Arsenal to miss Europa League? Could that help in title race?

Bang, bang! And Arsenal are without a Champions League point after playing the (supposedly) weakest two teams in our group. Rock bottom of the table with back to back games against a rampant Bayern Munich up next leaves Arsene Wenger staring down the barrel of being knocked out at the group stage for first time since taking over the Gunners.

And I´m afraid to say it could be worse. There is a very real chance that Arsenal could finish bottom of our group and that would mean that we do not drop into the Europa League, but out of Europe altogether. Recent history tells you that the German champions are well capable of beating Arsenal at the Emirates and if that happens I very much doubt that they would take their eye off the ball again at home.

So we would go into the last two games with zero points. While we face Bayern, our other rivals Olympiacos and Zagreb play each other back to back and if they each win once they would both go into the last game on six points. So even if we were to beat Zagreb at home and Olympiacos away (and how likely is that), Arsenal would be relying on head to head records, goal difference or goals scored.

Unless we win our next game at home against the Germans, I think we will finish bottom. And as disappointing and embarrassing as that would be, it might just help us our challenge for the Premier League title, as it would avoid some potentially harmfully congested fixture schedules at a key point of the season.

However, the way Arsenal have been playing this season, what are the chances of us even being in with a sniff of the title when the knockout phase comes around?

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  1. Title race, dont make me laugh!! #deluded.
    Smalling injured and out for our game? god knows we need all the help we can get, Wanger isn’t helping us.

  2. I actually hope that we dont make Europa. Thursday night football is a step back that i dont even want to consider. Mata, Depay and Martial look dangerous we need to be very solid on Sunday!
    So sad that our Arsenal has come to this, but lets get over it and look ahead.

    1. Europa League is now recognized as the lowest form of football in Europe – not for all clubs, but for many. Very few clubs want to be part of it. And for many games the seats are all empty.

      I live in the states and all the networks here have mostly stopped the Thurs broadcasts because NOBODY wants to watch it. Nobody cares. It would be a complete sign of failure for Arsenal. Better to just put the focus on the English competitions.

  3. Why are we having this discussion?!? we should be talking about HOW to have wenger sacked at the end of this season. The man is untouchable at arsenal, he’s a dictator and he thinks he’s bigger than god. The man actually told a reporter ‘i don’t have to tell you why i do what i do’ or something to that extent, his arrogance is monstrous and absolutely despicable. Why are fans taking this from this man? fans pay the highest ticket prices in Europe, yet every year they’re continuing to watch the decline of this club in the hands of an old manager who’s way past his expiration date. Enough is enough! if you love arsenal football club not arsene wenger please speak up and let’s talk about this being the LAST season he ever manages our club.

    winning the title? haha don’t make me laugh please, all every team has to do is press us high and knock us around a little bit so we start getting red cards. And for anyone who’s going to ask me who do we get in place? Ancelloti/Klopp are available and would jump at the opportunity to manage in the premier league with the inflated salaries people receive her, so please don’t give me that excuse. Time is up!

    1. I ask those believers what makes them believe. I am still waiting for a honest answer till now.

      End of the season, lol. Arsenal can play without a manager if they want, play the same line up as always, sub Ramsey in the 70minute for ox, and Walcott for Giroud and all is okay.

      If we change managers it can happen then he wont fit in, and mayb we need make more changes ten planed. But one thing is for sure. If that day comes, i will be happy, bec at least then we will try to do something.

    2. Yes has to happen maybe in the next few weeks instead ofthe end of the season. If we dont make it out of the champions league group then get rid of Wenger then get stan to sell his shares to Usaminov, he will atleast spend part of the £220+m we have in cash reserves. Called ambition and a new coach with Usaminov looking over we will succeed. Pressure brings the best out of most players does it not?

  4. Anything and everything is possible in football,
    And in this moment in time, reality tells us that we will finish bottom of the group with 3pts as we have never beaten Olympiakos away from home.

    But knowing the way Arsenal always do things the hard way,
    There is always that faint hope that we could still finish 2nd in the group.
    We have beaten Munich before away from home but got knocked out on away goals rules… (as per usual)
    I think we are unbeaten at their ground in the last few times we have played there, so there is still hope!
    Trust me .. Deep down Munich do fear us!

    As the saying goes “it’s not over until the fat bitch sings”

  5. What Boss? ? is bitch classed as a swear word now?

    According to fatboy dictionary. ..
    Bitch = a female dog!
    Fat Bitch = a fat female dog!

  6. I get a laugh when, after a shock loss to a “lesser” team, Arsenal players and coaches ALWAYS state that the performance was “unacceptable.” This week it was Mert’s turn to go in front of the media and apologize for the performance. They take turns you know.

    It may be “unacceptable” but it still happens all too often and making the “unacceptable” claim does not change reality. In the end we all MUST accept reality even though Arsene often seems to be in denial about it.

    In the end, reality is NOT optional.

  7. OT. Martial looks good. He is playing very well and if Rooney didn’t miss sitters Utd would have scored more. It’s too early to compare him with King but guy has talent and might become good player.
    Time will tell whether Wenger missed another Rolando or Hazard in Martial

    1. I’ll be gutted if Martial scored on Sunday but with our luck he might grab his first premier league hattrick.

        1. Yes, based on current form (including last few games) Silva is better but if you are only considering today’s game then Mata.

  8. We need a miracle right now to make it to the 2nd rounds right now! We are practically on “life support” right now and if bayern munich beats us ( looks bleak) then they will definitely pull the plug on us!

  9. This is Arsenal football club
    And we do things the hard way!
    In recent years we are unbeaten at Munich,
    As long as we don’t lose our home game against them,
    We still have a faint chance of finishing second.
    We could still have a senario where all teams have 6pts going into the last two games ?

    Yeah I know it’s deluded, but this is football,
    where anything and everything can happen!

    Roll on Sunday and let’s kick some Mancunian butt with gravy and mushy peas ?????

  10. Hahaha ?
    okay spongebob Squarepants you must be smoking the good leaves tonight!

    I give up man. … you win ??

  11. Title race ?????

    A realist would suggest that we focus more on that all important 4th place ….

    That way , we can watch us fail all over again next season !

  12. Believe me, Wenger deserve a second divorce,…. Arsenal needs to DIVORCE him now… Wenger Out please!
    Wenger Out, Wenger Out, Wenger /Giroud Out!!!!!!

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