Will Arsenal fans be patient and give Arteta time to rebuild the team?

Willian is one of the most exciting signings of this summer by any Premier League side and the Brazilian has joined the Gunners with the right message. He recently revealed that he was swayed to join the Gunners when Mikel Arteta told him that they can win the Champions League within the next three seasons that he will be under contract with the Gunners.

I love Willian and Arteta and I am also a very ambitious Arsenal fan, but this target is somewhat unrealistic for me. As far as I am concerned, the success we enjoyed last season has a bit of luck to it, and although Arteta has brought in lots of experienced players now to steady the ship, what we need to do now is to focus on making lasting changes to our team that will give us the base for subsequent success.

We need to give this team some time to develop naturally so that when we start to enjoy success, it will be long-lasting. If we can get back into the top four within the next two seasons, it will signal progress and that is ok, only after that will winning the Champions League will become our next goal.

Will Arsenal fans be patient and give Arteta time to rebuild? Or are we looking for instant success?


  1. For me, We have to give him some time and watch how he assembles his team and ensure they are used to his pattern. We already saw how he utilise what we have last season. I m glad he has a plan and great ambition

    1. 1Why waist time as usual we waiting for someone to beat us to the draw give Pierre his contract and get done

  2. What options are there? The fans taking care of business themselves? Maybe invading the pitch even, with a fantastic startingXI: Jon Fox between the posts, me, Eddie, Sue and SueP on defense. Granpa as DM, Ken, Loose and Ozzie as creative midfielders and on top Classy and Val. That would scare the compost out of herr Klopp, I’m sure… Yeah, I know, I can be quite childish. But the question “will Asn’l fans be patient etc” deserve a stupid answer.

    1. I guarantee you I’ll do nothing useful on the pitch but at least I won’t charge the club 18 million a season for one stray fluke goal. And I will respect the coach and be ready to be chucked out when he so desires.

    2. Robert, if you have truly read my many posts you would quickly realise I am best in ATTACK!

      And to be serious, o f course you are right in that expecting fans to be patient is akin to expecting a cat to ask after the welfare of a mouse rather than chasing and killing it. REALISM and I also thought it a pointless question, though to be fair to Martin it was asked rhetorically, just to give reason for his article.

  3. The first signing being Willian raises eye brows. I’m just asking myself if its the way to build, by buying players who’ll hang their boots very soon

    1. Liverpool once bought James Milner who was around the same age as William today, and he turned out to be a very good signing thereafter. so the issue of willian’s age shouldn’t arise. I personally strongly believe he will do well under Mikel Arteta.

  4. I believe this is the window which can bring Arsenal back in to the CL, lot’s of clubs cash stuck and players value is down by at least 30% And Stan did personally pay of the stadium loan back to the bank which released 35million in deposit so if we sell well add on top of the 35million we should do well, hope we don’t miss this opportunity

  5. I didn’t know what to expect from Arteta. Would he flatter to deceive?

    He has made immense improvements- most notably for me resurrecting a few careers from the pit, building a self belief within the squad and actually winning a trophy when under Emery I feared a relegation scrap. If the fan base don’t give him a similar time frame to Klopp (assuming things don’t regress) then heads will need testing.

    Robert- I’d be about as quick as PM if I was in defence😳

  6. as long as Ozil is there I don’t expect us to challenge for either europa or the league as over 50 combined games we need players who can stay fit and not injure themselves sitting on a bunk! FA and league cup would do and build the momentum for 21 -22 season when that burden is off the coach’s neck. Over 3 years yes we can and we should and we will.

  7. I don’t know if Arsenal fans will be patient with Arteta’s rebuilding job, but they should be.

    Anyone who watched Arteta take the “tire-fire” Emery left behind; a team bereft of talent at centerback and the midfield; to the FA Cup title should be able to see that Arteta is able to coach and get the most out of the talent available in his squad. That alone should earn him some patience on the part of the fans as he sets about trying to address the weaknesses in the first team, while, at the same time, trying to get more money to spend on better talent by qualifying for the Champions League.

    The initial personnel moves by Edu and Arteta should also inspire confidence from the fans. Aubamayang was almost certain to leave when Arteta took over. Now he appears to be on the verge of re-signing. The acquisition of Gabriel Magahaes, coupled with the completion of the deal for Pablo Mari and the return of William Saliba has already transformed the CB position, with young, athletic talent that will be able to grow up and get even better over the next several years. Willian may be heading into the downside of his career, but he immediately adds creativity to a midfield that was sorely lacking it. Also, Willian is a winner who can show Arsenal’s legion of young talents how to win. Some fans may discount the importance of this, but in every sport you can find examples of aging veterans helping to improve the fortunes of young teams that didn’t know how to be professionals, let alone how to win. This should tell fans that Arteta is trying to create a winning culture at Arsenal. Doing so takes time: in fact, in American football and basketball, where it has been quite successful, it’s often referred to as “The Process” and all processes have steps and take time to be successfully completed.

    Finally, if any of the rumours about the players that Arteta and Edu are still trying to bring in, despite their limited budget, are accurate, they are attempting to improve the quality of the midfield with a solid mix of veterans and young players who fit specific roles and Arteta’s style of play. This indicates that Arteta is going to try to get the Arsenal back into the Champions League sooner rather than later. In spite of the team’s terrible start and obvious weaknesses, Arteta had the team close to finishing in the top four at the end of the season. If Edu and Arteta are able to accomplish most of what they are attempting to do this off-season, the club should be right in the thick of the battle for a top four finish next season. Winning silverware would be nice, but just being in that battle after the disaster that was the first half of this past season should earn Arteta the patience and support of every Arsenal fan.

    Trust “The Process”.

  8. i have absolute faith in Arteta , the way he sees the game, vision for the future but with a need to get going properly NOW.3 years time he will have got an inexperienced at pl level defence coached properly and have confidence in themselves, each other.He has a way of giving players that confidence and that is key. Will i give him time? 25 years and many many trophies sounds good to me

  9. Well all fans should!! Look how he’s turned the team around…. and delivered silverware already!!

    Just imagine where we’ll be in 2 years time, with a couple of windows under his belt… the sky’s the limit!! I can’t wait to watch it all unfold! Exciting times ahead….Thank you, Mikel….
    Ooh to
    Ooh to be
    Ooh to be a gooner

  10. Like the sound of this:
    Dani Ceballos has told friends, family and Arsenal teammates that it’s his wish to return to London.
    He’s really invested himself into the team, the ambition of the manager and the whole club ethos. As long as Arsenal are in for him, he will reject moves to all other clubs. #AFC

    Come on Mikel, make it happen!!

  11. Yes, get behind Arteta. You have to be blind to not believe in him. He’s galvanized the entire organization. Get behind Mikel!!

  12. 100% get behind Arteta for the three years we were originally saying UE needed.
    In just six months ( three extra for the coron virus) he has dragged us from a relegation threatened team to winnnig the second highest domestic trophy available.

    No matter what he decides, any Gooner worth his salts, will give him the time and patience he deserves to bring us back to the top four and whatever comes after that.

  13. I’d give him 3 years to fully figue out whats wrong with the team and work on our weak areas especially setpieces. All mangers including wenger completely ignored this area despite pleas from fans & pundits. Hopefully Brentford,’s setpiece specialist will address this madness once and for all. Seems like MA has a very clear understanding of the team’ s major weaknesses that two elite coaches couldnt see/understand

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