Will Arsenal fans hope again if Leicester and Spurs LOSE today?

I can perfectly understand the attitude of most Arsenal fans in throwing their hands up and abandoning any lingering hopes that the Gunners could mount a stirring comeback in the Premier League title race. After all, most of us had already given up before the game against West Ham.

The five 1-0 wins in the last six games for Leicester kept crushing our belief and it just seems that everything is going their way. And despite an impressive fight to comeback after Andy Carroll’s quick fire hat-trick yesterday, the signs all point to it not being our year again.

However, what difference would it make to our attitudes if today was to see both Leicester and Tottenham lose their games? Looking at the opposition they face and their recent results it could well happen and that would leave Arsenal just three points behind the spuds and 10 behind the Foxes but with a game in hand meaning that we have 18 points to play for.

Would this scenario rekindle some hope in the hearts of the Arsenal faithful? I think it would in me and I can only hope and pray that Sunderland and Man United give me the chance to find out.

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  1. We are not going to win the league. Even if Leicester and Tottenham drops 3 or 2pts today’ Arsenal will still find a way of dropping points in the course of the season… We blew our chances earlier on this season.

    We lost the league when we lost to Manu (kids) and Swansea. We are bottlers.. Big time! That’s the bitter truth.

  2. If we had won our game yesterday, “Yes” I would be glad, but we shot ourselves in the foot and now have a glimmer of hope with a mountain to climb! All games from here on now is a “must” win!

    1. If there were two games in which we were going to drop pts it’s West Ham n man city. We didn’t loose.

      We need 3pts from all the other games

  3. While there is life
    there’s hope.
    If Leicester lose at
    Sunderland and at home
    to Westham I will be believing.

    1. thats cos u made a prediction that basically makes u look like u couldnt predict the contents of a walkers crisp packet

  4. Well, the best we can expect is third place, but there is real possibility of slipping to fourth. A dream finish might grab us second, but I think this is unlikely.

  5. arsene wenger- 3 titles . 4 fa cups. 20 years
    george graham – 2 titles. 1 fa cup. .1 league cup.1 european trophy . 9 years

    wenger had invincible season. graham bar one loss had the same thing in 91′

    there are other managers out there, hes not the be all and end all – we were a quality side before he came – he just added great business which didnt benefit the fans in the long run
    an admittedly some gorgeous football but with no backbone.

    i really hope he doesnt get a contract extension. i hope he goes upstairs and doesnt just leave . he is this club thru an thru but im utterly convinced he is not the coach he was and wont win anything major again with arsenal

    1. Just to add that wengers early success was largely thanks to an adopted defensive back line that Graham assembled and coached in his 9 years there.

      Wengers then novel fitness/lifestyle and psychological approach is now standard for all top flight teams and his actual football management and training ability has long been shown up for what it is…not good enough.

      1. Sol Campbell? Ashley Cole? Gilberto? Viera? Petit? Koscielney? Cech?
        They all had back bone they are all very good defensively
        Selective memory

        Arsenal problems were always incomplete transfer windows were we didn’t address our problems because instead of improving the team we were trying to replace quality with less quality.

        Diarra, flamini, nasri should never have left when they did. Our board aloud those things to happen.

      2. Just to be clear the best AFC defensive line up on record in recent times was not Tony Adams and the gang but the one which formed part of the 2004 invincible squad and reached the 2006 Champion League final, which was fully assembled by ehem (whisper it real slow)….Wenger…The constant in the squad were Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure and Ashley Cole….with Lauren the mainstay RB in 2004 but alternating with Eboue in 2006. Looking at the current squad I see similarities in terms of quality between Bellerin at RB and the then up and coming Cole at LB and Monreal like Lauren then, is solid but unspectacular …Kocs meanwhile is quite similar to K.Toure in that both are excellent at tackles and interceptions, good user of the ball but both were not particularly dominant in the air. However unlike Kosc, Toure has a complete all around partner Sol Campbell, to cover his weakness in this regard..So the missing component in AFC defense today is really just a new Sol Campbell….Someone who is a beast in the air and would bring physical presence and stability at the back.

        Sol Campbell rarely got a mention by the media and AFC fans alike but he along with Cole was probably the only Arsenal defender who can actually claim to have truly reach World class . He was actually the only England player voted into the World All Star team during England 2002 WC campaign…To put it into perspective he is rated as highly then as the Gerard Pique and Mats Hummels of today…The question is, would the Wenger of today be willing to pay top dollar to acquire proven quality player of such status or would he be able to unearth one by scraping through the bottom of the barrell in his search for a new Sol Campbell…. If his comments about AFC always allowing other teams to score from headers is to go by, make no mistake we do terribly need a new Sol…I have no doubt that AW knows this, but the question is would he went all out to bring in such a player this summer, or would he put his faith in Gab tranforming into such player next season, after all here is someone who did put his faith on Coq not having long term injuries this season.

    2. Steve Bould in my opinion is not the right man for Wenger. What does he do, he just seems to nod along with Wenger and when Wenger grimaces he does the same. Wenger needs someone who he respects, someone that will have no trouble making his feelings known, Wenger then might take it on board. An emotional dude who will go out to the side line and yell out everything Arsene has been thinking while seated. Ray Parlour would be my pick, him or Wrighty, Id love to see one of them signed as Arsenes right hand man.

      1. One of several bits of insightful opinion that over the years have come to light that point to the real problem:


        And this is one of many…

  6. The players must of start believing Wenger when he said we still have a chance to win league. Then they went out and done what they always do, blow it the hard way.

  7. We are out of the title race. Leicester will defenitely win it second will be a battle between us and spurs. My prediction is that spurs will drop more points today, as for leicester we keep wondering : who can stop them?

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