Will Arsenal ever sack Wenger? They should but they won’t!

Arsene Wenger has to be sacked if Arsenal want to move forward by KM

Arsenal are heading in only one direction and that’s backwards! A home defeat to Olympiacos is really the icing on the cake. Even if I sit home and cry all night, even if the London sky falls to the ground, even if Godzilla attacks Gotham City and all the super heroes and villains come to life, Arsene will not be sacked.

If he was a Game of Thrones character he’d sit on his Iron Throne and watch the city burn without doing anything. Do I need to comment on the defending? Why did we bring in Cech? To sit on the bench? Wenger’s naivety goes beyond belief. This is it for this group. Two games against Bayern next and we’ll be finished.

You can only blame Wenger and really nobody else. Not a single outfield player signed. Just one sole Petr Cech – who was sitting on the bench watching Ospina score an own goal. I mean it is a comedy show. What do we exactly want to achieve in the CL? Why do we fight so hard for fourth?

There were warnings. We weren’t playing well. It was West Ham all over again. We scored a lucky equalizer and what do we do? The goalkeeper scored an own-goal. What repeated again? Oxlade Chamberlain’s foot leads to a goal in our net. These are terrible sides – Olympiacos and Zagreb. I’m sorry Arsene but you have to leave.

The defense is a total wreck. I don’t know where to begin. My point that we suck on possession football was there on again. We didn’t know what to do with the ball. I mean Chamberlain is so bad, we prefer Ramsey on the right. Ozil had another game to forget.

This has to be wrecked down. This is a house built on old principals that are rotting and it’s falling apart. The only reason we finish in the top 4 is all the top teams in England are in shambles. We’ll never show the same ambition United do. Until Wenger goes there will always be an area where we are short.

Giroud’s red card came into play yesterday where we badly needed someone to put crosses into and there was nobody. Again why do we concede less than a minute after we score? I used to be surprised, but now I kinda expected this. I mean Wenger is dead for me. He’s been so for a while, but why would we sack a person earning 8 million pounds a year, having 200 million pounds at his disposal, who fails to bring in a single outfield player and cannot beat Zagreb or Olympiacos.

These topics are pointless. The only topic now is, how long will we have to wait for Wenger to decide to leave for himself. Because there is not a single person on our board that will stand up like a man, and show some balls to kick this ageing Frenchman out of the door.


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    1. We wont do a thing if we don’t get a decent left back to fill in for Monreal. Gibbs is not a premier lg standard LB. Also Oxy needs loaning out for a season to improve his ball skill,speed is not everything. Gabriel was at fault with second goal should have cleared the ball not try to beat the player which resulted in the corner that Ospina gave the goal. Again the defense was at fault with Ospina stuck on the line and he should have punched it out. Cheq was not 100% that is why Ospina played,you guys remember last season all praise for him and rightly so, but its a glip and and with the squad we have we have to find a format.Leicester is not Champs lg Quality and not to think that other teams that are in top half are to judge the quality of our squad. This is it now and if we don’t qualify so be it, we have to look at the way we play and is it enough for getting results with Wenger and his format,i believe that since the Henry days we have not moved forward in terms of our play and yes we did get to the FINAL but again the Keeper F;;;cked it for us. I hope he gets his team back and not rest players on important games,that’s his downfall. CB

      1. All those banging about Ospina and Gibbs, as if that would have made much of a difference. Was the first team not beaten by West Ham and and outplayed by a shambolic Chelsea (before the red card ).
        We best Leicester but very few ever sit down properly to analyse the game . Nothing was more obvious than the fact that marez basically ran the game ..doing things some of our midfielders and so called wingers will never be able to do in their careers . Turning our defence inside out , twisting, holding up the ball and keeping possession in dangerous areas .
        I will always continue to say that we have 5 players and the rest are squad fillers . Players not deserving to wear an arsenal shirt .

        Ian Wright : “Wenger has continuously shown faith in his player but some have consistently let him down ”

        In other words , he is telling him to wield the big stick and get them out of the club .

