Will Arsenal really let TWO strikers join London rivals?

It would not be quite as bad as the transfer deals that saw big Arsenal players like Samir Nasri, Ashley Cole or Robin van Persie sign for clubs not only in the same division but direct rivals for the English Premier League title, unless of course West Ham were to do a Leicester City.

Our London rivals would certainly have a better chance of doing that if Arsene Wenger was to agree to sell them both Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott during the summer transfer window, as a report by the Daily Star suggests is actually on the cards.

The Frenchman would not stand in the pair’s way, according to the report, if he could complete the signing of certain players that he wants, so it may be some time before we know if our big French centre forward or the speedy Englishman will still be playing their home games in north London rather than east London next season.

If Wenger could sign a couple of big name players who play their football in similar positions, such as the Leicester and Algeria attacking star Riyad Mahrez and the Lyon and France striker Alexandre Lacazette, would you be happy to see Walcott and Giroud join the Hammers or should we hang on to one or both as well?



  1. I want both to stay

    I don’t see Theo leaving for less money. Is there a club that wants him and happy to pay same salary or higher?
    Unless he wants more playing time to get on World Cup team.

    Giroud is definitely more possible. £100,000 per week is reasonable for many teams. He is a good striker and would start in most Premier League teams, he wants regular football to play for France.

    However, if we are going for Lacazette, I would prefer Giroud go to Lyon than a Premier League team

    1. Lacazette Lemar done deals #LACALEMAR
      You heard it here.
      I think lemar will be a bigger game changer than lacazette

      1. Why are you so desperate to have people believe you get inside information. Does it mean that much to you, to have strangers believe you got the inside scoop from a source. ITK wannabe.

        You read the rumour’s same way as everyone in here, at-least Fatboy is not pretending it’s anything other than it is. NewsNow/Arsenal News/GoonerNews.com. You take the ones to be seeming most plausible, any knob could do it.

    2. West Ham can pay their salary, they have made a name in taking unusable players and play+pay them. Theo’s extra 40k is worth the English quota! The concern should be if we have the right replacements in place and if they can adapt. I would rather keep Giroud and let Theo go

    3. i would like to see walcott stay because despite all of his well documented weaknesses, he still does the most important thing in football scoring goals. 104 goals in 381 games = 0.27 goal/game is damn good for a supposedly average winger. more impressive when you see that he has i think over 100 substitute appearance. same for giroud plus his a damn good striker when he is fresh. last 4 season people dont realise in our old formation he was there to occupy central defenders, getting kicks, scratches, elbowed. letting our talented players to be more free.

      But we will use 3-4-3 next season, thus walcott will be surplus since he hasnt been able to play behind the striker which requires more technical and dribbling skills. i think most fans want or dont have any issue for giroud to stay as number 2 striker but he would want to leave because of the world cup

  2. IMO we need to go all out for Lacazette, I know some supporters doubt him but he has a proven track record, he would offer us more mobility upfront while also being a deadly goalscoring threat.

    I would hope Arsenal got for Lemar more than Mahrez and with the fees being quoted I kinda feel Lemar is more likely, he is going to be cheaper by reports and he is younger and already made me like him by putting us out of UCL above spuds in UCL ^.^

    I also have this thought about Lacazette, he and Griezmann are good friends right?
    So… If we can get Lacazette now and say get Lemar and those are our only 2 signings with a lot of the money made back from selling both Giroud and Theo to WHU… Leaves plenty of cash to buy Griezmann in Jan right?

    I know it will only happen if I played some football game but what a dream… Maybe if we could get the right players in now and win the EPL then we might have a chance of getting Griezmann.

    The thought of Griezmann and Lemar behind Lacazette could make me forgive losing Alexis for free to city in 12 months…

    1. Judging my their close friendship, I’m pretty sure that Griezmann behind Lacazette and vice versa, is a regular occurrence in their household.?

      1. We have already signed lacazette and lemar I do not understand why you guys do not believe this. Start debating about how these two will fit in!
        I can also confirm that giroud is going nowhere FOR THE TIME BEING.

        1. Right. You STOP spouting the same rubbish over and over.
          You STOP insulting other readers.
          Last chance….

    2. Not judging him or saying he is better than Giroud, but proven goal scorer with too many penalties, our game does not revolve around winning penalties, and if Alexis/Ozil stay they will be the takers ahead of him.

