Will Arsenal fans accept Draxler instead of Benzema transfer?

This is all just speculation of course, as we really do not know which, if any, of the Arsenal transfer rumours are close to the truth of what is going on behind the scenes at Arsenal or in the mind of Arsene Wenger. But I have been reading that the Frenchman may be turning his transfer attention from Karim Benzema to other possible options to strengthen the Arsenal attack.

One of the reasons put forward for this is that Wenger or the Arsenal board do not want to meet the asking price of Real Madrid. This is the same reason we were given a while back when a lot of reports were linking us with a move for the young and exciting Schalke and Germany star Julian Draxler.

The talk back then was that his club wanted around £40 million, but the situation appears to have changed quite a lot and his price tag is now thought to be around half that. Maybe because Draxler has missed a lot of football with injury over the last year and maybe because there is less time left on his contract or it could be that the 21-year old is now ready to move on and that Schalke did not qualify for the Champions League.

There were a lot of reports recently claiming that Juventus were on the verge of securing his services but their offer was too low and now an Italian website TuttoJuve is reporting that Arsenal are trying to hijack the transfer with an offer of 30 million euros.

So if that is enough and Arsenal sign the German, would you be happy with Draxler instead of Benzema? They are quite different types of player although both are attackers. Draxler is more versatile and creative and has a lot of room for improvement but Benzema scores more goals and is in his prime. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. would rather prefer reus though draxler would be a good addititon to the squad given doubts over rosciky , wilshere & campbell

    Palermo president is on his way to London to complete deal for Campbell after 2 weeks of talks

      1. Leo, are you high? Ibra as backup??? He hears that from you and you are finished: your teeth on the floor. Ibra is Ibra and must be first choice at all times, that’s what we (his loyal subjects) think.

    1. Squad isn’t in dire need of bolstering though, the first 11 needs additions. Replacing Rosicky/Jack/Campbell won’t do much good.

      Benz and a starting DM or this year will be another also-ran type.

      1. yes but wenger is dithering over price of kyrchowaik he can be our matic from what I have seen/heard played with a broken rib for 120 mins or lars bender for 10m but wenger no one knows what he is thinking

        1. Yeah he’s a warrior. I can’t believe you guys missed this game. there was this Sevilla player drinking beer at extra time. it was hilarious.

    2. 43days running……….. 1 opportunistic but reaLity Cech signing!…………… Lemme Laugh Wengahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

    3. Am i the only one who thinks Benzema won’t be an instant hit at Arsenal…….. The Boy Looks lazy sometimes *apologizes* ….. But dn’t get me wrong, i would have him in a heartbeat …. Any thing better over Mr Hold-up play….. Just want a ferocious striker full of skills and shooting boots

    4. Am i the only one who thinks Benzema won’t be an instant hit at Arsenal…….. The Boy Looks lazy sometimes *apologizes* …..what if i’m somhow right?……. But dn’t get me wrong, i would have him in a heartbeat …. Any thing better over Mr Hold-up play…..BTW most fans prefer Eva carneiro to Benzema…… Funny!… Cuz i guess she knws how to score hot goals in the physio……jack will be pleased…..and injury would be fun………Anyway, i Just want a ferocious striker full of skills and shooting boots

    1. Lewan who? Sometimes I consider it an insult what Wenger does. Imagine how much we spent on Danny. Imagine how much we spent on Chambers. He’s go and bid 30mil for Lewandowski and the club will swear to never sell to him even if he comes back with an improved offer.

      By the way, you think Lewandowski is inferior to Benz in quality and should be considered an alternative? Malaria!!! I see we go for Lew first, Reus, then Benz (in that order).

  2. Arsenal are seriously looking at Grzegorz Krychowiak but Arsene Wenger doesn’t want to pay the price he fees coq can do the job & what if coq gets injured wenger must sign krycohwaik
    The Poland midfielder played the entire 120 minutes against barca, despite rib injury

  3. Quality player with potential but not an alternative to benzema… But why three years ago when rvp and song were sold and we had a gaping gap at cb wenger failed to strengthen the spine of the team and has failed since speaks volumes for his managerial skills …. Just want him to move on so the club can make a fresh start we need verve creativity and ambition back at the top

    1. Wenger wont move on, nor will he retire….like he said SAF has horses he doesnt….its all about money to the economist Wenger.

      1. It’s been ages since I explicitly said Wenger should BOUNCE, I’ve been countlessly shot at here for that, though I stated all my factual reasons and never premised anything on personal hate (though I really got to dislike him for his stuBbornness). I even recall my fallout with @Budd, @61neveragain, @NY-Gunner, @BigGun (the one who turned), even Admin. Well, we all love this great club and wish it the best, but wishes don’t actually make things haPpen, people do.

        1. They don’t Kick Ass, that’s for sure.

          Can’t help but have noticed that the use of ‘Wenger out’ no longer gets as much heat as it used to.

          Perhaps it is more and more on here seeing no reason to argue against this sentiment and are finding it harder to defend some of his actions/in-action?


  4. if we doesn’t win the title then wenger is solely to be blamed . missing out on kyrchowik is just being arrogant thinking coq is going to do the job & then after the season get over we will hear more logical explanations from wenger more stats etc

    thankfully 1 more year of this nonsense want klopp/simeone ASAP

  5. As a last resort I would take him but right now I am hoping we get an established striker with the trickery of sanchez, pace of theo and podolski`s canon. If draxler comes it means either serge/campbell/silva will have to make way for him

  6. Have you all seen the latest quote by De Boer, that Wenger’s beloved Sanogo, whom he spent our money chasing after in France to bring him over to our Emirates, has no qualities?

    What do we make of that guys?