        1. did u see wenger in the interview afterwards: too much smiling. does not seem as upset as i thought he might. i wonder if its because he knows deep down he cant win CL anyways. i’m still p*ssed tho: more because of all the defensive lapses than with ospina (altho i’m pissed w ospina too)

          1. We have no power through the middle . Apart from Sanchez , welbeck and Coq , none of our other outfield players have the physicality to win balls . In fact , this Arsenal team is so poor at getting the ball bacK . Most of the time , they only get it back because of a misplaced pass.
            I can authoritatively say that we lack wingers of suitable quality as well . Ox does not cut it for me . He needs a loan out of the club . Same with Chambers and Gibbs . Stop using kid as squad fillers . A good winger will be scoring once every 3 or 4 matches and assisting once every 2 .
            I do not blame Sanchez for wanting to cut inside most of the time . Why not if the other forwards players and wingers are crap Compared to the power , intelligence and pace coming from the Manchester United wingers , ours is pretty appalling . It all goes back to transfer policy , transfer window ,Wenger and Kroenke .
            You can too as much tactic as you like , as long as the players are crap , the result will be crap as well

            Sanchez stats say it all
            Alexis Sanchez’s game by numbers:

            100% tackles won
            16 take-ons
            4 shots
            4 chances created
            1 goal

            We simply need to sign 3 players who can do the first 2 .

    2. Wenger said after the game that “We still can Qualify” ya right!!!!
      This guy is in sane, is deluded, on heavy drugs!!! Play Bayern twice the team just crushed Zagreb who crushed us 2 weeks ago. Then we have Zagreb at home, and Olympiakos away!!! how many points we are expecting to get??
      This year we along with other British team were placed with 2nd Tier teams of Europe, and we lose to the lower part this tier, Zagreb, and if this is not enough, we loose at home to a lowly 3rd Tier team of Europe.
      You asked when Wenger will leave, I predict when 4th tier teams also beat us.
      Wenger made Arsenal laughing stock of the whole Football world, the sooner he is sacked the better for the team is.
      So, shout is loudly ” Wenger Out”.

  1. The EPL is the goal and
    Arsenal is knocking
    on the door so all is well.
    Good win v Man U
    and everyone is happy again.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I actually agree with you. If we win against ManU then all these guys who are moaning will miraculously forget that we lost at home just 5 days before.
      Now how many of the AKBs think that AFC will ever win the CL under Arsene. Really believe? (Before you guys trash me for being an WOB, I am not one. I want the lying self-serving idiots that call themselves the BOARD OF DIRECTORS out along with that useless CEO. I actually respect Wenger for all his contributions to the club. But he is risking his legacy for crazy money. It is actually great to be him. He just has to endure some booing from the fickle sheep that call themselves GOONERS and some uncomfortable question from the media.)
      Now suppose we get through in the CL, what then?
      Now if we play in the Europa, we have an small chance. So I am hoping we finish third in the Group F.

  2. Arsene Wenger has refused to explain his decision to choose David Ospina over Petr Cechafter the Arsenal goalkeeper’s blunder in the 3-2 defeat to Olympiacos.

    The Colombian dropped the ball over the line to gift the Greek side a 2-1 lead as they went on to win 3-2, condemning the Gunners to a second consecutive Champions League loss.

    Wenger, though, defended his choice to pick Ospina and leave Cech on the bench but refused to explain his selection.

    “I do not have to sit here and give you an explanation about every decision I make,” he told reporters.

    “That is always the simple thing. Ospina kept 14 clean sheets in 19 games last season and was fantastic against Tottenham last week. No goalkeeper is mistake-free.

    “I make the decisions and selections for the team and I am responsible. I know many things that you don’t know or you ignore. You can’t select a team by taking a poll before the game and taking everyone’s opinion.

    “Honestly, I don’t want to go into the conversation about regrets with you.”

    Wenger is still saying that he knows best ,
    Yet, he clearly mentions bout having regrets ?

