Will Arsenal really have a LAUGHABLE attack this year?

Have you heard about the nickname of the new Arsenal attack Gooners? Well I say the new Arsenal attack but that is a stretch to put it mildly, as only the new striker signed by Arsene Wenger from Lyon this week is definitely going to be part of our attacking line-up.

That has not stopped Metro from reporting the possible nickname like that of the Barcelona attack MSN or the Real Madrid front three of BBC, that the front four of the Gunners might soon have, if only the boss and the Arsenal board can persuade the club’s playmaker and striker to extend their current contracts which are due to end next summer and also complete the transfer of the Algerian attacking star Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City.

That would give us:

And for those of you not up on social media or text talk that is short for Laugh My Ass Off. Imagine if Arsenal did have these four players attacking the opposition, though, because it would not be funny for their defenders although it would certainly raise a smile with us Arsenal fans.

The chances of all four of these players being in our team is a bit slim though, but if Ozil goes we could always use Oxlade-Chamberlain for the O. How about LAW, with Lacazette, Alexis and Walcott or Welbeck? Maybe WOW with Walcott, Ozil and Welbeck? Or possibly GIRL with Giroud, Iwobi, Ramsey and Lacazette?

I think I would prefer the LMAO though to be honest, wouldn’t you?

Sam P.


    1. There are better players in Europe for £50m. I want to see a Cazorla type player next season as the next signing, more players who can unlock defence and keep possesion. Bernado Silva is similar he is going to be good at City.

  1. Off topic: Most Manchester United fans I know are gutted they are getting lukaku for outrageous price. I thought he fell out with Mourinho during their time at Chelsea? Well, that’s in the past. He might turn out good for them. I see lukaku as a big fish in a small pond. Wonder if he will cut it in a big team.

    Anyway, glad we have lacazette….He needs all the support as he will be playing away from home for the first time. Hopefully, he will settle in pretty quick and start banging the goals.

  2. no we wont
    it will be quality if we keep sanchez

    but look at citys- bananas
    chelsea and man u will obviously buy world class strikers

    for me laughable is msn
    messi suarez neymar in one forward line is unfair …im talking give me my ball back im not playing with u guys anymore unfair

    1. Verratti or matuidi from psg .I wouldn’t mind seeing either verratti obviously first choice but xhaka and matuidi would be very strong and xhakas passing plus the competition for places could bring out the best in Ramsey because if he found his past form well we all know how good he can be box to box.

  3. Why not not say LOL, it’ would be be good front 4……but to had idrissa Gana Guaye to play in Xhaka’s position and Xhaka plays in Carzola’s positon would be Amazing. we can play a formation or a

    (YES)*=Guaye would run and cover for Mahrez wen he moves forward then Xhaka drops deeper to close down attack
    Though a formation suits Mahrez more than a

      1. Exactly my thought. I really wonder why we underrate Ramsey so much. Truth is he will walk into the first term of most teams in Europe’s top 5 leagues. His ONLY problem is injury but on his day he is an asset on the pitch.

  4. Sanchez is leaving theres no way Arsenal will pay 3 players £200k and over a week(supposedly what Laca is earning). I’ve read loads of comments from pundits how versitile Lacazette is and how he used to be a winger and a fighter etc. Seems to me he is in the same mould as Sanchez which indicates he is his replacement. I truly hope I am wrong but it makes sense

    Think about it . . .

  5. We need to get Mahrez, 50million is not too much for him considering the marker of nowadays.. And don’t be optimistic about Carvalho, Wenger won’t do anything to hurt Ramsey’s position, we all should know that by now..
    Lemar or Mahrez

  6. Laughable attack ? ?? I didn’t know whether to laugh ? ? or cry ? after reading your Joke Article.

    We were the butt end of all jokes last season and Sam P is partying as if we’ve just signed MNS ? LMAO .. No! ?? so far we have signed a decent unproven in the EPL striker and a Freebie LB that’s already been hyped up to be something his not… Mate, we don’t even know if Sanchez will be at Arsenal, let alone adding the 50 million pound man Mahrez to that strike force. Jeez!

    Funny how Leicester start demanding bigger fee’s when Wenger eventually comes knocking! They probably would have sold Mahrez to Barcelona for £25 million.
    I still can’t believe the talk of Arsenal wanting £35 million for Bellerin ?? with Barca only willing to pay £30 million. Like Wtf?

  7. Line up 4-2-3-1

    Bellerin Mustaphi Boss Kolasinac
    Calvarho Xhaka
    Mahrez. Ozil. Sanchez

    Chambers Holding Gabriel Monreal
    Coquelin Ramsey
    Walcott Chamberlain Iwobi

    Also in the team- Giroud, Mo Elneny, Martinez.
    ** Carzola and Wilshere will not be registered for the first half of the season due to injuries.

  8. Everton look like they might also be title chlalenger next season, no one looking at them as one at the moment. They already got a host of new player Pickford, Keane, Klassen, Sandro. If they sell Lukaku they can get 2 more good players if not a big one.

    1. The Last time a team got 12 players during a transfer window they went on relegation and have never returned. #ASKQPR

  9. With Lukaku looking more than likely to be joining Utd, Conte has now turned his attention to Sanchez ?? is that a surprise? No! And when you go back to Sanchez’s previous comments about wanting to stay in London, while playing for a team thats going to be winning titles! ?? Now that’s forking laughable, but the real question is ? will Arsenal risk losing him for free to the Chavs or will they be looking to get paid?

  10. @ha559
    It’s just not right that we are talking about replacing cazorla when city have bernado Silva, David Silva and debruyne Bruyne. Yikes!

    Still think someone would be crazy not to get gylfi sydurdson from Swansea. Cracking player and not too shabby at set pieces too!

  11. Monaco say that they want £80 million for Lemar … So Arsenal go back and up their bid from £30 to £40 million ? ? this could take a while.

  12. SWAP DEAL ??✨ alert:

    Wait for it… ?? Sanchez for ?? Costa and Fabregas ?

    1. The best expectation for the worst case scenario. Perhaps can only happen in the dream world. If that metamorphoses into reality……….hehehehe hurray!

      Definitely, a nothing lost and perhaps no gain. Then we are set for the onslaught 2017/2018.

  13. Definitely we will have a laughable attack when Alexis leaves and we don’t sign anyone else.
    One signing and all AKBs are out celebrating.
    Transfer period isn’t over yet , we still haven’t addressed the problem of new contracts and Santis replacement.Lets wait till August 31st.

  14. Assuming we stuck with the three in the back formation, how would you line up this LMAO combination? There isn’t room for all four in at the same time.

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