Will Arsenal ever REALLY get going this season?

Once again Arsenal fans have had to sit and watch our team fail to keep up the momentum and growing confidence that was building up after four good performances and three good results in a row. We were simply awful at the start of today’s Premier League game against Stoke City and once their ythird goal went in on the stroke of halftime, we gave ourselves too much to do.

The second half performance may have rescued a bit of self belief, but we failed to capitalise on our opponent’s poor form and our rivals’ struggles and it is not the first time that it has happened to us.

Right from the start this has been the story of the season for Arsenal. A good win over Man City and then a rare opening day victory was then ruined by the Gunners getting just one win in the next six games, although it was the vital one that got us into the Champions League group stage.

Then two morale boosting wins over Aston Villa and Galatasaray also failed to produce the expected turnaround, with a defeat by Chelsea and a draw with Hull City making the fans fret once more. But foirtune seemed to finally smile on Arsenal with that incredible late reversalagainst Anderlecht in Belgium.

That was followed by two clean sheets and wins and an apparently unassailable lead in the home tie with Anderlecht, but we all know what happened next and the same thing just happened today, our defending as a team just disappearing and it now seems we are back to square one again.

In recent years we have put together some fantastic runs but we do not seem able to keep any momentum going this time. Is that because of all the injury problems, do you think, or is there a more worrying issue with the Gunners? So many false starts must surely be getting to Wenger and the players, because it is certainly doing my head in. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Goonerforever says:

    5 things we learned.
    1.Arsenal gets intimidated very easily.
    2.There is no mental strength in the team, rather there is no one to provide it to the players.
    3.Ramsey scored. Hopefully he will find form now.
    4. Bellerin is one for the future. Jenko is one for now.
    5.If we do not find a CB this Jan, Wengers claim of building the team is bullshit.

    1. arsenal207 says:

      6. No matter how many players Arsenal buy, they will loose 1/2 squad because of injury. Because the number of players is limited, we will always have 1 or 2 positions weak, or luckily when Vermalen couldn’t earn a match for the whole season because our 2 CBs stayed fit, and then he asked for leaving. I know, we need a super sub for CB but admit it, no world class player wants to sit on the bench at Arsenal for nothing, they can do that in Madrid or Barca or Bayern because at least they will have silverware.

    2. goldfish27 says:

      Why lone Jonko at the first place…..Wenger out b4 fans will injure themselves just bcos of ur stupidity

  2. Dee@ease says:

    Win one,lose one and draw one that seems to be the pattern of the games we play,we need to put in a solid run similar to Newcastle of like 5 wins in a row!

  3. angryblackman3 says:


  4. dboy says:

    We also learned that Wenger creates animosity. Among the fans. And between him and his players. Wilshere and Ramsey will walk into the team at anytime. While others rot on the bench. Did anyone notice how some players don’t celebrate when we score? You can see that Podolski couldn’t be assed. Why Wenger’s stubbornness. I’m still waiting for some AKB to explain Joel Campbell’s late introduction. What was the boy to do? For those who keep believing Wenger’s bull, that the team is united and focused, please wake up. Top four will only be a pipe dream this season. So next up is Gala and then Newcastle. We will probably beat Gala but I’m not sure if we can overturn Newcastle. Feeling numb can’t even end with coyg.

    1. Benjas24 says:

      With 5 minutes injury time given, 2 already played, that substitution was a waste of time when we needed the ball in the box urgently. You do those subs when you are leading Mr. Wenger.

    2. chenrob2 says:

      Can’t understand it myself. Joel was ready to come on with 12 minutes to go, he was standing with the forth official, the ball went out numerous times since but Wenger put on with 3 minutes to go. REALLY.

  5. Mesut O-grillz says:

    No, we won’t get going until 2015. Maybe.
    1. Transfer window
    2. Players making their return from injuries.
    But what can we hope for in the January transfer window? How can we be certain that no one else will be injured or there won’t be any setbacks?

