Will Arsenal players want to take revenge on Troy Deeney? Arteta responds.

Arsenal will take on Watford in their last Premier League game. With the Hornets fighting to avoid relegation, the Gunners might be the team that sends them packing.

There have been some interesting games between both teams in recent seasons with Watford captain, Troy Deeney once saying that Arsenal’s team lacked “cojones”.

It was an insult that most Arsenal players and fans will not have forgotten, and as both teams meet again, there have been suggestions that the Gunners would send them to the Championship on the final day of the season as revenge for their captain’s disrespect.

Mikel Arteta was brought into the conversation ahead of the final day matchup and he was asked if he thought his players will be extra motivated to show Deeney that they didn’t lack cojones, and he played down the importance of vengeance in his players’ minds.

He insisted that his players would only be motivated to get revenge if the Englishman had said the truth with his comments.

Asked if Arsenal’s players will want to send Watford down after Deeney’s comments, Arteta replied via Metro Sports:

“No, I think revenge, or when you are annoyed and when you want to put things right, it’s probably because you feel that what is being said is right.

‘If you don’t feel it is right, then it doesn’t justify the way you approach the game or the way you fight, it doesn’t have to affect you.

‘So I think that is a very personal thing.’

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  1. Who cares about the outcome? We are out of Europe! How we were bragging that a top 4 was possible with MA , then top 6? We are now officially a mid table team with some hope in the FA cup, so basically a cup team. Like Wigan did it in 2013, Portsmouth in 2008, Everton in 1995, and our neighbors in 1991!!And I would be delighted to win it. Next year my targets would be FA and the league cup. We do not have the team or the coach to have consistency for 38 EPL games or 10-14 European games. This fact has finally got into my thick skull. Next season, Will cheer for the team but have no remorse if we draw/lose, it has become a habit.

    1. If the Carabao cup even takes place! One minute we’re told it may be scrapped altogether, then to field all your youngsters, then the top 7 teams won’t be in it due to European commitments (we’re alright then 😜) So who knows!!

    2. I disagree. We have a team but inexperienced coach. He has the board and players support and the results are like the stimulus cheque. Imagine if the players turn on him like they did on Emery what will happen.

  2. This wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest – if they show up and absolutely spank Watford, because there’s nothing on it whatsoever! Which would then make me think why on earth couldn’t they have played like that when it really mattered – the spuds, Brighton and Villa!! That’s the trouble with Arsenal, you never know what you’re gonna get, just like Mama Gump’s chocolates!

    1. Deeney comment hurt that time but turned out he was right. Nonetheless it is fitting that we be the ones to send him to the championship.

  3. Perfect scenario:we hammer Watford,Deeney fires a blank and get injured,they get relegated and then we buy Doucoure from them!

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