Will Arsenal manager’s January decisions leave us trailing rivals?

Arsene Wenger has claimed today that ‘nobody’ is coming to Arsenal this month, a decision which could prove costly.

The Gunners dropped out of the top four of the table this week following their disruptive draw with Bournemouth two days ago, and as tough it is to take, this is the strongest top six we have ever had challenging.

We are used to being able to secure our top four spot without too much hassle, with Arsene Wenger managing to somehow maintain our place in the Champions League year-on-year despite the changes made to the squad, but this year will not be so easy.

Tottenham leapfrogged us and into third spot with their win over Chelsea last night, leaving the leaders five points ahead of Liverpool in second place, and a further five points separates second with sixth.

This is going to be the most intense finish for the top four spots there has ever been, and I cant help but believe that each of the sides in that top six will be eager to strengthen this month. Everyone apart from us that is, following Wenger’s comments.

He said: “In our club, who is going out? Nobody at the moment. Who is coming in? Nobody. The best way would’ve been to get [Santi] Cazorla back, to get Danny Welbeck back.

“Anyway, there is very little hope to find players of that quality in the January transfer market. So the best way to deal with that is to get our injured players back.”

Chelsea have predominantly used only 13 players to start in their last 14 matches, and will surely be adding to their core group of squad players in the coming weeks, while Manchester City and Manchester United have shown in recent years that spending is no issue when necessary.

The Citizens will no doubt be letting Pep look at fixing the teething problems he has been having since starting the season, with his defence and goalkeeper looking like weak-points in many matches.

Arsenal should be looking at their midfield options this month, with Granit Xhaka and Francis Coquelin failing to form the partnership we had expected in the middle of the park. The return of Santi Cazorla would be a huge boost to our side, but his age and recent injury record would still lead me to seek cover.

Do Arsenal need more numbers, or more specifically another central midfielder? Will we pay the price for not adding to our squad?

Pat J

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  1. Trudeau says:

    You’ve got a pretty short memory if you are used to finishing in the top four without “too much hassle”.

    Having said that, I can’t help but think the criticism since Bournemouth is way OTT. Yes we were England v Iceland horrible for the first 70 minutes but the positives for me were the play of Lucas (he looks ready for prime time) and Giroud’s last twenty minutes (which just reinforces to me that he is better as an impact sub). Even Giroud’s silly celebration (rightfully criticised) and the Sanchez tantrum may galvanise this group.

    Barring heavy loss (which could completely demoralise a team) this type of game is perfect tonic to get the players to take a cold, hard look at themselves. If they fall at the next few hurdles than criticise away but in the meantime we just came back from a 3 goal deficit and are one point closer to the leaders then we were 48 hours ago. Everyone needs to calm down.

    1. ThirdManJW says:


      Although I agree with a lot you have said, one thing that I feel is incorrect, is the players having a long hard look at themselves. There have been a lot of performances over the last few years, when we all thought the players, and especially the manager, would take a long hard look at themselves…but it never happens, because the same type of performances, and problems just repeat themselves.

      I think my favourite example of this, was before the first leg against Monaco. The manager, and players mentioning previous failings, how they had recognised their mistakes, and how they have learnt from those mistakes…and guess what happened? We lost the first leg in the exact same way we lost every other first leg. As always, we gave ourselves an absolute mountain to climb in the second leg. Completely hollow words! I’m sure we’ll hear similar things before Chelsea, and Bayern away in Feb, only for the same mistakes to reappear.

      1. Trudeau says:

        God I wish you hadn’t mentioned that Monaco game! I was there, that third goal was sickening. Totally agree that they shouldn’t need something like Bournemouth to take a cold, hard look at themselves and I’m sympathetic to the criticism of Wenger (after all, he’s been the one constant in the loop we’ve been on for the last ten years). But I’m a fan and like they say in the stock market, prior performance is no guarantee of future returns. So I’ll hope that the guys with leadership potential like Sanchez, Mustafi, Xhaka (probably too early) and Cech (although I think he should be benched) sort it out. For me it beats being miserable.

        1. Trudeau says:

          Just one more positive note before this thread gets swallowed up in a swamp of negativity – anyone else get excited at the thought of a forward line of Sanchez flanked by Lucas and Welbeck?

          1. Fatboy Gooney says:

            Noooo!!! ??

            1. Trudeau says:

              Really? I think the work rate would be fantastic. They are can press, they all track back and all make direct runs. I’d love to see it given a chance.

    2. Wilshegz says:

      we shouldn’t go 3goals down to Bournemouth in the first place n being 1point closer tastes bitter when it was a glaring opportunity to close the gap to 6points realistically xpect Liverpool to take 3points off Chelsea n we take the remaining 3points

    3. st.buddie27 says:

      When will you stop criticizing Giroud? We were lucky to get a point from that match, and thanks to OG brilliance… What makes you think our opponent can’t score a 4th goal? think the short celebration is needed to demoralize them

  2. Wilshegz says:

    we are alrdy trailling rivals, his decision not to get a reliable LB or CM to replace Santi ll just make it worse

  3. Wilshegz says:

    Santi would only get on the pitch in February n after 6weeks training (according to Wenger) should be available for selection in March so if Arsenal n Wenger is serious about winning the title, he needs to get a replacement for Santi now.

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