    1. davidnz says:

      The summer transfer window
      seemed to be the best for many
      a year. But injuries have totally
      wrecked the title chase so far.
      It is amazing then that the team is
      still in the hunt for top 4 and
      ECL last 16 has been achieved.
      So yes if the injury madness improves
      Arsenal can make top 4 and mount a
      serious FA cup campaign and even
      break the last ECL 16 hoodoo.
      All I want for Xmas is an empty medical room.

      1. Mesut O-grillz says:

        Yeah you should prob take that off your Xmas list. You forgot about our Diaby in hospital armor.

        1. tubby says:

          We wont get going till Wenger leaves the club. Sorry wenger’s a legend but the same mistake resurfaces every 2-3 games. We win 2-3 games on the trot and Wenger will start talking about winning the league. The fans take in all that nonsense and start singing praises about the team. Just before the stoke game there was an article on how Arsenal was just as good as Barca for god’s sake! Until the reality strikes and our team got found out with another shocking performance. The cycle repeats so often its like the club is playing us fans for fools. Sorry but until I’ve seen some consistency and remain unbeaten for at least 10-15 games I wont be convinced we are going anywhere.

          1. atid says:

            That’s it the only thing that needs to get going is wenger.

  6. mobaygunner says:

    #..stop the fight plzzz…I think we shouldstop this akb aob bulls**t….its dividing us man….we are 1no matter if u like wenger or not 1 thing we have in comon is we LOVE OUR ARSENAL..trust me I know for a fact there’s no fake fans around here cuz time like these are when the fake fans jump ship….but nope not us we’re here everyday..weather u wanna call it AOB whining or AKB being stupid…fighting is not what we do…I see loyal fans in rome but what thay do is fight alot…just sayimg I dont want us to turn into roma fans….agree or disagree if ur a arsenal fan its nothing but love and thats FOR ALLLLL REAL ARSENAL FANS FROM THE HEART….gunners fa lifem..#Togetherwearestronger

  7. Mesut O-grillz says:

    You guys, I see a lot of fingers pointing at AKBs and fingers pointing back at AOBs. This is fine because everyone is entitled to their opinions, but we can’t let this division get too outta hand. Remember we are all rooting for the same club. There appears to be a division already within our club/players/owners/managers, we don’t need one amongst the fans too.

  8. atrig6789@gmail.com says:

    Its all because of Wenger.He will not replenish the squad, sell whole bunch of defenders like Vermelen, Jenkinson, Miquel, etc, and expect little boys like Bellerin will slug it out with the likes of hardened pros like Pieters &co.
    It has reached ridiculous proportions year in and year out.He keeps playing players out of position,, benches proven goal scorers like Podolsko, Campbell for Giroud,
    Under performing Wilshere instead of top tactititian like Rosicky.On and on and on.When willhe bde bundled out of the club? Tired of being a laughing stock, year in and year out.

  9. Sango says:

    yea- statistics tells us after we are out of the CL, major cup competitions we will def-get going for the 4th spot trophy. Now, about the fighting outside Brittania stadium, I think it’s pathetic but an indication of worse things to come. Problem is Arsenal’s top football management has been taking the fans’s long suffering patience for granted.

    1. atid says:


      This is normal behaviour for any fans. You have supporters inside the emirates grassing other fans to the stewards and police for swearing or having a pop at Tottenham or having a crafty nip from a miniature bottle of brandy on a cold day. There is always divisions inside any club because people are different. Probably before your time this but I remember the fights on the north bank and the clockend over terry Neill before he was sacked, then the protests to get don howe out that also lead to warring factions amongst the supporters. There is only 2 ways this is going to get resolved now

      1. Wenger is sacked, quits or moves upstairs
      2. Wenger is able to spend £150m in january and the team goes on to win the Cl and League Cup
      If no.2 happens the fickle element will eat humble pie for another 4 months then start again in september, if the results in the league are poor again.

