Will Arsenal now be able to cope with the added pressure of the Champions League?

One of the many positives for Arsenal this season has been their return to Champions League football after a six-year absence.
Mikel Arteta will be guiding a side that must compete in both the Champions League and the League for the first time in his coaching career.

Yes, he has already led Arsenal in a European competition, the Europa League, but participating in the Europa League allows a club to completely rotate its players because the competition isn’t that tough in the early rounds. However, because the clubs that make it to the Champions League are the best of the best, you must field your strongest team to stand a chance of winning and continuing in the competition.

Arsenal begin their 2023–24 Champions League campaign this week when they host PSV at the Emirates this Wednesday, a competition Arsene Wenger believes will hold them back from winning the Premier League. Wenger believes his former side will struggle to juggle playing in the League and the Champions League due to inexperience. Wenger said, “They still have a young, talented team. I think they learned from what happened to them last year. They couldn’t cope well with that mentally. It was very difficult. I’m sure they would’ve learned from that.

Wenger also worried that the tougher schedule may take it’s toll later on, when he added: “But we have to deal with the Champions League, so that costs points as well.”

That said, Mikel Arteta was recently asked his thoughts about the notion that his team would be efficient in fighting for the league title with Champions League duties. Other than noting that it may be a tricky affair, Arteta hinted that that is a test his team is relishing. He admitted via Arsenal.com, “Well, it’s exactly the same as last year. We played every three days, but it was the Europa League. So the competition is different.

“Obviously, the demands of that competition and the expectations are different, especially as we’ve been away from there for seven years. But it’s excitement.

“This is where we want to be. When you look at the fixtures and the games that we have to play, I think everybody’s really looking forward to it.”

Mikel Arteta is a man with a plan, and he must have devised one for this season. As a Gooner, you should think he and the boys can handle anything that will be thrown at them. Nobody expected them to be in the title race last season, yet they were.

Sam P

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  1. Can you imagine the impact of Rice being injured when we are already without Partey and Timber who I suspect could well have been used as a defensive midfielder.With respect to Jorginho and Elneny they are not in the same league in terms of physical presence and drive yet they may have to be played to give Rice a break.He cannot be expected to play in every match and the likes of Havertz, ESR, Vieira, Tomi ,Kwior and Trossard must be given regular game time with such a heavy schedule ahead.Let’s hope Arteta trusts all the players in his pool to avoid burning out the likes of Rice, Saka and Martinelli in particular.I only wish we had acquired another athletic box to box midfielder rather than the more cultured Havertz who I cannot see fulfilling such a role.That said I sincerely hope he shines in a more advanced position and proves to be a worthwhile long term acquisition.

    1. Sorry but I think your first sentence is preposterous, you really think they will sacrifice 2 or 3 competitions to win one? We now have a squad to cover most, if not all eventualities and did City sacrifice any competitions last season? No, of course not. We now have two excellent goal keepers and cover for every position as was seen Sunday when Trossard replaced the injured Martinelli to great effect. I do agree with Grandad’s worry regarding an athletic box to box midfielder though.

    2. Granted it’s for that reason have been saying Arsenal needs another powerful midfielder whether Partey stays or goes.

      Lavia was a part of the wish list but we sign Raya and got distracted.
      So Arsenal has to go back into the Market in January.

  2. I guess Arsenal will sacrifice two or three competitions, to win one

    They’d likely try their best to rotate their players for four competitions and see which one would be more winnable next year

    I hope it will be EPL or UCL, otherwise EL would be as good if we get kicked out of UCL

    1. Yea I agree with you. And against some fans think I believe these games will make the players match fit. And that’s the benefits of having good bench. UCL isn’t as physical as Epl

      1. I think we’d have a good chance to go to the knockout stage in UCL, because the teams in group stage aren’t familiar with Arteta’s tactics yet

  3. Europe League is a bit different. It’s on Thursday/Friday so it’s nearer to EPL weekend matches. CL is on Tuesday/Wednesday so players got more time to rest. And Arsenal got the clubs nearer to England in their group compared to other clubs. So I’m confident they can do well this season.

  4. I know we have some “fans” on here that have a tendency to lose their minds after only a couple of bad performances, so you might want to start some relaxation techniques asap – as Arsenal are rubbish in the CL.

    It never bothers me, as long ago I accepted our level amongst the European elites is the EL semi-final stage.

    Add to that, MA has not impressed in Europe either, so we shouldn’t expect much. Anything beyond the last 16 would be outstanding, especially if our injury problems persist post Christmas.

  5. Yup, total season collapse is on the horizon. One more major injury, 2 losses in a row, done!

    If I am MA, I am sending the boys out on CL nights with the simple instructions to enjoy themselves, stay fit, get familiar with the surroundings, keep eyes fully locked on 4th place goal in the EPL, and be ready to come back next season proper to compete with the big boys in the CL

  6. I believe the picture is clearer to some Arsenal fans now,
    We love Smith-rowe, Nelson etc but we can’t keep thinking they an injury away,

    City players play almost all the matches, example is Benardo Silva, Rodri, yet they are hardly injured, we need to buy players with less injuries.
    Arteta also needs to introduce some teenagers.

    1. But how is it possible? Look at Timber as far as I am aware he didn’t have injuries history yet two games in and he is out for the season.

      And we always have this problem more than others.

      1. HH No we dont actually.
        Its just that you , like so many other Gooners do not notice other top clubs injuries. We have fewer injured right now than almost ALL our main rivals. FACT NOT OPINION.

        I suggest you check the weekend newspappers just before the weekend games when they publish all clubs injuries likely to miss the weekend matches. You will then see I am writing truth.

        Our only key players out are Timber and Partey, both key players but only two who are out for sometime ahead. Now Martinelli also, with a muscle strain at Everton.

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