse state than we are now for quality of players if we wasn’t signing an Ozil, a Alexis, a Cech, a Laca… They was top players who came because of Wenger, not Gazidis. We could not have bought any of them if we had a weaker manager who was more of a yes man than a top footballing manager.

      The City loss was painful, to be 3-0 down in just over 30 mins… I was fearing a 9-0 loss!
      That is Wengers fault. I do not want to see Wenger stay around and make our quality players look worse and eventually consistently playing at a lower level of form means they become thought of as lesser players, actions speaking.

      I do wonder how well someone like Pep could get Mustafi playing after 12 months of being coached by him… Would he be slated as much? Would he become that top CB we thought he could be in his start at the club?

      Moaning about his signings kinda takes away from his fault at coaching for me, if the signings was poor then how can any manager be expected to win with them, if they had potential and Wenger screwed it up… More reason for Wenger to go isn’t it?

  7. Sue says:

    Just do It! I am so p****d off, we really can’t carry on like this, it’s beyond a joke now

    1. Dean says:

      I switched my allegiance to AS Monaco.

      Though, I have a feeling Arsene will end up there within 2, 3 years.

      I know Arsenal can have a top team again in 4, 5 years, but I don’t have that time, to be honest.

  8. Ray says:

    Carragher is spot on. He has done so much for the club and the history he created will be remembered, although, it’s quite likely if this carries on as manager for much longer, the history will be remembered for all the wrong reasons!

    I’m not sure Aresene wants to retire because he’s scared of life outside of football. He’s a workaholic! Unfortunately, he’s doing more damage than he “cares” to realise. He’s blinkered with his arrogance. He truly believes he is not the problem. It’s almost just as painful to see him lose his support from a fan base that has always had maximum support and respect for him. Now, most just want to see the back of him..

    The team ethic and work-rate has never looked this bad under him and the confidence diminishes with every loss. It’s becoming a situation that is even more damaging to the club than even board level realise. It may just come to a point in the future where Arsenal are not “investable” or “attractive” enough? At which case it’s a VERY long way back to the top!

  9. Nothing changed says:

    Arsenal announcing Wenger’s departure would indicate something that is not present at the club, management. The club doesn’t pro-actively manage anything.

    IMO it would be best for the club and the manager if they did announce Wenger’s departure at this stage. We have nothing more to play for and the atmosphere in the stadium would dramatically improve. It would also allow us to try to nail down a great manager before other disappointed clubs (Chelsea?, Real?) start looking for replacing their managers.

    However, some deluded people at the club might still believe we can win the EL or finish 4th and not want to rock the boat.

    This club is finished for the foreseeable future and although most new managers will be able to improve us, it is unlikely we will become contenders soon. Wenger has ass melded a squad of players with losing mentalities and mediocre skill. There is only so much a top manager can do with this squad IMO.

    1. Nothing changed says:

      ass melded = assembled

    2. Midkemma says:

      I do not believe the squad is as bad as the performances indicate, the performances and tactics are messing the players over IMO.

      Chambers done well on loan and the def was one of a top half team even though they got relegated, the def was good enough and was let down. Chambers was part of that def and he won their fans over by performing.

      Mustafi started so well when AFC was playing a DM alongside Cazorla, Coquelin. Tactics gave the team greater stability but since Xhaka came, Wenger has played a non DM in a DM role and look how the def is suffering from this.

      Bellerin burst onto the scene and he looked a real talent, he hasn’t continued that on and some are calling for him to be sold and claim Bellerin is over rated… I do not think he is, I think he has been coached poorly and that has hindered his progression.

      I am not saying our squad is perfect, I know it isn’t 🙂
      I do not think we are as far away from the EPL as some may think, a couple top signings and give the players actual tactics and def training… I think we could compete then.

