Will Arsenal really offer Alexis 300k a week to stay?

Arsenal are very well-known for being prudent with their wage ceiling and Arsene Wenger is believed to favour a socialist policy with everyone getting a very good wage when they re-sign with the club, but apparently, according to a report today, the Gunners are willing to more than double Alexis Sanchez’s current wage to try and tempt him to stay at the club.

This means a whopping 300,000 GBP per week for the Chilean star, and surely if they offer him that amount then they will have to also massively increase Mesut Ozil’s at the same time, not to mention how much other stars may demand if we try and bring in some more big name players.

Personally I would be amazed if we break our wage structure by such a large margin, although it may seem obvious that if we want to keep pace with the big boys then we have to match the wages that stars if they go elsewhere, especially as we are a club that doesn’t really win too many trophies. Having said that we are in the hardest League in the world to win….

The fact is, if you go by previous quotes from both Sanchez and Ozil, the chance to win trophies could far outweigh the ability to make more money in their minds. I am feeling pretty certain that Arsenal would NOT offer those wages, and I also think they will be selling both of our stars and reinvesting in players that would accept a much smaller weekly wage.

What do you think?



  1. The board is merely hoodwinking the gullible fans so that just in case Alexis leaves, blame is not shouldered upon them for not doing their best to keep him. Alexis wants a club with a winning mentality and with clear ambitions. It is clear that his personal ambitions to win trophies cannot be matched with the board’s sole ambition to accumulate profits for their families. The season is close to the end and the fans are being deceived into thinking that the board is ambitiously working hard to change things for the better. After selling so many tickets and club merchandise to swell their pockets with huge sums of money, they will end up buying a certain Sanogo, An Asano from Asia, and a certain injured player on transfer deadline day. The cycle of stupefying us the fans will go on and on until a certain clueless 68 year aged manager (money-ger) signs a new 20 year contract. One colleague of his will dub him a specialist in failure to which he will vehemently complain. However, by the end of his new 20 year contract, “specialist in failure” will have deservedly evolved into his Surname and Arsenal FC will be celebrating narrow survival of relegation.

  2. RSH says:

    Probably fake…

  3. Twig says:

    Jim White stated on Arsenal Fan TV that we had offered more than £250K. So it appears the story has some truth. But does he really deserve it?
    Is he consistent enough?
    Is he really an Arsenal player?
    I won’t bat an eyelid if he or Ozil left to be honest.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      He is definitely consistent
      He is our most consistent player

      1. Twig says:

        When last did he score a goal? When last did he assist?

        1. Janssen says:

          He was moved to the left wing where he was less effective even last season. Wenger himself came out last season saying Sanchez, having to cut back to his right foot was more predictable on the left so Wenger moved him to the right and Sanchez’s production went up.

          Wenger is simply punishing Sanchez by playing him on his weakest position. It makes no sense not to play Sanchez in the center where he is our best striker. Typical Wenger!!!!!!

    2. RSH says:

      If Alexis wants to go he should be allowed to leave (outside of EPL). I don’t think it makes much sense to spend 300k per week on Alexis, and then not improve the rest of the squad. Which we all know is going to happen. We won’t attempt to get any world class players in, and will continue to get average players that questionably don’t cut it. Ontop of that we’ll keep Wenger which will automatically take us out of title race. If Arsenal want to spending this money on keeping Alexis they need to go all in and revamp the club. Don’t half-ass it, because it won’t work and we will keep declining.

  4. Raoh says:

    We’ve heard those rumours before…funny how it is coming out at time like this. Is the board or Wenger or both trying to tell us that they are trying everything and doing there best to make us a better team…that time has changed?
    Sorry I don’t buy that plus it is a bit late isn’t it? Who has the power here…Sanchez! He shouldn’t be allowed to go to another team in the epl and if there is a sniff that it is the case sell him and get as much of the money back otherwise he can go anywhere. Not only that if he refuses such rumored offer it tells everything there is to know about him being a winner.

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