Will Arsenal fans be secretly rooting for Tottenham tomorrow?

Liverpool is on track to match the invincibles but Tottenham could stop them tomorrow.

No self-respecting Arsenal fan would ever admit to supporting Tottenham in a one-off game. Well, not publicly anyway.

Liverpool right now is a juggernaut, they have gone a whole year unbeaten in the Premier League, they have dropped just two points this season, they are World champions, European champions and almost certainly will be crowned Premier League champions.

They are probably the first team since Arsenal went a whole season unbeaten that is in with a real chance of emulating the boys of 2003–04.

They are well on course to beat the unbeaten record of 49 games set by Arsenal. A win over Spurs will make it 38 games without a loss.

If the Reds overcome Tottenham tomorrow and remain unbeaten they will beat the 49 games record on the 11th April against Aston Villa at Anfield.

There is one silver lining, their 49th game is scheduled to be Man City at the Etihad.

One last thing to factor in is that in terms of the top teams that Liverpool are due to face before they reach 50 games unbeaten is that City game, Tottenham tomorrow and at home to Man Utd next Sunday.

In better words, games are running out and fast and the opposition, for the most part, is very beatable.

So, Tottenham represent a big opportunity to stop Liverpool from breaking Arsenal’s records.

With that in mind, I am taking a neutral stance purely because of my hatred of Tottenham but I will be honest, if that lot beat Jurgen Klopp’s men I cannot say I would not be happy.


  1. Sectetly rooting for Spuds? Only for our unbeaten record which is in grave danger. So secretly then? Of course not! Openly !!!!

  2. 100% behind Spurs tomorrow. Luckily, I’m not from England, so do not really feel the beef with Spurs. In my country, Chelsea fans are the noisiest and most annoying, which makes Chelsea my #1 hated team.

    1. Our unbeaten record? I think most people know that we only matched what Preston North end had already achieved.

      1. NO TRUE COMPARISON AT ALL, AS WAY BACK IN THE 19TH CENTURY, PNE PLAYED A FRACTION OF THE MATCHES OUR INVINCIBLES NEEDED TO PLAY. When you choose do your homwork and thus get the facts correct, it is amazing how often you come up with a more sensible comment.

    2. Well, I am from North London, England and have always , for many decades, disliked Chelsea and far more than Spuds. To be clear, I detest then both, and a few other corruptly owned clubs such as MAN CITY, but it is merely a matter of degree. The owner is another decisive factor and the racist fans at Chelsea outnumber the idiots who use that silly anti Jewish word at Spuds, most of whom are too juvenile and naive to even know how offensive it is to Jewish folk. But most of those Spuds “juveniles” are merely of low intelligence and easily led, rather than overtly racist, as Chelsea and Millwall fans are in greater numbers. SADLY THOUGH, ALL CLUBS ATTRACT RACIST LOWLIFE; ARSENAL FEWER THAN MOST BUT NOT ZERO, SADLY. Racism and irrational hatred – and I do NOT mean healthy and normal fan rivalry – is a good and proper reason to detest those clubs whose low life fans propogate it. It takes character and intelligence to stand against the herd, esp while in thr crowd, but adults, TRUE adults, are required to have those assets.

      The families of those two Man City fans aged 57 and 58 respectively, who were punished for racist chants must be deeply ashamed of those “aged” children! There is hope for redemption, as they grow up, for kids and teenagers who indulge in racism. For those deep into middle age you just want to weep for their lack of humanity and brains!

  3. I don’t think Spuds would win though, because Mourinho tends to be ultra defensive when facing a scary team like Liverpool and Barcelona

    Mourinho tried to attack Barcelona when he just managed Real Madrid and he failed miserably. Since then, he always relied on counter-attacks and set-pieces to score against Barcelona

    Fernando Llorente has left Tottenham for Napoli, Kane is injured and Mourinho doesn’t have his towering players. I predict Tottenham would lose, but I’ll be very happy if they win

  4. I’ll gladly celebrate a victory for the spuds against Liverpool…. I don’t want them anywhere near our unbeaten record….. I was happy when they lost to City last year (I was happy when City recorded their first loss last season too)… I’d love for us to be the ones who would break our unbeaten record. Just us and no one else 😃

  5. No issue here supporting the spuds. Our premier league record more important than our neighbours getting a win. I have always considered tottenham as poor cousins, rather than rivals. My dislike is directed more towards united and chelsea.

  6. I want Liverpool to win and break that record, so that we can finally rid ourselves of the unnecessary perinnial pressure and subsequent disappointment of trying and failing to emulate it as well as the fear and anxiety that this will be the damning season that someone will come along and emulate our so-called achievement. One that occurred over 15 years ago.

    Now it’s Liverpool, before we were fearing it’s going to be Mancity. Is that record the only thing propping our status as a big club? If so then we are in a far bigger mess than anyone could have possibly imagined.

    1. I think I’m the only one in this.
      Let Liverpool break our unbeating record so Arsenal can restrategize and work hard to break Liverpool’s record too.

  7. No we don’t want the spuds to win tomorrow, a draw or a defeat, we can sort Liverpool out on 2nd may.

  8. Its a win-win situation
    If liverpool win,our rivals are beaten and we are level with spurs
    If liverpool lose,our record cant be broken

  9. Never want the Spuds to win. We should be the ones to sort out Liverpool. I dont want Mickey Mouse and Spuds to take the credit. Let us beat Liverpool and they still have to play Man City. By the way without Kane it is impossible for the Spuds to beat Liverpool. At the most they will manage a draw if they are lucky.

  10. Don’t worry, Merseyside derby on 14th March at Goodison park . Our old boys Theo and Iwobi will come to the rescue 😵😵😵😵

  11. I’d prefer Tottenham not to win
    Can’t stand them and I want us to win against CP and close the gap in the league
    With luck Liverpool will cock up at some point

    1. I think I can go with your sense of humor.
      I careless about the unbeating for now which is over 15years anyway.

      I will chose Liverpool to break the record and Arsenal to be in the top 4 this season, than beating Liverpool and miss out on top 4.

      Spurs must lose

      Hate Spurs and Mourinho

      1. Well Bobs we agree that finishing top 4 is better than caring about the record being broken. Without CL money we will suffer further.
        Spurs and the not so special one make me want to 🤮

        I didn’t know I had a sense of humour with that post… I was just stating what I thought was the bleedin’ obvious

  12. Any one here routing for a Tottenham win or draw is a spud fan, Tottenham must lose while we win our game against crystal palace, Manchester city or Manure will definitely spoil Liverpool unbeaten run. No need to support the Spuds

  13. What a ridiculous article this is. Of course I want Liverpool to beat spurs, they are a rival of ours for league position and they are spurs. Records are made to be broken and what is important is that we achieved a season unbeaten and did it first. That can’t be taken away from us so I say good luck if Liverpool can emulate our pioneers of the invincible season. You can’t seriously prefer a spud win to keep what is now an old record with long since retired players.

  14. I loathe Chelsea with a passion, but when they went to Anfield and Stevie G slipped and Ba scored, I leapt out of my chair and almost hit the ceiling! Was stoked!!! So I’m kind of hoping for the same later 🤪 I loathe the spuds, but also loathe Liverpool, and I’m sorry, but the thought of them going unbeaten makes me feel nauseous (bad enough knowing they’ll win the league!)

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