Will Arsenal really do a Man United against Bayern?

With Arsenal having only managed to keep hold of the ball for less than 25 percent of the game against Bayern Munich in the home tie, not many people are expecting the Gunners to go and dominate the game in Germany. But that does not necessarily mean that we will completely change our tactics.

That is what the Bayern boss Pep Guardiola has suggested will happen though, according to a Goal.com report. The Spanish manager, who is trying to bring the same sort of success and dominance of the game that his Barcelona team managed, was still respectful of Arsenal and our quality.

But he also expects Arsene Wenger to set the Gunners up to make the most of the stature, strength and aerial ability of the big French centre forward by playing the ‘long ball’ game. This is not the typical Arsenal or Wenger way of doing things, but should it be for this crucial and difficult Champions League match?

Look at Manchester United and how they are doing quite well thank you under Louis van Gaal, despite a Metro report showing that they are statistically the least attacking team in the Premier League. And with players like Cech, Koscielny and Coquelin, Arsenal are definitely better equipped these days to be solid.

We also have the creative talents of Ozil, Cazorla and Alexis Sanchez though, so would it be wrong to ignore their skills and just lump it up to Giroud?

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  1. BabyPlease says:

    No, No No baby please

    We will do an ARSENAL against Bayern
    Much better


    1. Persian8oy says:

      Stop with the baby please crap. It is growing very tiresome.

  2. josh37 says:

    I doubt we’ll play a long ball game other than GK’s and clearances. We’ll still try and pass through the midfield and use Giroud as a back to goal target linking midfield and attack. Personally, I think we’ll see more of our threats come from the flanks with a few more crosses. Our set pieces definitely seem to have improved, so getting Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla and Campbell running at players will prove valuable if they can draw fouls in dangerous positions.
    This is a big-time game for Giroud… His critics seem to be dropping off more and more with every game and if can bag one or two big goals against Bayern he may even convert a few fans to believers!

  3. Joshua the Gooner Kenyan says:

    Debuchy vs Costa lol!! mission impossible

  4. Off topic
    I’ve just had a terrible thought. Can you imagine what a nightmare the Greater Portuguese gob will be if he comes through this ‘everybody hates me ‘period. Obnoxious, cocky, smart ass boastful everybody else ‘s fault except mine. Oh dear me!
    Perish the thought.

    1. Trevor says:

      Lol, difficult to imagine. He tore into Wenger many times especially when we were the team so far behind the leaders. Wenger though would still always grab the consolation of CL place. Now we can have a look to see how difficult that is when another manager tries it with a team of embarrassingly expensive players.

  5. Jazlon says:

    honestly, this has to be the most anticipated line-up’s this season…..

    Arguably 8 first teamers out….damn u

    will wenger stick with Campbell? or move alexis RW and bring on gibbs to the left?

    replace Mert with Gab…

    honestly I trust all of them…..

    buuuut what il do is, il restore paulista to the line up…..costa and robben are darn tricky…

    Mert has done extremely well in the 1st game mmmmmm wenger il leave that to you….

    I like Campbell, I sense that hunger from him……..

    Giroud and alexis shall score tonight……..we’ll win 2:1

    cant wait daaamnnnnnn!!!!!!

    arsenal showém why we one of the big guns in Europe….

    1. Colin says:

      Personally, I think both Cambell and Debuchy are first rate players. My only concern is the limeted amount of first team football time they have had. The first 20 mins for us are going to be very important. If we are solid in defence for that period and both of these guys (if they play) don’t make any silly mistakes I think this could be a really good game of football.

  6. rkw says:

    Hoping we will do a Real Madrid ..from last night … Outplayed but score a freakish goal and win one nil .. Optimistically if everyone shows up for 90 inc paulista rather than mertesakher we can get a draw … Realistically we are likely to lose by 2 … Arguably most important thing is to come through injury free …

    1. Trevor says:

      That PSG team are a dream to watch, sad to see Verratti go off (terrific player) but Rabiot showed some very very good stuff. Deserved for that shot to ripple net. I dont believe PSG will allow him to leave now, Id say he’ll probably get a fair shot at replacing Motta. Psg have a great engine room.

  7. Godswill says:

    We’ll do it the Arsenal way and prove the doubters wrong. Why are people doubting Debuchy? Campbell will assist in the job on the right. I don’t have any doubt that we’ll get good result. Optimists? Yes, am a fan and not a pundit. I alway believe in my team and it will come out so.

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