      1. wenger’s not saying he doesnt have regrets: he does.
        he is saying he doesnt want to talk about them. i also agree that ospina’s performance could not have been predicted. gibbs has also gotten worse coming off the bench . ox too. i think players lose their edge when they have to come off the bench. ox shouldve cut back in for 1st goal attempt: he only knows to run faster. really disappointed he didnt score and isnt improving as fast as i’d like.

    1. @fatboy gooney
      He’s right though…
      The fans don’t dictate policy at the club. We choose to watch and or support. If you don’t like how it’s run, then move on to a club that suits your fragile fancy…

      1. Its okay to moan and criticise when its called for,
        As well as giving credit when it is earned ?

        I can’t stop supporting Arsenal just because of bad results and because of a manager that has lost everything that once made him great!
        I have been a fan since Alan Sunderland scored the winner in the Fa cup final against Utd … 3-2 ??

        But unfortunately I am just a so called armchair supporter now ? that doesn’t even live in the UK anymore.
        Not that anyone really gives a #### ??

        Just Like every fan, I just want to see Arsenal win the Champions league before I kick the bucket lol ?

      2. #NY_Gunner;
        Just shut the hell up, you do not own Arsenal to say who doesn’t like it the way is ran to go somewhere else and support another team!!! just that simple!!, You act like those dictators tsaying who ever don’t like my way of running the government leave the country before I KILL HIM.
        Shame on you!!! go to hell with your Guru Wenger who now looses to 3rd tier European Football team at Home!!! how low we sunk already !!!!

      3. NY gunner: if its not for us then who are they playing for??? u forget AFC is for customers. they get money from us. they should be accountable to us, not have some high falutin opinion that they (wenger mainly) is untouchable and unaccountable. he’s not some prince or royalty.

  3. Some fans would rather see the club relegate then see Wenger off.

    Many fans do belong to the rainbow troop. Sheep people, to stupid and not interested in football at all.

  4. Is it too late to add a P.S on the bottom of the petition banning mike dean from taking charge of Arsenal games!

    P.S And Wenger ..

  5. Lets judge Wenger after the season is over.

    Changing manager midway through the season is already problematic, not to mention you are changing a manager who is in charge for 20 years.

      1. Tell me… do you really want to change the manager 3 days before we play league leader united? Please remember, we can potentially leapfrog everyone and become league leaders in this game.

        1. except that united is a better team tan olympiakos.
          do you think the team doesn hve a HUGE pressure now that Wenger doesnt know how to deal with?
          This is the Chelsea game all over again.

          Tell you waht, lets judge him at the end of the season, when we are not playing ucl anymore, nor fa cu, nor league cup…the only way he can amend this is by providing THREE 3 trophies so when he doesnt…then we have to go for a new coach

        2. Remember Brian Clough, a brilliant manager who won to European cups and league titles at Nottingham Forest. Well that couldn’t bring themselves to sack him either and he got them relegated and then retired and Forest have been in the championship ever since.
          The moral of this story, It doesn’t matter if you were great 10 years ago if you are clearly past it now you should go before you make things worse. And if you won’t jump willingly you should be pushed.

    1. exactly…it would be like changing a winning team for a huge competition that if won would set you at europes best…
      wait..wasnt that just what happened?

    2. when you are managing one of the top 10 richest clubs in the world and have two of the most expensive players in the league then 4th doesn’t seem to be right… we have lost to west ham, zagreb and olympiacos, and barring any surprises we will probably lose to united in the weekend, how much worse can it really get ????

  6. The manager only gets up from the seat to complain to the 4th official. You hardly ever see him direct a word at any of our players.

    If you look at our three Captains Mertesacker, Arteta and Cazorla there is nothing that distinguishes them from the other players, that warrants them the Captaincy. We only have three aggressive players in the team, Coquelin, Sanchez and Paulista.

    We got to many bit part players. Olympiakos scored straight form the kickoff after 2-2, their only chance of the half. Too many mistakes led to all 3 goals.

