Will Arsenal fans give Oxlade-Chamberlain another year to prove his worth?

Are Arsenal right to give the Ox another chance?

You may have seen over the last few days how Arsenal’s Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has taken to social media to show that he is training hard ahead of next season’s campaign. It was paired with the news that Arsenal won’t be looking to move the player on this summer, not on sale or out on loan.

Instead Arsene Wenger and co have vowed to give Chamberlain another shot in the Arsenal first team, showing the belief and investment they have made into the Ox.

In my opinion, even though the Ox can attract a fair bit of stick and rightly so may I add, I think he does need to stay with the Arsenal first team and give us his all, rather than go out on loan. No way should Chamberlain be sold because although he may not have hit the expected heights just yet, ultimately the guy does have potential to be a star and it would be a shame to see him thrive anywhere else apart from Arsenal.

Chamberlain needs to massively work on his game however. At the moment he seems to be taking the same path as club and countryman Theo Walcott, as a version 2.0. However unlike Theo, Chamberlain does have more qualities to his game rather than just pace. The Ox has the physical strengths but lacks on his technical ability. He desperately needs to become more involved with goals, whether that be through scoring or being the player to assist. This is because at the moment The Ox’s stats are terrible for a player in his position and he’s coming to a period in his career where it can no longer be penned down to age.

The Ox has been at Arsenal for a number of years now and even though he is still young, his ‘development’ period should’ve passed by now. Chamberlain should now be proving his worth on the pitch and he needs to start showing value that Arsenal invested in him.

Should the Ox stay at Arsenal or should Wenger be looking at moving the player on?



  1. its not his ability its his attitude, all this dancing around in the tunnel on match days and not applying himself isn’t good enough. its about time arsenal players mentality changed

    1. why is it a bad attitude if a player is happy and enjoys himself and dances around in the tunnel on match days? thats ridiculous… first of all i am happy if somebody enjoys their work that much, and fans just shouldn’t care about the private behaviors of players as long it doesn’t directly influence their time on the pitch or things that are just plain wrong and show a bad character like terry / giggs (women) for example, criticise those things.. but if a player is happy or makes some selfies or gives interview, what does it matter to you? lets not be so old-fashioned we aren’t in 1950 anymore…

      1. @ Krish when he did this we were either losing or lost i can’t remember which, and there attitude affects there performances. if he gets man of the match week in week out crack on with the selfies.
        if your having a bad time or the team is, get your head down and work hard to please the fans that work hard to be able to watch you.
        play hard party hard
        don’t play hard the SFTU


        1. I would suggest sending Oxlade out on loan to a PL club where he starts at least 25-30 games in the season ON THE WINGS, because most definitely AFC doesn’t need another attack minded midfielder on their squad. Meanwhile, since Wenger is not gonna sell Walcott, he can have another season to prove himself with Iwobi and Campbell lurking around him to grab his spot and the best performer out of the three can keep starting for us.

      2. I disagree Krish. Can’t stand this selfie business, or players who spend more than 5 minutes on their hair. I want nothing more than a cpl of larger than life but ultra-competitive personalities like Thierry, Vieira or Keown- in the squad.

    1. Meh, I would say give Ox another season but definitely sell Walcott, he’s had a decade to prove himself and failed, at this point I see no reason to let him wear the no14 shirt.

  2. admin before anyone writes an article on the Japanese player Asano don’t bother even on youtube clips he is average, he will not make a star as long as i have a hole in my a@se

  3. Japan Guy
    Sanchez Ozil Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Xhaka Ramsey
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    How arsenal could line up in first game next season 🙂

  4. Arsenal has several
    useless English
    home grown quota.
    Ox 12 mill fee. 4 years. 60 k p/w. Championship player at best. Sell ASAP.
    Wilshere 7 years. 94k p/w. Always injured. Sell ASAP
    Wellbeck 16 mill Fee. 70k p/w injured a lot. Championship player at best. Sell ASAP
    Walcott. 7mill fee. 10 years. 140 k p/w. Stealing from the club. Sell ASAP.
    Chambers 16 mill fee!!!. 20 k p/w. 3rd season. Still young. Retain.
    Gibbs. 6 years. 60 k p/w. Decent back up LB. Retain.
    Iwobi. 2nd season. Looks promising. But so did all those above….

    1. Well for this season only 5 of those count as homegrown and u want to offload most of those?

      It’s OK offloading them but which homegrown players you bringing in? Or are you thinking of going the whole season with just 17 non-homegrown players and under 21s?

  5. I thought it was going to be chamberlains year after his goal and performance vs Chelsea in the community shield. Then, injuries. Seems like the story for most arsenal players, doesn’t it?

  6. How many times do guys like Ox, Walcott, Wilshere, and similar deserve another chance? At some point they just need to be dropped or sold, and replaced with proper talent. I’m sick and tired of these parasites collecting their huge paychecks for underperforming, or not contributing at all. I understand that injuries play a big part, but this is not charity. It’s a professional football club, and I think it’s time for these players to recognize it. Sell Walcott, and Wilshere. Loan Ox. End of story.

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