Will Arsenal fans be happy if Giroud gets 20 goals this season?

With all the unfulfilled rumours of Arsenal buying a new superstriker this summer echoing in his ears, Olivier Giroud could be forgiven for thinking that the fans are not completely behind him. But Arsene Wenger obviously believes that the French striker can deliver enough goals for the Gunners to challenge for trophies this season.

Giroud himself has set himself a target of 20 (or more), which would surely be enough to appease the fans? “I would like to score more than last year and to get a better ratio than last year,” he told the official Arsenal website. “It can be between 15 and 20 goals in the Premier League. In total, more than 20 goals would be nice.


“If I succeed to reach this number, I think the main thing for me is to reach our team aims, that’s most important. If we reach our targets, it means that I would have been efficient.

“I’m used to playing when I feel good. My body is good and I’m pleased with that. As long as I’m in good form and my body is in good shape, I’ll try to give my best for the team and I want to play more and more games to score more and more goals.”

Giroud opened this season’s account with an excellent strike against Crystal Palace, and hopefully will add to brilliant record against Newcastle in today’s match, but will the fans EVER be happy with Olivier, even if he scores 40 goals?

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      1. Minor knee injury for Ozil. Not a bad team. Theo’s chance to show if he has the ability and Ox to give em hell!! Koz and Gab is good to see.

  1. Giroud doing well will be good for Giroud yes, but we need it to also benefit the Arsenal. Asides from the twenty goals we need him to chip in with assists, we need him to really throw his weight around and not just back into players trying to chest the ball down. We need him to act like a senior player and give out a bollocking or two, talk to Coq if he’s close to a red. Tell his teammates what sort of service might do the trick against whichever rearguard. He needs to get inside the box more often but with movement. Himself and the rest of our players need to stand up and be counted, give them old Arsenal footage to watch and show them what it is to play for the Arsenal.

  2. Can’t complain about the lineup today, expecting a goal from giroud off the bench. The injury curse has began ozil out with a knee injury. Feeling confident, don’t wanna jinx it but expecting a 4-0 result.

  3. The away kit feels me with confidence can’t say the same about the home one though, I know it sounds stupid but as a fan we have our own superstitions, kind of like our 3rd kit last season, we won most games wearing that.

  4. Really like this lineup. The defence is good, the midfield is good, the wingers are good and the striker is good. I like Özil, and I don’t think he’s the weak link in our midfield, but only having 3 central midfield players makes our team look a lot more balanced than with the 4 we usually play.

  5. If we get a Top quality striker, may be Giroud could get 20 goals in all competitions but not PL because the Top Striker will start in stead of him.

    Giroud is most definitely capable of 20 goals. No doubt

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