    It is nothing to do with quality, it is their mentality. It has always been like that. Obviously we needed 2 to 3 signings everyone but Wenger saw that. But the team that started today should’ve won the game for us.

    1. We have no power through the middle . Apart from Sanchez , welbeck and Coq , none of our other outfield players have the physicality to win balls . In fact , this Arsenal team is so poor at getting the ball bacK . Most of the time , they only get it back because of a misplaced pass.
      I can authoritatively say that we lack wingers of suitable quality as well . Ox does not cut it for me . He needs a loan out of the club . Same with Chambers and Gibbs . Stop using kid as squad fillers . A good winger will be scoring once every 3 or 4 matches and assisting once every 2 .
      I do not blame Sanchez for wanting to cut inside most of the time . Why not if the other forwards players and wingers are crap Compared to the power , intelligence and pace coming from the Manchester United wingers , ours is pretty appalling . It all goes back to transfer policy , transfer window ,Wenger and Kroenke .
      You can too as much tactic as you like , as long as the players are crap , the result will be crap as well

      1. roughly speaking, the technical players arent going to be the aggressive types. wenger prefers to hire technical players. i hope he can see that we need a couple of CDM enforcers. but he wont: its been a glaring deficiency for years, but no backup for coq (or any other decent CDM). but if all ur team is technical players, then its not a balanced team. this is also the 1st time we’ve seen a major snafu in communication between gab and koz. please gab: just learn a few english phrases!

  7. Why would the board sack wenger? When he helps them save millions, and make millions! Believe he will be around for a while because to them he is a “cash cow” manager!

    1. lok if hey really think so they arereally stupid.
      i forone havent bought a jersey since 08….and u know why¡ not to rotest just because it makes me sad…
      and I am dmn sur that a lot of worldwide fans are like me…so they keep on los caue we re not buying stuff..
      They should know that for very galactico signed Real Maid instantly sold millions in jerseys.

  8. I had high hopes for this season. That was until we didn’t sign an outfield player. I knew we would need another DM and CB , world class quality not backups I might add and then we probably would have a huge chance at the PL this season.

    I don’t think wengers problem is his tactical knoweldge but his stupidity and naivity. Not signing world class players when we can afford to. I don’t buy into there were no quality players available. Schneiderlin was and cheap. I also think if u offer a club 60m + for a world class player they will have a serious think about selling them to you. Wenger just feels hard done by , but why should anyone sell their best players on the cheap? You want quality then get your money’s out.

    Wenger won’t change his ways. Think this should be his last season, bring Klopp in he would be a good fit, isn’t it time for change ?

    1. CB and DM ?
      That will cost money .Arsenal does not do buying , we do selling .
      We even have a profit section for players sale in our annual accounts.
      Kroenke and Wenger are allergic to spending .
      By the way , people are focused Arsenal books . Has anybody ever bothered about Kroenke books. For all I care , that man could easily have borrowed ( leveraged) money on his Arsenal’s shares , thereby holding the club back

    2. I kept on saying and still say schneiderlin was a big miss. Look how lvg is using all his midfielders. 4 quality midfielders and keeps on rotating. Smart managers do that

  9. Arsenal do have a good team except for few mistakes after being in control they lost their cohesion and created school errors and just after they score they loose it again but honestly they tried and tried hard but the olympiakos goal keeper kept his team afloat with the help of the referee and from the match statistics we had 62% position with 8 on target and 8 corners while olympiakos had 38% with 5 on targets with 4 corners from the statistics we can say we won the game so in a sense two mistakes and we lost the game
    Still looking forward for Sunday come on Arsenal

    1. the one thing arsenal did NOT do today is try hard. no urgency. no concentration at the back. players prob know they wont win UCL. and wenger prob sucks at getting them up for the game.
      i’m still hopeful this will spur them on versus MU tho. we can still do well in PL.