  10. Goonermay68 says:

    Supported since 64. So im old enough to know the bad times and good. This is so bad worse ever And has been coming for the last 10 years .I met a friend recently not seen for a few years. And he reminded me what i told him 10 years ago and that was. AS LONG AS WENGERS IN CHARGE WE WILL NOT WIN THE PREMIER AGAIN. i had foregotten! But since the move and selling of our best players to be replaced by inferior ones. The writings been on the wall. Spurscum were a jokeside. Look at the improvement they have made with a quality manager and CEO . Our board has stagnated all the time champions league monies were rolling in . wengers buying/ selling/ tactics/ lack of plan b it has got so bad now NOW at last hopefully the future of arsene fc will be put to bed. THE BOARD HAVE TO SACK HIM SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. a poor result against AC milan HAS TO BE THE END .WENGER OUT

    1. John Wick says:

      Well said Goonermay68 ?

  11. John Wick says:

    Wenger is in a very unique job he’s an employee of a football club and it’s him ultimately that decides his own fate! I’ve never seen anything like it in my life! I hear pundits and fans alike saying how Wenger should be allowed to go on his own merits, when he’s ready.. well no I heavily disagree with that, that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard! He didn’t build the stadium, he didn’t finance the stadium he didn’t buy players out of his own money, he done a job managing a team and got paid for it and got paid well so I’m not buying this rubbish what he’s done for this club! 3 league titles in 22 years is not impressive in my eyes, apart from a very impressive fa cup haul he’s been a failure most seasons and I don’t care less who disagrees he’s talked about like a god hasn’t won a league title in almost 15 years we really need to get a grip on reality George Graham was here a lot shorter than Wenger and wins a European trophy to boot and isn’t even mentioned in the same breath as him! Football is a results business therefore Wenger is a failure and should be held accountable wasn’t it Gazidis that said Wenger himself is accountable to the fans? Well no that’s a blatant lie Wenger is accountable to himself and doesn’t consider fans remotely important take last season the last game for example doesn’t even acknowledge the supporters presumably still annoyed with the fans who voiced their opinions! in the words of Arsene I will never forget that! Accountable to the fans? Do me a favour

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Well said John, summed it up perfectly. George not only won a European trophy with, because of injuries, one of the weakest midfields in my Arsenal memory and without our greatest goalscorer at the time, Ian Wright because of suspension purely through brilliant tactical knowledge, something that Arsene Wenger will never have, and also not forgetting defeated an excellent Parma side that included players of the highest calibre, the likes of Thomas Brolin, Gianfranco Zola and Tino Asprilla and also won two titles in six years which compares favourably three in twenty two years. I’d have George back in a heartbeat.

      1. John Wick says:

        Exactly Kenny an excellent Parma team and almost retaining the same trophy a year later it’s not to be overlooked. Also beating a great Liverpool team who were mightily dominant but it seems that’s nothing compared to Wenger’s achievements call me old school but I’m on the same page as you no pun intended

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

          Kenny and John, I’m with you two re George Graham. There is no doubt that Arsene Wenger’s early success has caused George Graham’s success as a player for and manager of Arsenal to be completely under-rated. If he had had the same resources and the same length of tenure as Wenger, who knows what Arsenal would have achieved.
          Even Graham’s worst sides never put in the embarrassing performances we have seen from Arsenal under Wenger.
          There is no way that any sides he managed lost 5 or 6 goals to 1.

          1. John Wick says:


      2. jon fox says:

        Kenny I would also have George(as he WAS) back in a heartbeat. So many younger fans have never known players who have true will to win “over my dead body” attitude and who can defend with their lives. They have no means of comparison as true great defenders , world wide, are almost extinct and entirely so this last decade under Wenger. Loved John post to which you replied, agreeing!

        1. John Wick says:


  12. David Rusa says:

    I hope Wenger realises that this can’t go on any longer. He needs to bow to the inevitable and resign before he tarnishes whatever little positive image of his is left. This would be a very honourable act for him and his legacy. It is a very sad ending to his career but if he resigned he could salvage the little good will still left with the fans. Let him not behave like 3rd World dictators who refuse to voluntarily relinquish power and wait to be forcibly pushed out.

    1. bur says:

      I have been saying for the last six years that he should be ousted, the writing was on the wall. When he comes on to the media I have to turn it off as I know all that comes out of his mouth is lies, lies, lies.

  13. sol says:

    ‘respect’ his contract???????? and what about respect of fans and the club???????????