      If no.1 happens the new manager will either swim making the Aob’s a smug bunch or sink causing the Akb’s to eat humble pie, which they will gulp down willingly.

  10. Sumo says:

    This year injurues are killing us. To think we fielded two 19 years old against a rough-tough Stoke City.

    Can’t really blame anything or anyone for this loss. Third choice keeper performed as he should. When we went 3-0 i knew it’s over and we were bidding time.

    Sanchez was really poor yesterday. His crossing, passing and corners were horrendous.

    Sending off Chambers looked so soft.

    Ox is the most inconsistent player in this team. I didn’t even know he was playing until he was subbed.

    It’s nearly Christmas and we are still 6th.

    January window will decide our season now.

    1. Sango says:

      oh no Sumo, boy the game had nothing to do with age, it was all about football basics, height, beef and balance on the part of Stoke. Whilst on our part it was a case of a lack of knowledge of our opponents’ strength, lack of football basics, beef/height in crucial areas, un-timely substitutions and…. oh my goodness it seems the list can be endless! Prayers for a host of changes are needed mate.

      1. atid says:

        Nonsense at 19 I was a much better player than I was at 29, I was a better fighter. Quicker, more aggressive. Bellerin and Chambers should have been right up for it but both were played by a rag tag outfit. As for sanchez being poor, have you checked the stats? he touched the ball more than any other player, completed more passes, played more key passes, created the most chances and was an inch away from scoring. He was by far the pick of a very poor bunch today.

        The most disappointing thing for me was Wengers excuses after the game, he has protected his players far too long, he had a perfect opportunity to lambast his players, but instead complained that the first goal should have been ruled out for a foul, that chambers getting sent off should have been the 6th sending off of the game and that it was that, that stopped arsenal equalising and potentially winning the match.

        Nowhere should make a massive point of dropping some players, not resting them dropping them. Mertesacker, flamini being 2 that need to be dropped, but quite how we can do that with all the injuries and ineligible players is beyond me.

  11. Bil says:

    we need a natural cdm and someone to partner kos at defence. for right back,we mis sagna there.but wenger is stubborn.has a very rigid mind..”unlucky” “positives”..if he wont sort the defencei problem.this wil be the song for the next two, three…coming seasons

  12. luvdaguns says:

    lets be honest, theo cashes his check every week and maybe watches the match with Diaby? i mean how long will these guys be out? extended injuries in last two years? kos, wilshire, ramsey, theo, giroud, diaby, debuchy, gibbs, ozil, really, thats a whole club,

  13. maxypepsi says:

    mertersacker is pure trash. what does he offer? he doesn’t jump, he’s lazy, he only complains. get him out.

  14. Hafiz Rahman says:

    wenger out…excuses week after week…

  15. Koktafo says:

    our whole team except sanchez,giroud,kosc,welbeck,debuchy,rosicky…can’t play under diego simeone.they havn’t this mental of winning like atletico madrid players,and that its a new manager who can give them this mentality but not wenger.under wenger all players play like they haven’t ungry in them,look at gervinho now,he is the main man at roma with the winning mentality.
    and now i think that its the last game of flamini like def midfield,bcoz he is not good enough.if arsene can find a player in academy who can play at this post it will b better than flamini.sorry t tell this but its true…

  16. Demwan Jones says:

    Its funny that other teams crawl back after going 3 or 4 goals down against us like the newcastle 4-4 and anderlecht game but we can’t do it againt other teams Bayern 1-2 and ac milan 0-3 game when we needed extra goal to send the ties into extra time and today against stoke, its just something terrible about this club, I’m sure if it had been the other way round the game would have ended 3-3 after arsenal leading 3-0 at half time

  17. Brada b says:

    #FackAw #Wengerout #clueless #Brainless manager

  18. RWRW says:

    Do you WKB idiots still think this clueless cnut is the right man?? Shame on you all

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