      1. really?
        because epl teams are easier tan dynamo or olimpiakos?
        or ManU is?
        i have lost faith…

        mak my words…we won be in ucl next year and we will finish empy handed…then we will lose Santi, Cech, Bellerin, Alexis…beware Wenger. beeware

  10. Positives from today’s game

    1. Cazorla solid and excellent in midfield
    2. Sanchez and Walcott showing great understanding
    3. Sanchez finally finding his grove

    We missed Giroud’s aeriel prowess in the dying minutes – he’ll have been useful off the bench. Just straighten a few rough edges and we should be good to go. That said, it might probably be better to focus our minds on the Europa league and EPL.

    1. Commentator said Cazorla is yet to score a UCL goal for Arsenal.
      Sanchez right, Ozil left, Cazorla should be AMF. Ramsey in CMF. That is the best way to accomodate all these players if you are going to do so. Sanchez is still a threat on the right.

      I think we will still go through. We will get one win vs Bayern. Then beat Dinamo at home and beat Olympikos in a close encounter away. Remember our team goes on a run to secure top four in the end of the season. The same rule will apply here, and we will finish 2nd. Then most likely if no addition in January go out in what has now become tradition in the last 16.

    2. We should just focus on the premier league,
      You can forget about the europa league mate,
      if we carry on playing like that, we will finish bottom of group with 3pts.

      Munich 18pts
      Olympiakos 9pts
      Dinamo Zagreb 6pts
      Arsenal 3pts

      And if it does end up finishing like that,
      Then I’m sure that wenger will consider stepping down,
      And if we fail to finish in the top 4 in the premier league,
      He will most definitely go …. Through his own choice.

  11. We will lose Alexis,Ozil, and others before we lose Wenger. Sadly

    I hope Wenger leaves in summer after winning us another trophy (fa cup/League cup) so he can leave with honour

    But in order to go to the next step (PL and CL) we need a new manager

  12. Back to being “whiney moany” central…
    We plyed well enough, but didn’t get over the line. Move onto next match instead of crying about it…Wussy brigade throw your best.

    1. Its that time of the month again!! ?
      Rally cry, bounce back bitch time!!!
      I’m sick of hearing it ?

      Our player’s can’t even back up their words,
      Yet, average player’s from mickey mouse teams,
      Say they will beat us and they do ??

      I don’t want to hear our player’s bull? rally crys anymore!
      I would rather have an elephant farting in my ear with plenty of follow through ??

      1. in all honesty is wengers fault…you just DONT throw that many non used playrs in a home game vs the champions of another league!!!
        I have respect for Ospina but he just put the pressure on the guy!
        Gibbs not ready! why didnt he put Monreal??
        Chambo did exactly the SAME he has done in other ucl games!!!
        FFS we dodn have giroud already…for all what people say about him THE TEAM WORKS WITHHIM, so that was unavoidable cause of the red.
        But no…mr wgener HAD to come up with a team of bsides when the a side was ding just FINE

        1. whoever thumbed me down doesn like to face truth.
          i was an avid Wenger defender…but he took i too far…
          hell, read his comments in the oficial site….!!! he says he is responsable yeah…well big deal, we lost i and now he pretends to go win at Bayern–let me laug and cry a littld

  13. wenger is a tired old has been … he has no visible passion and appears incapable of motivating players to give their all from the first whistle … his failings have been visible to anyone but the junkies for over 5 years and another barren season will be further proof so whether he leaves tomorrow in january or in june is beside the point … i have no interest in CL football if the last two performances are all we can deliver and to be honest simply getting beyond the group stage was something that lost my interest a good three seasons ago … in any case i have no doubt that after this season english clubs will be back to three slots which is correct coz clearly our massively overpaid and pampered stars are no match for european clubs who r paid a good deal less but have real skills and passion..so we will at best be vying for thursday night drudgery..no thank you… just get rid of the man so we can bring in someone who can begin to build a winning team that plays decent football again

  14. What gives me comfort is the fact that Wenger declared Arsenal’s squad was so strong that there was no need to strengthen the squad during the summer transfer window.