  14. Ivanolad says:

    I love this Man but i’m tried of all of the stupid show on the pitch
    and the foolish words he says after each game he lost.
    It’s time for him to really go and the fans in London needs to come together in order
    to make the owners know what they want and stop forming some stupid die hard fan.
    Wenger needs to go, period.

  15. andcliff says:

    Agree with Jamie Carragher but it should have happened two years ago. Maybe it’s too late for him to preserve his legacy but I feel that if HE decides to go now, in time the fans may rethink their current view of him. I really hope so because there is so much good he has done for the club and English football, I for one will always remember the great Wenger teams in particular the Invincibles. Great names such as Adams, Bergkamp, Viera, Henry, Pires, Petit, Overmars, Campbell etc. Great memories, but he must know it’s time to go with grace.

  16. jon fox says:

    Many people think love and hate are oppposites. But worldly wise people know that the opposite of love is NOT hate, but apathy. This is a key factor clearly displayed last night. Yes, the weather was awful but it was awful in Manchester too but their end was full AND they had a far longer and later journey home than most Arsenal fans, who largely stayed at home from apathy. Who on here thinks the Arsenal fans would have stayed at home had we been playing properly and regularly shown heart and passion? Serious question; WHO? The truth is we know the ground would have been full in that circumstance. So the apathy was clearly on display for Josh Kroenke -in London for three months to analyse the club – to see and report back to Daddy! All ex-Arsenal respected pundits now want Wenger to go. They have respect for his glory years of yesteryear, of course, and affection for a man who gave them the platform on which to display their talents and win silverware. But they still all want him gone. As humans , let alone as Gooners, we humans all naturally feel sadness when a former great can no longer cut it; Mohammed Ali, Nigel Mansell, Steve Redgrave, and many more household names in sport and elsewhere were once loved and naturally we feel sadness when age lessens their abilities. But most of these listed peoiple and others are humble and accept the passage of time, using the many happy memories of those great times to comfort them when their powers wane. We all wane, in our various ways, with age. We appreciate and admire humility in our former great folk and love then all the more for showing courage to accept the mental decline, and still having the wisdom and humility to accept when their time at the top is over. In fact most older people only truly learn great humility and wisdom through life experience and increasing age. I am sure you can see the point coming! In Wengers sad case, this humility and wisdom, and indeed, courage, seems not to have happened. He clearly displays an unhealthy(for him and all of us) bunker mentality , rather akin to Hitler in his Berlin bunker in spring 1945 when the war was clearly lost but still, he harboured delusions of a secret weapon to turn the tide. It never happened of course; it never does. That is lifes reality. Friends and fellow dyed in the wool Gooners, this is where we are with our club right now. WE and the football world all know that it is over. THE GREAT DAYS WILL NEVER RETURN UNDER ARSENE WENGER. Speaking personally, I am convinced the club have already made the decision to relieve him of his post once they have identified his successor. I firmly believe that in private, conversations and feelers are being actively pursued. I say this because, though I have a deep loathing of Stan Kroenke and a contempt for the board and especially the Chaiman, I acknowledge these people are not financial fools. They would not be where they have got to in life otherwise. While the ship was afloat, (slowly drifting but still afloat) they were content not to change their own cosy nest. They have a man in Wenger who long ago betrayed his former dynamism and new ideas personna for the total opposite he has long become. Above all I have contempt for their inaction caused by arrogance , lack of care for the fans who feather their stinking nest and for the lack of courage to change things up that desperately need stirring up. BUT apathy by the clubs – any club’s, lifeblood – fans who actually PAY money – scares them deeply. That apathy was , gloriously, displayed last night in the half full ground that was virtually empty of Gooners before the end. Money talks to business people, far more than some realise. To conclude, Wenger will very soon now be gone and though many will still mourn the loss of his former greatness, I personally began mourning it some ten years ago and have been calling for his dismissal ever since. So I hope you will forgive me my lack of grief; mine has been replaced by a daily increased excitement and anticipation of a new dawn.

    1. Gab says:

      Well said. Apathy was clearly displaced yesterday and misguided people think it is because of cold. Some of us are no longer excited when Arsenal is playing.