    1. sanogo was signed for free but exactly it took him just 1 game to see that while wenger still sees differently we kept him last season while loaned out akpom

    2. It’s not the actual De Boer….
      It’s his cousin/brother who’s the assistant manager of the youth squad. Hardly someone who’s evaluation merits this sort of I told you so.
      But sure he’s brought through and developed waaaaay more genuinely class attackers than Wenger, hey?

    3. Depends which De Boer you are want to listen to – Frank and Ronald may be twins but appear to have different opinions on YS. RdB was slagging off the whole Ajax squad by the sound of it.

  7. Dont know much about the kid but he seems a winger to me than CF that we really need no more developer. A fit welbeck will be prefer to him. £40m for LewyLewy is a good business

  8. Personally, I think Wenger wanted to build around Drax or Gotze a few seasons back. But since, we’ve brought in Ozil and Sanchez, and I dare say the RW will be used primarily by players he rates very, very highly in Ox, Theo and Wilshere or possibly Cazorla if Ramsey is going to see time in the deeper positions..
    Would/should he spend the money required for Draxler if it is going to potentially inhibit Ox who looks primed for a genuine breakout year??
    Sanogo, Akpom, Campbell, Gnabry, Podolski, Ryo.. Possibly Silva as well.
    There’s been so much trimming to our squad.. The only real attacking youth prospect looking likely to stay is Iwobi. Can’t help but thinking at least one more of these players would’ve been kept around if there’s no-one else coming in.. Honestly have no idea who though at the moment.. had my suspicions but trying to avoid speculation as the window is winding down.

  9. out of interest whys no-one mentioned Cavani ?
    Although he’s played second string to Ibra at psg
    he is out and out quality and put back in as CF I think
    he’d fit perfectly and rip it up in EPL
    I agree totally with need for DM and Krychowiak
    he’s a definite matic for sure , the Coq is good but
    still needs development and personally I don’t rate
    Arteta in that role

      1. I meant in this group of comments …
        sure I know people r talking about the
        possibility of him joining…
        honestly I think we’ve got more of a chance
        landing him than Lew & Benz
        My bet is manure will get Benzema in a swap
        deal for De Gea

  10. Bob, I will also accept Klopp instead of Wenger….can you help do that…..Deluded and Old Wenger needs retirement….

  11. Let’s all be patient with the Boss and even the Gunners as we unfairly criticized them after the West Ham lost. I believe the current Gunners are quality Gunners that can win even the remaining quadruple to complete the fifthruple having won the Community Shield in their last outings at Wembley. So, let us be praying for the Boss and the Gunners to have a victorious outings at Selhurst Park. We will know if the present Gunners will need new additions as an upgrade to the quality of the Gunners on ground after they would have played their next 3 BPL games for 9 points before the International break. I think the last Gunners selection that played against the Hammers at the Emirates Stadium were suffering from what i call trophy winning runs syndrome. After winning the Asia BPL trophy, the Emirates Cup & the Community Shield. The Gunners became complacent and took beating the Hammers for granted couple with the fact that the Boss selection for the game was a little bit short of being adequate.

      1. @Samuel.
        Trophy Winning Runs Syndrome?
        Got the runs have we? 🙂
        TBH I really like Arsenal
        getting the Trophy Winning Runs 🙂
        We wipe the floor with the opposition 🙂
        How come we did not get the runs
        after FA CUP, Asia BPL Trophy
        and the Emirates Cup?
        Does it take 4 wins before the runs kick in?
        How many losses does it take to cure TWRS?
        Spurs are well cured 🙂

    1. Agree!

      2 seasons back, we lost the first game against Aston Villa, the same banter flooded this forum after that game “buy buy buy, Wenger out”… We all know what happened after that game, Arsenal set a new record for holding the 1st place in the table! Unfortunately Arsenal suffered in the second half of the season, much due to injuries, but in the end Arsenal won the FA cup for the first time in what, 9 seasons?

      Just like you said Samuel, i will wait to se how the do in the next few games, before i start my witch hunt.

  12. “It’s too quiet” 🙂
    Wenger must be waiting
    for the exact right moment
    to strike and bring in the
    extra special player or players.
    Please tell me I am right 🙂

  13. We really need Benz for starters.If a striker like him would team up with Walcott then our attacking front would be clinical in front of goal.

    I strongly believe that Arsenal would prefer Benz ,his class is un comparable to Draxler .If Arsenal is to go on and clinch the title this season ,it only calls for him to be signed.

    what do you think?

  14. could someone help me honestly assess cavani and benzema?
    minus the wages bit, i seem to feel that cavani would be more of what arsenal will need down the road, than benzema.

  15. The truth all Arsenal Fans are not telling themselves is that Wenger is running ARSENAL FC As his own Personal Business and his using Sentiment to Kill that Team …………The only way Wenger will respect Arsenal Fans is only if they can Boycott some few Matches and allow Wenger and his Boards of directors to fill the Emirate Stadium with their Families i swear Wenger will heed to Fans Calling but as it stand now ………Wenger only respect Arsenal Boards but got no respect for Fans .

  16. Why would we need another CAM when we cant pick a squad. Yes Draxler can play left but if we are going to get a left winger I would ideally get Dries Mertenz from Napoli.
    Lets not stray from the issue, Arsenal needs a striker and a DM. Personally I would either go for Lacazette and Krychowiak/Illaramendi/William carvalho (yes yes yes he has a fracture) or I would just get Benzema alone and play Coq against top half teams. Thats if money is an issue.

  17. We need a backup to Alexis
    Draxler is better than Welbeck and LW
    He is a good young winger

    I would prefer Reus or Greizmann but they won’t take a backseat to Alexis

    This would be really good
    RW: Walcott and Oxlade
    LW: Alexis and Draxler

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