    Wenger is always right. Just ask him.

  15. next season only 3 English teams may qualify for the CL as opposed to 4 then we will all see the fall of Wenger. We will see how he handles pressure when he has to try to maintain his champions league targets. Wenger out

  16. Oops……we’re losing again…..baby do it one more time.

    Wenger out!!

    Where are the Wenger supporters like Joxh37?? Are you dead already? You must be digging your own grave now?

  17. 2 straight lost in champ league….wenget must go…

    Gibbs, Ospina and Gabriel are juz not good enough…

    Oxie needs to go on a loan to improve….

    We need to bring in Isco, Reus, Lewandoski, Varane, gk and a LB to strengthen the team…

    For starters lets get Klopp

  18. Shameful performance. The sad part is not we lost but the real sad part is I didnt see the passion and fight. Sorry to say but we are not a top club anymore. Chelsea, a ten year old club show more passion even while losing. We are not even trying to win this trophy and we call ourselves as a big club. We can tease van gaal all we want but he is doing something special with manchester united. Took a 7th played United side and is putting new blood. He has a plan, what plan do wenger have. 10 years of mediocrity and it is continuing. No risk taken , no ambition and just living in that invincible season even today He could have walked out gracefully but no he had to stay and make us suffer.

    Felt seriously bad for sanchez, a top class player playing for an average club who has no ambition to reach top and compete with the best. We all ready with our excuses, ohh ref this , ohh injuries, ohh we wre unlucky, ohh we should have won the league , ohh chelsea boring. ohh united spend, ohh liverpool had suarez and were lucky. Enough of this crap. Admit it we are no top club, just a average to above average club which has very less ambition.

    Totally ashamed of our club after seeing this kind of performance.

    1. U got it in one pal. We are sick of this repeat we have been stuck on for the last 5years… enough is enough!

  19. Arsenal under threat of not qualifying for the round of 16 is a threat to the laws of the known world of football. Just as when our top 4 spot is threatened in the Premier League, it means we will begin to perform miracles until natural order is restored. Bayern won’t know what hit them. 🙂

    1. this is beyond salvation now dude.
      UCL is a fast and tricky thing, we lost it.
      And honestly I coulnt care less about any other trophy because THIS is the one BIG clubs win.
      Hell! even Cheslea got their hands in one!!!!

  20. Did anyone see the goal Szeczeny conceded against Bate Borisov?(playing for AS Roma)-hehehe,it is really a “goalkeeper school of mistakes” founded by Arsenal FC.

    1. It is a mental problem. 90% of our squad, when they make one mistake they then follow that up with another mistake in the game. Sometimes it is just relaxing too much, esepcailly after getting it to 2-2, we let them score again. By the time the Sanchez goal replay was finished Olympiakos were already just outside our box and scored.

      We have now lost last 6/12 UCL games at home. That is really poor.

    why did Wenger field another team thatn the one that beat leicester????
    Bar giroud, who was invitable…why in the world…

    1. I say this every season, even before the Dinamo match, that whenever Wenger rests players for a game, it is either in that particular game or the next one where first team players come back that we drop points ie lose or draw. Especially in the first half of the season. He could’ve just swapped out 1 or 2 players out at a time.

      Did you see Bayern rest key players vs Olympikos on matchday 1, resting almost a whole starting 11? Arsenal made the biggest changes in matchday 1 after the weekend games. Today again many more changes made. In a desperate attempt he got Coquelin back into the team after Flamini and Arteta both went out.

      1. I agree 50/50.
        We don’t have it …and wenger too patients t with some players. But where he really got it wrong is it was too many changes. To rotate means pene or two…tops

  22. Wenger must go!!!

    Time for a change!!!