    2. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      I’m with you Jon; Arsenal under Wenger is a shadow of its former self. Poorly coached, players allowed to express themselves on the pitch, no strong characters to speak out, no leaders or physicality on the field. Over the last 66 years of following the Arsenal win, lose or draw, good seasons and poor, I always saw fight and playing for the badge; but not for the last 3 and particularly this season.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Me also Ozziegunner, Excellent post jon, one of your best

  17. Drew says:

    Talking of George Graham, and without reading every comment, it was his famous back line and Davud Seaman that Wenger inherited.

    And as it has become clear, either Wenger does not believe in defending or he cannot coach the defensive side of the game. It is also probable that Steve Bould is only allowed a limited input to the teams make-up and coaching.

  18. Grandad says:

    The Board of Directors of this great Club are failing the fans who are its liveblood.We can accuse Wenger of arrogance ,incompetence ,delusion, etc. but at the end of the day,as he acknowledged this week, he is only an employee.The buck stops at the door of this inept,weak minded Directors who do not have the guts to make a decision which they ought to have made 5/6 years ago to relieve Wenger of his duties. I,m afraid we will saying the same things about our team this time next year when the offer of yet another contract extension may well be on offer God forbid.

  19. King henry says:

    The thing that upsets me the most is how are club is being tarnished.. everyone laughs at us mocks us and to be honest I’m sick of hearing it..

    I was at the game last night and I red this morning that we had 58 odd thousand attendance well I can assure u there wasnt even 28.000 let alone 58.000.. u can blame the weather or midweek game but the fact of 6.000 man city fans made it down I find it hard to believe that 30 odd thousand arsenals fans didn’t make.. I strongly believe this is the start of boycotting games which as fans is our only strength.. banners protests chants etc do not work.. empty stadium is the only way..

    We are a club that is proud to say we run the club within it’s means.. we have a manager who clearly thinks he is owed some loyalty from the club because in wengers words “he turned down the world to honour his contracts” yeah maybe 10 years ago he was offered new challenges but let’s b honest would Barca real Madrid psg would our grandad of a manager who tactics training methods and man management skills are so out of date really be a good investment? I dont think so.. in my eyes we dont owe him nothing.. the guy has been one of the highest paid managers in the world for the last 10 years and hasn’t delivered a league title in 14 going on 15 years..

    We are in dyer need of a fresh approach and new voice.. he has clearly lost the dressing room I have been saying it for years.. everything is to comfortable at arsenal they players all know if they don’t turn up Wenger will get the blame.. there is no fear factor no real competition for places.. a real lack of passion and courage and that all stems from the manager..

    The board all need to retire they are all grandads we have usamov 30% stake in our club yet not allowed to put his money in or get a seat on the board.. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY HE HASNT GOT MORE OF INPUT IN THE CLUB AND A SEAT ON THE BOARD??

    We as die hard arsenal fans only have one hope and that is usamov to buy the club sack everyone from top to bottom bring in a new CEO a new board of directors and update and refurbish our club.. and ultimately bring in a new manager and new coaching staff to give these players the kick up the ass they need.. ppl say bring in Vieira bring in Henry I don’t think either of them are ready Vieira has been managing in America and doing ok whilst Henry has done abit of coaching for Belgium not exactly experience cvs are they.. we need either allegri from juve or Joachim low Germany manager that is about as good as it gets..



  20. AB says:

    What makes you start an article with,”surely wenger must know…”. Wenger is enjoying his fat paycheck and I am not hopeful that he will be booted out by this board. As long as we are in Europe, wenger will stay. Keeping very low hopes from the club leadership.

  21. John says:

    Wenger is neither a bad coach nor person as I gather from some of his former players……….the problem is that almost every coach knows how to draw or beat him……………that’s what happens in the real world……….the new guys are usually the next greats in the making…………..Arsenal needs a coach change…….new ideas………the next great years………….that’s what Wenger wrapped up in his messianic complex is caught up in………he believes he can turn things around ……..when clearly he has already failed at that…………please Wenger leave……….Wenger OUT……..

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