Will Arsenal now give up on January transfer window after losing out on Mudryk?

Can We Still Expect Arteta To Complete A Marquee Signing This Winter? by Sam

The Gunners had high hopes for this winter transfer window. However, 19 days later, nothing has changed; there is still no new face at the Emirates. Mykhailo Mudryk was on the verge of joining, but the deal fell through after Chelsea hijacked it.

Some believe the Gunners will try to make amends for the failed Mudryk swoop by going all-in and bringing in a reliable attacker. But, according to Mark Irwin of the Sun, that’s not likely to happen.

According to him, Arsenal is in a position where other clubs are aware that they were willing to pay £60 million plus to sign Mykhailo Mudryk. This realisation leads them to believe that if they approach another club for their player, the other club will assume they are desperate and will demand exorbitant fees, as Shakhtar Donetsk did.

Overpaying for a transfer this month may reduce the amount of money available to Arteta in the summer. Thus, Irwin suggests that it would not be surprising if Arteta fails to make a marquee signing this winter and that his entire focus will shift to the summer transfer window, where he has prioritised signing Declan Rice. “But the runaway League leaders will not be splashing out just for the sake of making a January signing,” says Irwin in his column in the Sun.

“And Arteta has made it clear that unless the club can find a player of the right age who will improve his squad and fit into his long-term project, he would rather go without anyone this month.”

If true, this revelation about Arsenal’s winter transfer window may be quite frustrating for Arsenal fans, but whatever happens in the remaining days before the transfer window closes, trust Arteta; he always has a plan.

Sam P

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  1. ????? We have just had news Arsenal are signing Trossard. Give up….Que??? What are you talking about?

  2. Trossard is a good player, but he does not really fit Arsenal’s recent signing criteria: Young, with room to improve.

    Brighton have extracted hefty fees for their stars, and if Arsenal are going to pay a big fee, Trossard is not the kind of player they could expect to recoup that investment from with either lengthy service or a transfer fee down the road. That said, depth is really Arsenal’s biggest Achilles heel right now

    Trossard is mainly a left winger, and Arsenal have Emile Smith Rowe, recently returned form injury, on that side. The real need is quality depth behind Saka (and a potential replacement should contract talks not end with a new deal). greater need on the right side. The Belgian is versatile, and has played down the right, but he has been more productive in the middle as a false 9 or on the left.

    If Arsenal can sign him for a relatively small fee relative to his productivity – say less than 20 million, it is possible that this will happen, but if Brighton hold out for the kind of money they have in the past (50 million for Ben White, 65million for Cucurella, 30 million for Bissouma) this is a deal Arsenal will be unlikely to make.

    1. The thing is, “young with room to improve” has to be supplemented with experienced mentors. If you think about the fact that we have another quality prospect waiting in the wings (pun intended) in marquinos, then the deal does make more sense.

      Plus, trossard is clinical as hell. Having someone that has the ability to see small holes and pull the trigger early, will add a lot of excitement to our game.

      My main issue is with the attitude, not the age. But if the powers that be know the ins and outs of what happened at Brighton with de zerbi, and not just what has been publicised, then I will TRUST THE PROCESS

    1. Also, the trossard deal may still not go through, as Arsenal still value him below Brighton’s valuation. Everyone says “personal terms agreed” like it actually means something.

      In reality it doesn’t mean anything. Mudryk had personal terms agreed with us, and spurs have had personal terms agreed with trossard before us.

      “Bid accepted” matters. “Personal terms agreed” is just a headline grabber

      1. What?! No, of course no. So you are saying that anyone, even if theyare just piecing things together from snippets, should be worthy of discussion?! So I can say that we are about to sign neymar, and we should discuss it?

        That says a lot… The source MATTERS. And saying it’s valid says a lot about the “admins” of JA

        1. Well, whether you like it or not. JA will, and always has done, reported on ALL Arsenal news wherever it comes from. So you are saying ANY journalist that writes in the Sun is to be ignored? Whoever they are?

          1. No, what I’m saying is the source MATTERS, and I definitely stand by that. News and conjecture are completely different things. Do you class an opinion as news? No, I’m not saying that anyone from the sin should be dismissed, but if they are just spouting things without basis and without citations of any kind, then it is NOT news.

            And any opinion piece should be classified as an opinion. And appealing to ALL by showing ALL arsenal “news”, regardless of how banal and pointless the “news” is, means that it will appeal to none.

            If we’re talking from a business perspective (which is clearly how JA operate), then the market for fan blogs is so saturated that having no filter is a bad thing, not a good thing

            All I’m saying is that relevancy matters more than quantity

            1. @Mjh,
              I don’t know if you have noticed but JA have different categories (i.e.Latest News, Rumours, Opinion, Women, etc
              This post was in the opinion section.

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