    He can leave with Gibbs, BFG, Gabriel, Ospina, Rosicky, Flamini, Arteta, Sanago and Giroud

  23. Szczesny had a howler tonight
    Not a good night for our GKs

    Well we need to forget about CL and beat United
    Walcott has earned the right to start as CF but I have a feeling Wenger will start Giroud. Wenger will probably put Ramsey on the right and rest both Walcott and OX LOL

    I’M worried about Koscielny injury

    I’m hoping for this team for United

    Bellerin/Koscielny /Mertsacker/Monreal
    OX / Ozil / Alexis

  24. Big clubs win ucl.
    Arsenal has to.
    I don’t know wtf wenger will do but he has to deliver it. And if not he has to go.
    Enough is enough.

    And if Kroenke and the board think he is making them money….go check how much money barza made I mrchandise after each of those trophies….

  25. the most damage is done to us funs we loved football the game the team all gunners this days busy wining coming up with theories of what’s wrong with the team…embarrassing is what u expect as a gunner this days…playing the same way week in week out r the opposition dumb!!

  26. haha the new record was how fast we conceded after scoring seriously and pple slating ospina lets be consistent everyone wanted him to be picked due to the enemy coming hme this weekend now man u game is gona be tough I fear another red card gem is on the way

  27. Our squad quality was strong enough to crush out both Zagreb and Olompiakos. However, it was Wenger’s poor tactical awareness and lack of motivation to do it that cost us. I am certain that Wenger has no ambition and mental strength to win champions league. We shall concentrate on EPL as it is quite open this year.

  28. We shall lose and go UEFA cup which means playing on Thursday. Then the mourning will start…..tired legs, playing Thursday and sat/Sunday…we shall then be losing either way. They had better sign players in January!

  29. In 2013, lewandowski wanted to leave Dortmund… Wolcjech being his best friend spoke to him bout arsenal but he said nah… What will a Good coach do? Offer him a mouth watering contract and see if he’ll refuse.. But Wenger did nothing…..
    Morgan Schniederlin was deemed surplus by Wenger.. Otamendi didn’t cross his mind…. Martial was seen as a winger than a striker.(Henry was a winger at Juventus before Arsenal Signed him). Douglas Costa didn’t cross his mind as a Winger dat could do damage in the EPL.. And after all these…. Wenger says his squad is ready to challenge on all fronts…..
    With the rate at which arsenal is going, Sanchez will start regreting his decision to Join us, Ozil would soon be out and Cech would be hitting himself for nt joining a club overseas…. Most people want to see wenger go, but they still do thing that will encourage him to stay….. The scream for joy when he gives them fluke wins, FA CUPs and a 4th place finish…….
    To Get wenger out..
    1. Majority of the Fans should stop buying match tickets till wenger is kicked out, he shouldn’t be reserved in any role in the Club.. The Arsenal Supporters Trustfund should Make this known to the Board
    2. The minority of the remaining fans that attend the games should Fly the wenger out banners every where you are, we win a match or lose it… Any match at all!

    Arsenal has never made me happy Since i started supporting them back in 2005… I love the club.. But in other to move it forward………. We the fans need to unite and take drastic measures neccessary..
    One Love One Arsenal!!

  30. Don’t the Arsenal Fans deverse to watch and own a squad like this..

    Douglas C. Ozil Sanchez
    Carzola Coquelin
    Monreal Otamendi Kosc Bellerin

    And a coach like Ancelloti / Guardiola at their helm

  31. Can someone (admin) please ban Konstantin from writing any more stupid, hateful articles about our manager and our club? I swear, the guy is clearly a Tottenham, or a Chelsea fan. Because no one in the right state of mind would blame everything on Wenger. Players themselves have to take responsibility sometimes, and Wenger did the right thing by rotating the squad ahead of the games with Chelsea and ManU. Ospina, Giroud (in the first game), Ox, Gibbs, Arteta, and so on and so forth should take a good look in the mirror, and admit that they were at fault, not the manager. Coq, Monreal, Bellerin – these guys are fighters, and given the opportunity they blossomed. But the ones I mentioned earlier are nothing more than fillers, and should be ashamed of themselves.

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