      1. hell no everytime i see ozil taking a pk i get stressed, his lethargic pk style does not work. sanchez misses often. the best pk taker we have is giroud, he is very underrated as pk taker

        ozil is 0/2 sanchez 2/5 giroud 5/6 plus i dont think i have seen giroud miss in a penalty shootout in his arsenal career.(shootout not included in stats by transfermarkt). lacazette if he comes will easily be our pk taker because he is damn good at it.

  3. Wenger has recently stated that he would like to tie up his deals before the trip to Australia. So with that said, we now have a timeline for either celebrations or pushing that panic button to release more rage and turmoil in & around JustArsenal.com ?

  4. It would be absolutely hilarious if Giroud and Walcott were to win the Premier league with West Ham next season. ???

  5. Cech
    Holding Mustaphi Kocielny.
    Bellerin Ramsey Xhaka Kolasinac
    Ozil Sanchez

    Gabriel Chambers Simon Kjaer
    Ox Goretzka El Neny Monreal
    Lemar Iwobi

    Worth keeping – Carzola (in case of injury to Ramsey. He’s quite injury prone), Per (as a tutor to chambers and other young defenders), Coquelin, Martinez(3rd goalie)

    Offload- Debuchy, Jenko, Ospina, Gibbs, Walcott, Giroud, Sanogo (gone I think), Wilshere (made of glass), Chuba Akpom, Perez.

  6. Wish things would just happen already, if Sanchez wants to go, then go.
    If Ozil wants out let him out. Can’t give him crazy money, he ain’t the oil in the machine.
    Get rid of Walcott already , overrated and over paid.

    Would like OG to stay and fight for place , but if he thinks he ain’t good enough to win his place then he can’t be all that. Go, just go.

    We want team members willing to stay and fight for their place.

    Get rid of these injury wrecks also, I mean talk about bad business.

    Like McLaren trying to F1 and Honda engines keep blowing.

    1. technically ozil is the oil in the engine, when our system works he makes it even better= engine oil ozil.

  7. Great report, minus any kind of facts or insight.

    Let me try…I would like to report that I am now officially the newly appointed master of the universe.

    All hail..ArseOverTit

    Sing with me now!;)

    One AOT, one AOT,
    Merciful and handsome
    Supreme leader is he..

    1. One AOT, one AOT,
      Merciful and handsome
      Supreme leader is he..

      One AOT, one AOT,
      Merciful and handsome
      Supreme leader is he..

      This is what I mean, true leader quality here.

      AO T for manager

      1. You will be rewarded with a new contract even though you do not play football.

        Kind and generous am I

  8. I see everything what represents Wenger in Theo. Underperformer, overrated, overpayed, hopless but yet at Arsenal as to many are hot and cold on him besides him being a nothing without the club.

  9. Giroud is not that good how he makes himself out to be. Yet again its bec of Arsenal that those players have become arrogant to the core. It should have never come to this that a player in Giroud becoming our sole main striker for years. Today he thinks he is the best. Doesnt realise that he is a superb bench player at best. Realise this and stay at Arsenal. Dont do it, then go to west ham and realise your limitations.

    Fency goals wont make people forget all about your missing sitters. Le frog striker.

      1. Don’t insult Giroud. He’s not worldclass but compaering him to lord bendtner is a sin.

  10. When has West Ham ever been our London rivals?
    Pretty sure ol Chelsit and Spurs have earned that distinction but the Hammers? Cmon

    To the point, if Arsenal can sign Lemar/L. Mora and Goretska/Seri by cashing in on Post and Headless Walcott than hell yes you send them to the Olympic stadium on the next shuttle out of the Emirates. Neither player will be first choice this coming season and Arsenal will be adding to younger, potential superstars in there place. Goretska or Seri walking into the 1st team(both better b2b midfielders than Ramsey) would allow Wenger to shop either Jack, Santi or Ramsey and free up additional wages for MO and Sanchez.

    Xhaka…Goretska (Seri)

    If AS leaves,


  11. It doesnt matter how much we rate them lowly. We mustn’t strengthen teams in and around us. Find ways of rejecting bids from competitors. But then again, do you see Walcott moving anywhere else except London?? Hate that.n He should go to Portuguese second league

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