How will Arsenal line up for crucial Watford clash?

If things go the right way for Arsenal from now until the middlw of May, then Arsene Wenger and the players will have eight ‘cup-finals’ with which to save the season from being a disappointment or an unmitigated disaster depending on the strength of your views.

It may be that Leicester and Tottenham, or one of them at least, will not falter and will meke it a side issue of little importance even if Arsenal do take all of the 24 possible EPL points left open to us. BUt there is nothing we can do about that and so the Gunners just need to focus on our own form and results, starting with a replay of our FA cup exit of a few weeks ago.

Watford will come to the Emirates on Saturday in confident mood after winning that quarter-final but there is pl;enty of reason for Arsenal belief as well as you would not expect us to play that poorly again or for one of the Watford players to score the goal of his life as Guediora did in the cup clash.

But this is not a cup match either and the approach of both teams is likely to be different. THe fact that we need the points a lot more than the visitors could well play a part as they will be able to sit back, keep it tight and hope for us to lose patience and over commit.

The question for Wenger is how much to risk and how patient can he afford to be. And there is also the question of the fitness of our players, especially the three South American internationals who will be getting back to London late after a long haul flight.

Should Wenger save Alexis Sanchez to be an impact sub? If Ramsey if fit will he come straight back into the side or will we stick with the impressive Elneny? Will Welbeck keep his place at centre forward or will Giroud come back and force him out wide? Gabriel or Mertesacker? Cech or Ospina? Campbell, Iwobi or Walcott?

Give us your thoughts please Gooners on Arsenal team selection and tactics for what could be the first of eight cup finals or the end of our title challenge?

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  1. Greg says:

    I would like to see Joel campbell get some game time against watford on Saturday!

    1. Skills1000 says:

      3 points is very crucial. we also need to improve on our goal difference. We should be beating teams like Watford 3 nil. Spurs to lose at Anfield. Leicester to draw with Southampton.

      1. davidnz says:

        You must have read
        my post yesterday 🙂
        Yes I too see Pool
        beating Totts and Southampton
        are a really tough nut so draw
        or even beating the Foxes is possible.
        But who knows what will happen it’s so unpredictable.

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      pLans will change for bad if Ramsey comes into the starting Line-up

      Worse case scenario!

  2. Greg says:

    Im praying that we don’t bottle this one, 3 points are crucial on saturday!

  3. Twig says:

    Elneny is injured! Just the tonic we need for our title charge. COYG 🙁

    1. Budd says:

      I am scanning the media but there’s no news about Elneny being injured. Got link? Watched the highlights Egypt-Nigeria and Elneny seen 90 minutes while Iwobi was brought on around the hour mark. How did he got injured? Falling of a stair or sliping in the bathtub celebrating victory?

      1. Twig says:

        I saw it here, don’t know how authentic though: www dot allarsenal dot com/2016/03/news/elneny-set-to-miss-one-month-for-arsenal-following-egypt-win/?

        1. Budd says:

          Well, it does not say he’s injured. They say he will miss a month while on AFCON while Iwobi will stay home. Again, reading only the title will seriously damage your health.
          Here’s the title:
          Elneny set to miss one month for Arsenal following Egypt win.

          And here is what the article said :
          Mohamed Elneny is likely to miss a chunk of the 2016/17 season following Egypt’s win over Nigeria, with his side qualifying for the African Cup of Nations ahead of the Super Eagles (via Goal).

          A bit like

          1. Fatboy Gooney says:

            I can’t believe that I thumbed you up spud! ..
            Ooops!.. I mean Budd ?

            1. Budd says:

              So I got a thumb up from a fat spud. World is going crazy.

        2. dragunov762mm says:

          Haha, so you can make mistake too eh Twig?

    2. muda says:

      Elneny played 90 minutes without even a strong challenge from any player. I watched 90minutes. So I believe he’s available

    3. dragunov762mm says:

      Where you got this news? From back of a milk box?

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    We NEED 3 points desperately
    I would put in Alexis, Ozil, welbeck and Giroud (because he scored for France – I wanted to bench him but changed mind) in attack. I’m tempted to say Campbell but he isn’t much of a scorer and Welbeck is better scorer.

    I’ve lost a lot of confidence in Theo and gained confidence in Iwobi lol
    Iwobi can be used too. Starting theo will be a mistake because he hasn’t earned a start (or generous pay hike either lol)

    If Eleney is injured then Ramsey and Coquelin. If Ramsey isn’t fit, we are screwed
    Keep our usual defence but they must play their best.

  5. JAmerican says:

    So you guys are now saying Elneny is injured…

    Great so we have 10 midfielders and only 3 are available. Guess we know who the starters are for the weekend. But what of the substitutes? Academy players?

  6. Budd says:

    The understanding Iwobi and Welbeck have it i just beautiful to watch. Alexis move on the right (forced by a poor Walcott run and Ramsey injury) is also something very nice to look at. It reminds me of Ljungberg, Alexis does have that speed and force to bust through the first line.
    If we are careful just as we were at Everton I don’t see how we will not win this game. It all depends of the stamina because half of our team was involved in travel. But the again one may argue that our players kept form by playing games and not training with the plastic cones indoor.
    Time will tell but it is the last break before the end of the season and I do really expect our boys to put a real fight in it.
    Wonder how serious is Elneny injury if any at all. Any solid source?

  7. davidnz says:

    Prepare for a mega tidal
    wave of hyperbole.
    Every round will be like
    D day all over again.
    Prepare to storm the beaches
    and charge like the light brigade.
    The Evil Pochettino must die and Kane must be unmasked.
    It’s now or never, death or glory it’s us or them
    as every game becomes even more critical, crucial, vital.
    Managers will become Demi Gods losers will be trampled under foot.
    Players will go from zero to hero in under 0.4 seconds
    others will be made a life time scapegoat for a
    last minute loss and eek out the rest of their wretched lives
    cleaning the shower rooms at Accrington or Inverness.
    Superman and Batman will not save you even Wolverine 🙂
    And when it’s finally done the fans of all the 19 losing teams will say
    “2-3 decent signings in the summer and we will kill this league” 🙂

  8. WOS says:

    Elneny is not injuried

  9. Invincibles88 says:


  10. dragunov762mm says:

    I CAN’T HELP YOU WITH THAT. Not totally agree either.

  11. eloaking says:

    What exactly is crucial about this match?

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